Dhanush replaces SRK in R Balki’s next with Big B

DhanushPost the success of his debut Hindi film ‘Raanjhanaa’, National award winning actor Dhanush has signed R Balki’s untitled next also starring Amitabh Bachchan. The role was previously offered to Shahrukh Khan, who couldn’t do the film due to other commitments.

Dhanush confirmed the development and also said that he is excited to share screen space with Big B.

“Yes guys, my next Hindi film is with Balki sir. Very excited and eagerly looking forward to it. Privileged to share screen space with Big B himself and ecstatic to be part of Raja sir’s musical again” Dhanush posted on his Twitter page.

There are also reports that Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter Akashara will make her debut with the film.

R Balki has previously directed films like ‘Paa’ and ‘Cheeni Kum’ both commercially and critically successful films.



  • oh no! SRK lost another good movie due to date problems. It’s Balki’s movie so it will be good. Previously SRK has rejected 3 Idiots due to kissing scene, Munnabhai due to shoulder injury. I don’t think he rejects movie due to genre.

  • @nipun, his acting in ranjhana was even better than Hrithik in Krrish 3. I dont want to support Hrithik either. He is getting a chance to work in multistarrer, franchise and his father movies otherwise he is a flop actor. You will see his real star power when Shuddhi and Bang Bang release.

  • @yymithaiwala SRK rejected 3 Idiots because he knew he couldn’t play a 20 year old college student. Also he is isn’t good in comedy so thank god he rejected 3 Idiots.

  • lol you srk fans are burning like coal after ce record was thrashed by KRRISH 3, lol at you all. record didn’t even last for 3 months.

    @G.One, dhanush replaced srk because R. Balki saw CE and he realised what a pathetic actor srk is and he decided to save his film from any overacting by taking dhanush. good move balki.

    @yy, you are clearly frustrated with ce record being broken. srk needs the help of his heroines,guest appearances from superstars and songs from honey singh to give hit films, Hrithik gave all time blockbuster without any hit song. hrithik has already shown his star power in numerous films like dhoom 2, kkkg, jodhaa akbar, znmd, agneepath. BANG BANG and SHUDDHI are going to be too huge. till now i kept quiet, didn’t interfere in srk matters but you srk fans have crossed all limits. I know SRK’s real face, nobody in Bollywood likes him because he is a backstabber, plays dirty politics.

  • @FAISAL i have not seen any comedy done by Amir in 3 idiots…you are doing comedy by posting like this….i think you have not seen SRK’s comedy in Chennai Express,,,,SRK does best comedy among the Khans…..Salman is not even comes in the list as he is flop in acting overall

  • hrithik hits and flops
    Krrish 3 (blockbuster)
    Agneepath Remake (Superhit)
    Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Hit)
    Guzaarish (Flop)
    Kites (Flop)
    Jodha Akbar (Super Hit)
    Dhoom 2 (Blockbuster)
    Krrish (Blockbuster)
    Lakshya (Below Average)
    Koi Mil Gaya (Blockbuster)
    Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon (Flop)
    Mujhse Dosti Karoge (Flop)
    Na Tum Jaano Na Hum (Flop
    Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage (Flop)
    Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Superhit)
    Yaadein (Flop)
    Mission Kashmir (Above Average)
    Fiza (Flop)
    Kaho Na Pyaar Hai (Blockbuster)

    It clearly shows his star power is due to multistarrers,franchise and his father

  • wowww !!! great news….I m so much impressed with dhanush’s acting in raanjhana….my all time fav movie…I watched this film 3rd times in theatres….eagerly waiting for his next…
    brilliant films this year so far
    3.bhag milkha
    4.lunch box
    5.D day
    6.Chennai express
    8.saheb bibi or gangster returns
    9.jolly llb
    10.mere dad ki maruti

  • Dhanush is Promising actor, loved him immensely in Raanjhana and Balki is one of the great director of recent time, so will watch this movie for sure….

    @nipun i know you told many times that Srk & Aamir is your fav actor after HR, so y u started to comment against him only due to ill comments by his frustrated fans, if you love or hate any actor than only due to his films and performances not due to any fan wars.

    @sakhi were you sleeping when you waching 3I, Aamir is not doing any Comedy in 3I, do you even know what is a comedy and what it means, a genuine comedy is one in which you are creating situation to make audience laugh not being making pj’s to make audience laugh it been easily done BY Kapil in comedy nights even better than srk, Though i liked CE but still not so impressed with SRK comic timing only because he already given good comedy scenes in his earlier movies like KKHH,Yes Boss,OSO etc much better than CE.

  • @nipun and sumeet. First and formost pls kindly name movies of Hrithik without his father’s direction which became clean hit apart from dhoom and agneepath?. Count how many hits Hrithik had and then count how many srk had. First realise who is behind krrish vfx, instead of thanking Sharukh khan u guys r spreading negativity against srk!. Honestly speaking, in krrish3, hrithik role as krishna exactly looked like a vampire to me. Hrithik shud act as vampire not as a superhero bcuz he doesnt need any make for that. Krrish meets vampire, when vampire wear mask he will become superhero, how abt that, hope Rakesh roshan read and make another crap without the help of srk’s vfx.

  • @nipun your comment only show that you are a srk hater,if you want the truth then ranbir is a better actor than hrithik if you consider acting. i have never bad mouthed any actor, you can see my comment on every pages of every star, now you are saying that that you don’t like srk because of his ill fan,what a hypocrite you are.What about other hrithik fans: don’t they bad mouth SRK,even if srk fans bad mouth hrithik, all other star fan’s including hrithik bad mouth srk.
    SRK support hrithik every time and praised krrish 3,Recently SRK said that: i don’t know about krrish and G.ONE but duggo and i are thick friends,you can read the previous articles.you wanna bad mouth srk go ahead, doesn’t make any difference to his stardom but don’t talk that he is your 2nd favourite actor after hrithik if you wanna pass bad comments about him as it clearly shows that he isn’t your favourite actor.
    IF you can then tell me how many times have i bad mouthed any actor. i know that some srk fans pass bad comments then so does hrithik fans like speedo,chayan and many more.
    cheers mate.

  • Now srk fan will start hating Dhanush..Those are who praised him for ranjhana…Srk fans knows how to hate other actor..Day will come other actors fan will leave watching srk movie..So srk fan be aware..

  • @saheer:there is a limit. .even i found hr bashing on dp,bebo,sunny pages.and i m n’t hypocrite.amir and srk were my favs aftr hr.

  • @soroop.when ppl go to threateres,do they go for rakesh movie or hrithik movie? ?have some sense.
    @aks,my anger is temporary.

  • mission kashmir-above average to hit
    kabhi khushi kabhi gham-blockbuster
    dhoom 2-blockbuster
    jodhaa akbar-superhit
    zindagi na milegi dobara-superhit

    NOTE:Hrithik has done only 19 films till now, since 2003 he has been doing very selective films which are good in script and performance. performance wise hrithik has shown his mettle in jodhaa akbar,lakshya, guzaarish,agneepath,D2,koi mil gaya,mission kashmir,fiza and many more.

    4 times he has won best actor award at all award functions. knph has till date the record of most awards by a film. well rakesh roshan is only a director, he makes his film, whats the matter of hrithik in it ?? lol you haters give credit to someone else everytime hrithik starrer breaks all records, shame on you jealous haters. you will come to know how big are BANG BANG and SHUDDHI very soon.

    while both those films are looking fresh and promising, happy new year is same old masala by farah khan, may be its copied from the oceans series. so srk fans if you don’t like your star to be criticised , then don’t do it first. respect all actors. records are meant to be broken. only because K3 broke ce records, you have started behaving like animals.

    and those srkians giving explanations and telling nipun and others to not criticise HR, first tell your fellow fans to mind their own damn business. we all know ce was totally an average film, it did no good to the indian cinema, was just a money making project for srk and others. so being over obssessed with srk, he enjoyed his time enough. let others enjoy their time fairly.

  • @hrithik haters: u guys have crossed all your limits now in bashing hrithik…I think srk fans are most jeolous people in this world…you know most of hrithik fans including me were also fans of srk… but because of cheap comments of SRKians on hrithik, all hrithikians have become srk haters now…

    you guys compare SRK with every actor either it Aamir / salman / ajay / akshay / ranbir / amitabh sir / dilip kumar and now with dhanush too…how cheap?? but u don’t know that every actor has his own qualities… all are best in their own way… all are serving Bollywood… you know SRK is no.1 in romantic films but you SRKians are no.1 in spreading hatred among others..

  • some one said here that a time will come when only srk fans will watch his movie,and fans of other fans will not…….so man do it right from the next movie……….as we dont need support from other fans to make a movie hit……………its the general public who makes a movie hit…public watch movie for their entertainment not for the sake of their fav stars…………..so we need public support notyours

  • @avvnish hrithik fan- i agree wid u bro…even my 2nd fav actor was srk after hrithik…i have CE lot at the time when it releases….but when krrish released they bashed hrithik at such extent that hey have never done before to any actor……showing their biggest insecurity with hrithik only… After release of krrish finally i came to know that amir and salman fans are farr faar faar better than these srk fans…. srk fans are just like srk (EGOISTIC)…
    Srk is self proclaim King….LOL

  • hrithik haters go and google about hrithik u will find there r 2 hrithik’s movie with highest collection in bollywood…
    what about srk….hahahaha only 1…i think srk is working in bollywood since hrithik is child….LOL
    SRK (overrrated actor)__!!
    he had tried to copy hrithik by making RA.1 which had gone biggest diwali disaster of bollywood….
    so srk dont copy and do something new :D

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