Tees Maar Khan – Farah surprises!

With all the Happy New Year rumours, starring Shahrukh Khan, doing the rounds, Farah Khan of Om Shanti Om and Main Hoon Na fame, has surprised the media and the trade with this shocking announcement. No one really expected Farah to work with anyone except SRK, did we? Well, here’s some breaking news, Farah Khan has dumped SRK and instead will be directing none other than Akshay Kumar in her next!

According to Farah it is her husband Shirish Kunder’s script for the film titled Tees Maar Khan that did the trick. Says Shirish “I wrote this film with Akshay in mind. My first film Jaaneman was with him and we share a good rapport. Initially, I was supposed to direct Tees Maar Khan but since its our first home production, Farah and I decided that I’ll produce it and she’ll direct it.”

On Tees Maar Khan, Farah says “Itís my kind of film and has everything in it ó action, comedy and full masala.”

With news of the Chopra’s ditching SRK for Ranbir and now Farah for Akshay, it will be interesting to see who SRK decides to work with in the future. It could be a blessing in disguise though, since SRK could very well risk working outside his group of friends at this stage of his career. Would be a refreshing change.

What’s also interesting is, the Akshay – Farah combo. If Farah’s success ratio in the past is anything to go by, Akki fans can rejoice!

What are your expectations from Tees Maar Khan? Comments below



  • To add more to the news above. Back in 2007 there were rumours of Shahrukh Khan working in the very same project, which was to be directed by Shirish Kunder. Its believed that SRK rejected Akshay’s role and shared a strained friendship with Shirish. The project was eventually shelved.

    Shirish has now revived it with Farah as the director and Akshay Kumar as the lead star.

    Stay tuned for info on the female lead.

  • Any idea bout d story..?

    as far as other media reports r considered, this movie s jointly produced by akshays hari om productions.
    so obviously akki `ll be d main lead actor.

    Shirish kunder was supposed to direct Joker with akshay i heard.. den he told he `ll approach SRK not akshay.
    basially after jan e mann bombed at d box office SRK s not keen to work with shrish tats all….;) he s not very confident of him.

    SRK s busy with RA-1 n don 2 , and he has some television productions also i heard.. so busy i guess..

    one more thing to be noted- Farah, yash raj r SRK`s territory. weneva akshay entered tat it has lead to a failure.(eg- Tashan),,,,, am sure u ppl `ll tel bout dil to pagal hai nw. but it had SRK n akki was just a guest appearence.

    i want this movie to succeed as akki s my fav…:)

    and may be akki `ll want katrina to work with him to ensure success of this movie;)

    one thing i didnt like bout akki s just tellin every1 dat katrina s his lucky charm n wantin her in every
    movie.. if d script s gud n gud promotions any gal `ll be his lucky charm.. he s infact promotin katrina more than his movies now a days… Chakkar kya hai boss…;)


  • Amish, that shows Akshay isn’t an insecure person. He is willing to give credit to his co-stars, although we in the trade are well aware that without the presence of a big star.. a 30 crore opening, forget 40 crores of SIK, is next to impossible for ANY lead actress in Bollywood to achieve on her own. Also Akshay does work with directors who have just delivered a flop (e.g Nikhil Advani with Patiala House), unlike many other actors who prefer fresh from success directors..

    Story of Tees Maar Khan hasn’t yet been revealed. SRK is only busy with My Name Is Khan (post-production) and Ra 1 (pre-production) at the moment. He will be shooting for Ra 1 in Miami (US) next year. Don 2 is unlikely to happen anytime soon, with Farhan Akhtar busy with his acting career. He’s just signed a film with Hrithik. Don 2 might be shelved too..

  • Finally sensible thing done by farah khan!!!!Farah who have made SRK more famous by movie like OM SHANTI OM(SRK biggest hit) and Main hoon na…..doesnot have time for farah!!!!!She had done very good thing~~~~~THis is for me breaking newsss!!!but happy too

  • Indicine team- its gud if he gives credit to al his co-stars.. but wy only katrina… for eg- he could `ve promoted lara also in blue.. she also gave hits with akki..

    Meanin of tees mar khan s “smart ass” is it true? he he;)

    ya it s true actresses cant give a 40cr openin. but one thing i feel bad s.. if d movie b`comes a hit dey say wow.. its bcoz of katrina(in case of akki), but if it flops den full blame on d male lead…;) sad rt…. ha ha

  • INDICINE TEAM:rnbj was his biggest hit?????Donot know tht …then OMO is 2nd biggest hit of his career then

    SRK real image has come from it …i guess!!!!He have no time for his friend too~~clearly ,we can see how he had behave n said bad thing to Salman khan in katrina birthday party ,where khans fight happened!!!!

    Akshay is only actor who doesnot care how big is the director or producer!!!He can turn a bad movie into hit …..He is truely boxoffice puller …If he start promoting movie ,surely 1st week will always be more than 40 crs …Even he have not promote the movie as big as he do in BLUE but still it collection of 1st week was around 33 crs with 3 movie clash on same day…only say how big star is he when it come to boxoffice collection

    For aamir,he does 1 movie per year and every people will wait for his movie…..even he break the boxoffice record but doesnot quite show how big boxoffice puller he is…”””Just think when akshay have 1 film per year ….It can easily beat aamir khan record …say like this”Earth shattering opening will be””” So in term of Boxoffice,akshay still is best of all in recent 2-3 years

  • Saju Dey, last and we mean VERY LAST warning. Include everything in a single post and comments on in English (unless its a dialogue or a lyric). You are just ruining discussions here.

  • Great to see Farah doing a movie with Akki . I was surprised when i saw this news on ndtv imagine. i Hope AKKI and that hollywood director i dont remember his name(the one who liked AKKI in Blue and there were news of him making a movie with AKKI) makes a good AXN film With AKKI

  • Interesting , At the end of the day its all about money isn’t it.

    Lets see how SRK reacts to this……………

  • all the ladies in the office (Saifa, Urvash, Shanti etc) are thrilled that at last the “big time producers” are accepting Akshay…it took 20 years though. i remember he once said in an interview that he got tired looking through the windows of big producers hoping they would do a movie with him…

  • haha Indicine Team: Do u really believe that?! that Farah Khan would dump Shahrukh.. he’s her best friend – as she always says during interviews – noone knows what happened between them behind the curtains.. and I’m sure.. and 1000% sure that Shahruh apologized nicely to her.. that he won’t be able to do her & her husband’s project.. so she had no choice except to sign some other superstars for her movie! and.. shahrukh is a smart guy.. would never risk his career and do Farah’s husband movie.. who’s name is what.. shirish or something… just go back to Jaaneman and watch it again.. a stupid silly kachra movie.. he’s a failure director.. so a failure script writer too! a failure director who did Jaaneman could never write a good script for Shahrukh.. Shahrukh is not crazy to sign for some crap movies!!

    Do u all believe in what someone would say or announce?!

  • ^ it ultimately means SRK s very insecure and doesnt work with flop directors… which must `ve hurt farah so she went near akki… who doesnt `ve tat insecure feelin as Indicine team mentioned above…;)

    one flop doesnt judge a persons ability…

    Ranbir`s 1st movie was a flop , does it mean he s crap or kachra? nw he has delivered a blockbuster with APKGK.

    every person has his ability.. some ppl dont recognise it(SRK) and some smart ppl read it early…( akki) ha ha;)

  • Amish: some very good movies deserve to be hit or superhit, blockbuster movise but they won’t because ( and as I explained, indicine team too explained) there’re many reasons for any movie to be a hit or a flop.. but u guys.. all of you here measure any good or bad by the “income”.. the box ofice collection.. ok.. let’s compare Saawariya & Jaaneman.. Janeman which was a crap movie did an average business at the box office.. and Saawariya which was great in everything and a movie which was made by a hand of a big director failed.. so do u “blindly” consider Jaaneman as a better movie?!! then why there’re critics?! why a brilliant movie like Omkara which was a disaster at the box office won some awards.. was critically acclaimed.. the movie Zubeida for Karishma Kapoor was a very good movie and it didn’t do well, but was critically acclaimed.. grow up guys.. the box office would never indicate if a movie was good or bad.. the problem is in the audience’s taste.. Saawariya which was a romantic quality movie was released on a wrong time.. in Diwali with OSO.. so OSO won because it was a romantic comedy movie with shahrukh starring.. for me.. OSO was a crap movie ( the songs were good) and I was so angry that Shahrukh agreed to do it although it was a blockbuster movie.. why?!!why it did well at the box office? because the audience love only entertaining movies.. 70 or 80% of ppl want to watch some funny movies.. even if 70% of those comedy movies were some cheap products.. that’s the reason Amish!

    Even some serious movies don’t do well e.g. Jail.. can u say that the movie “Jail” is a bad movie?

  • ^ its not only v guys…. every1 in d film industry judges a movie by its income…;)

    OSO as u said was crap.. but ppl remember it as box office record breaker of 2007…

    wer as ur zubaida.. who remembers it…? even jail.. it was a gud movie but who `ll remember it next yr… neil `ll be called a flop actor only even tho he has a potential…

    so judge a person by his potential not d no.of flops he gives…

    Regarding critically acclaimed movies. wat `ll dey get at most… some awards… nothin else…

    i dunno wy topic of discussion takes a U turn here… u started d discussion tellin Shirish kunder s a crap kachra director so SRK didnt want to work with him.. so it indicates SRK s very insecure… tats all…;) ha ha

  • And according to me both jan-e-mann and saawariya wer not tat gud… both wer boring….
    and as u said before each person has his own views n liking… so some may `ve liked janemann n very few liked sawariyan.

    and every person wants to enjoy so he goes to a movie.. tats d reason ppl make masala movies..

    who wants to go n cry for 3 hrs or yawn in multiplex payin 200+..

  • Amish: yes.. you’re right.. to each is his own.. u might enjoy a movie and I find it pathetic boring and vice versa.. but what I tried to explain is that you can’t judge any movie – if it’s good or bad – by the box office report, and I gave u some examples.

    Saawariya was a romantic story but wasn’t sad to make us weep in cinema!! I enjoyed it there4 I saw it many times.. the sad and the deep touching love story was Veer Zarah, which made my tears fall and a nonstop! and was a super hit movie..coz of star power.. shahrukh and the script which touched everyone’s heart.. it was a big love story, but Saawariya was a light love story in a unique different form.. anyways.. we all can’t agree 100% over any movie.. we all disagree even on best movies.

  • Amish: I don’t know what u guys mean exactly by saying: he’s insecure?!!! well if someone doesn’t want to risk his career.. do u consider him as “insecure” person and do u think that he’s just wrong to reject a movie?!! don’t u all reject some projects or some proposals which come in yr way.. if u r not so sure that it’ll help yr career?!!

    If they accept bad script so we blame them.. if they accept big banner.. so we blame them.. if they don’t accept big banner but small one with with small directors and the movie fails.. so we blame them.. if they sign for any movie and without hesitation.. so we blame them.. what?!! why u guys are thinking this way?!!!!

    I remember one girl, when one of bollywood movies was released 2 years ago, and she didn’t like the actor ( can’t remember which movie it was) she wrote online, on one of websites, asking everyone not to watch the movie!!! saying that she stopped also her sister and her brother from watching it coz she wanted the movie to flop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Strange weired ppl in this world!!

  • fathiya:
    now its time of ur class so listen carefully
    some days ago u praise akshay and said that in london dreams akki should have replace ajay and i gave u comment and i apologised that i was thinking u r anti akki but u r not. but with this statement i again feel that u r still like that . whts wrong with u him farah signed akki it is up to her may be the script doesnt suite to srk as her huby said that i wrote script put akki in his mind so this movie is only for akki not for srk may be srk will get another movie by farha after tees maar khan.
    “tees maar khan” titles does tell us it is farmula , funny comedy movie which poeple like and at this time akki is 1st choice for masala comedy movie .
    and sanwayriya vs jaaneman
    sanwariya wasnt a movie it was a rubish bin which sanjay lila bhansali put his all rubbish from khamoshi to black in that bin . the name should that movie BLUE coz every single sceen same location same situation same type of songs and same blue colour . it wasnt a movie it looks like a stage darama which has only one stage one set . janeman was much batter then sanwariya ( blue ) coz it has some funny sceens good story good usa’s locations and music aswell atlease every single song was diffrent .
    and u asked indicine that can farha dump srk tell me one thing if 2 husbend wife after a long love life they can diavorce then why not two good friends dump to each other ???
    and u said that srk didnt sign this movie coz producer directed janeman and that was flop show so he was afraid that may be tees maar khan will be in same catagory. but u didnt read that shirish said that i wrote script only for akki . even he didnt talk with srk about this movie.
    tell me if srk will produce any movie then is it compelsory for him to sign farah as director ??? SIK vipul didnt direct it was up to him in london dreams he didnt sign akki it was again up to him , aditya chopra after DDLJ and Muahabbatie didnt direct any movie till rnbdj it was also up to him he didnt sign srk in his every movie it was again up to him .
    why u want to farah to sign srk in his next movie as well ???

  • indicine team:
    srk has only 1 or 2 movies at a moment and he didnt hv time to sign any other movie and akki has 17 movies and he has time to sign 18th movie . why ??? why akki is always free to sign movie and finish in record time and why srk doesnt hv any time to sign his best friends movies ??? wht does he do ?

  • What i know tees maar khan is out and out comedy. It was shirish’s idea to sign akki, also there is no strain in srk-farah friendship.

    And i don’t think don 2 will be shelved as mentioned by INDICINE TEAM. It is definitely on i am eagerly waiting for it.

    And lead for tees maar khan may be selected by a talent hunt.

  • shirish kunder after doing janeman wanted to work with AKKI in Joker again but there was some problem between them i read somewhere that in some party early this year farah khan made shirish and AKKI to speak up and clear the misunderstanding between them.
    janeman was very different movie at the time it was made although i didnt like it .
    i like sawariya as well but janeman was much better than sawariya

    P.S. i know its a personal choice . all may not like the same movie . so iam not commenting on anybody’s remark just voicing my opinion.

  • you guys have to remember where Farah started. It was Shahrukh who helped her out when she wanted to star her first film.

    but I don’t want to say too much on this. Its just sad that HNY won’t start as it was supposed to. I am sure all is well with SRK and Farah. Shahrukh isn’t a kind of person unlike many other people. He is such a darling.

    lets see how this will turn out

    I am saying that the role suit Akki because it might be another one of those senseless films that he has been doing for the past few years.

    but whateverrrr. I am over this.

  • Nauman:No..no.. no.. u got it all wrong brother.. what I was saying on this page is nothing to do with Akshay Kumar!!! u misunderstood all what I said.. didn’t u read what Indicine Team wrote?!! they said: breaking news.. Farah Khan dumped Shahrukh…..etc.. read carefully what they said!! so the point for our discussion is the following: did she really dump Shahrukh? Can she really do that? and dumped him means that she already signed him, agreed with him, then she took the script and gave it to Akshay! so That’s not possible because Farah Khan loves & respects Shahrukh and he’s her best friend, and she’d never do that.. yeah.. if that’s all rubbish and ppl are spreading some lies and she already signed Akshay for the role because Akshay fits in the movie.. so that’s a different issue.. and truly.. I like Akshay Kumar, I don’t hv anything against him and I wish him all the best, but I hate it when people say certain things which aren’t true.. how do we know that she dumped Shahrukh?!!

    Indicine Team: did Farah Khan announce on radio, on weekly, newspapers or on tv interviews and she said that?!! I’d never believe that she’d say such a thing only in one condition.. if they both turned as enemies and are no longer friends!

  • It is nothing like surprising that Farah is taking Akshay in her upcoming film. It’s ok may be shahrukh do not have time now so he is not doing her film. May be after shahrukh the role suits to akshay so they are taking him. There is nothing to make so much shout.


  • “Akshay suits the role in Tees Mar Khan perfectly as Shirish wrote it with him in mind. It will be a pleasure to be working with him. He comes under the bracket of the top 3 actors in the industry,” Farah said at a press conference.


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