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Prior to release, every Shahid Kapoor film looks promising. But the result has always been the same in the last few years. Badmaash Company did well, but most of his other films have sunk without a trace at the box office.

R Rajkumar directed by Prabhu Deva could be his best bet. The film releases in theatres on December 7th.

Story: Shahid plays the character of Rajkumar – a rugged, rebellious, passionate fighter who also has a devilish charm. One moment he makes you feel really comfortable and the very next, completely ill at ease! Rajkumar is sexy, brooding and raw.

Sonakshi Sinha plays the role of Chanda – a gorgeous, strong character. She is the niece of a poppy lord called Manik Parmar. Chanda is elegant and looks stunning. A TRUE Indian beauty! Rajkumar falls head over heels in love with Chanda.

R Rajkumar is an action romantic film set in dusty and rugged backdrop of the Hindi Heartland. A film that has out and out desi tracks (true dance numbers) with loads of intrigue, thrill and fun – a perfect entertainer by all means. The ravines shall tower high over the Poppy Fields, overlooking a dangerous foundation without law, justice or order.

What are your expectations from R Rajkumar? Tell us in the comments section below.

R Rajkumar New PosterR Rajkumar New Poster

Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha - R RajkumarShahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha – R Rajkumar

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  • Sonakshi playing a gorgeous character? Lol. . .i used to like her. .but now she is doing back to back masala.so i ‘m bored of watching her .only lootera is a great movie.

  • Though Phata poster nikla hero was a flop,but it was’nt a bad movie and what it has been successful in doing is to atleast evolve Shahid,
    Now audience can say ok,Shahid is also there…
    PPNH music was also popular and so is R..rajkumar’s
    With Ranbir’s besharam flopping its the best chance for shahid,and i think audience would like to give Shahid a chance this time..
    Trailer 1&2 both are entertaining with comedy and some serious action,and shahid has worked very hard for this film..
    And hardwork always pays

  • Shahid deserves to be a bigger star than Ranbir
    Even in his recent masala movie i found his acting refreshing
    R Rajkumar is looking promising
    Hoping it is better than PPNH

  • Overall, its a ‘masala’ film, which usually does well on box office. It could very well be the highest grosser of Shahid’s career unless it is rejected by the audience.

  • frankly speaking i have zero expectation from R..Rajkumar, reason so much overdose of Masala flicks, and i am very disappointed with PPNH, though movie was ok but far below my expectation, An actor like Shahid is being wasted with his choice of poor script feels bad because he is one of the very fine actor among new generation in Bollywood, still i hope he will bounce back with R.. Rajkumar.

  • Although it has been proven time and again with his one flop after the other, R Rajkumar should finally CONFIRM the fact that Shahid Kapoor is not a movie star. I predict this film will flop as well. Sad but truth. I can only wish though that the film succeeds.

  • Sonakshi sinha is basically following salman khan’s footsteps of churning out one masala entertainer after another. No challenges (apart from lootera) accepted or innovation attempted. She won’t last too long.

  • To Be Frank,,, I Believe Shahid Is The Most Unluckiest Actor in B’ Town For The Past 2 And Half Years….

    Without Doubt The Script Of His Last Few Movies Were Not That Great But In No Way They Were That Bad Either The Way The Response They Got In Ticket Window…. Because If We See Closely Than We Can Notice That The Scripts Of The HIT Movies Given By Other Superstars Or Other Stars Were Also Not That Good But Their Movies Did Huge Business…

    The Only Fact is That
    LUCK is Not Favouring Him Because HARDWORK is Something That Shahid Never Shy’s Away
    Also There No Dearth Of Talent in SHAHID

    Shahid… Best Of Luck For R…. Rajkumar,,, I Desparately Want It To Work For You…. Also Waiting For “HAIDER” Team “KAMINEY” Would is Back And It Will Rock

  • @chintan : dont do chinta about Salman khan. He has been in bollywood for more than 25 years. He bounced back with a bang every time critics or haters like you wrote him off. He will do ‘chinta ta chita chita, chinta ta ta’ to people like you !!!!!

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