Rakesh Roshan on Kites and Hrithik’s upcoming films

Rakesh Roshan in an interview with Times of India has confirmed son Hrithik Roshan’s commitment of working in a Karan Johar produced film. Roshan Sr also talks about Kites, which he calls his “most ambitious project” to date. The reason behind its delay and why a Hollywood director (Brett Ratner of Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3 fame) has been roped in to supervise the International version of the film, is discussed. Read on

– Why has Kites been delayed?

Rakesh Roshan: Well there are two versions — the Hindi version that is two hours and six minutes, and the international version (English). The Indian version was ready on Sept 30, 2009. However, the English version is being supervised by the Hollywood director Brett Ratner. Ratner is a friend of mine, and he is formatting the English version according to the Western sensibilities.

– Is this the first time that a mainstream Hollywood director will be ‘editing’ a Bollywood film?

Rakesh Roshan: Yes. Ratner has films like Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3 to his credit. He has directed A Family Man, and has done episodes of the TV series Prison Break. To get someone who is so sought after in Hollywood to step and personally supervise Kites is something very prestigious.

– Have you set a release date yet?

Rakesh Roshan: We’ve not set a release date. It should come in the summer of 2010. I’m flying to Los Angeles on November 29 for a meeting with Ratner. The mixing and the background score for the English version is also being done there. I will announce a date only after I know what progress has been made. Kites is my most ambitious release. I’m looking at releasing almost 2,500 prints globally.

– The buzz is that Hrithik is keen on a Hollywood career ?

Rakesh Roshan: Hrithik is very happy with the work he is doing here. He is currently shooting with makers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Guzaarish), and he is also committed to make movies with Karan Johar, me and perhaps Vishal Bhardwaj. After watching Kites, Ratner felt that Hrithik has the potential to make it big in the West. So there is a definite possibility of his doing films there. But all that’s for a later date. Right now, Hrithik and I are both obsessed with Kites.



  • Kites got very negative response at cannes.roshan is not confident abt this movie i think..hritik is most lazy actor in bollywood

  • Its really sad that we all need to wait till summer 2010 for Kites to fly .
    But Hold on…
    Once the flight is ready then Kites will break all each n every previous Records to date I am sure Rakesh Roshan knows pulses of audiences. So
    We have to WAIT…

  • I think Roshan Sr. Wants Kites to be Hrithiks launching pad in hollywood so he desperatly wants it to be release simultaneously in India and Internationally in English as a honest yet Powerful Entry of Hrithik in hollywood .
    Indicine whats ur opinion

  • Saju Dey, stop this Veer bullshit of yours. Once again not every topic is Veer related. Your comments have been deleted.

    Sharan, Kites will have the widest international release for a Bollywood film. The international version is what is delaying the release. The cannes response that Amit is talking about, wasn’t exactly positive but not negative either.. It was mixed.. They didn’t show the full film, just the rushes. You can’t expect people out there to jump out and appreciate the few rushes of an Indian film, can you?

    Let’s be patient, wait and watch. Kites could go either way, it could be a classic or a disaster.. Either way, it will work in India, since it has almost all ingredients.. High action, romance and Hrithik Roshan.. add to it the success ratio of the Roshan’s together.. Whenever it releases, it will open big..

  • This delay wont affect kites anyway.. its a Hrithik roshan filim after 2 years and keeping in mind Rakesh roshans calibre one can only expect history in the making.

  • Hrithik s d only actor who can match a hollywood actor, akki `ll be d 2nd actor who can match them i guess…

    hrithik has tried al sorts of roles so far… but his comedy s not so appealing.. only in koi mil gaya he was gud..

    its gud if actors start goin west bcoz bollywood would bcom more famous and lots of money `ll flow in and big budget movies `ll be made with better special effects..

    its said bollywood s wat hollywood was 15yrs back so let it come close to tat level..:)

    then v can expect bigger movies lik 2012 and Avatar;)

  • ^ Hrithik was good in Lakshya, the first half was more funny than serious and yes, we do need someone, ideally one of the bigger stars here to make it big there. Bollywood will then, get a much wider audience.

    Language is undoubtedly a problem though. For films to appeal to International audience it has to be shot in both English and Hindi. Subtitles is useless..

  • yup…. tat s true… its difficult to follow a movie with subtitles.. it has to be shot in english…
    ya in lakshya he was gud…:)

  • I am running out of patience. since expectation is above sky high, i deleberately wants to see the film as soon as possible… so plz make it soon…

  • @indicine..the rushes was supposed to best coz it was shown to 5 top distributer but no one was interested…kites ll tank along wid hritik..only kid likes hritik ..hritik is lazy man .u can make gud movies in 6 month if u hve energy just look at srk ajay salman..

  • ahh…cant wait!!

    and guys the movie isnt takin long to release coz
    hrithik is lazy..get real!

    nywayss..i was really hopin for it to release this december:(
    oh well

  • kites gonna make it big in bollywood history…………..HR’s looks and trailer seems more than a bolly movie………………….it ought to be a gud film…coz it includes the likes of rakesh roshan,anurag basu,hrithik,…….and most importantly ratner…………cant wait to catch its glimpse………………

  • Its’ amazing I am very happy about the news That Janab Rakesh RoshanSb and the most handsome man of Bollywood Hritik is on his way to Insha Allah conquer Hollywood.

    May Allah bless him Aamin

  • hrithik is the best actor in the bollywood he can do every role. He is the most stylish and goodlooking person in the bollywood. I think kytes will break the all records coz its rakesh, hrithik combination again.

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