Rakesh Roshan Interview: Talks about Krrish 3 Collections

Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh Roshan has once again slammed his colleagues from the industry who he says are ‘jealous’ and ‘can’t watch anyone succeed’.

Roshan also said that it is these very trade sources who are giving conflicting numbers of Krrish 3 “We are very sure of our box office collections. It’s the so-called trade experts who are giving conflicting figures. They should all come together and give one figure that is correct.

One other important point that Roshan makes is that the trade sources are not including collections of Tamil and Telugu versions which released in various states.

Read the full interview below.

It is being said that the quoted box office collections of Krrish 3 are being inflated?

  • Rakesh Roshan: Why should I fudge figures at this stage of my career? Do I need to? Who is saying all this?

Some of your colleagues from the industry, to begin with.

  • Roshan: It just shows the kind of jealousy and negativity that this industry thrives on. We should all be celebrating the success of a film, no matter who produces it. Because every individual film that succeeds benefits the entire industry.

So what’s the truth about the box office figures of Krrish 3?

  • Roshan: The truth is that those, who are being sceptical about the figures, are not calculating the collections in the Tamil and Telugu versions of Krrish 3. In Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, both the Hindi and the regional versions of the film were released. But in Mumbai they are cutting out the box office figures of the dubbed Tamil and Telugu versions of the film.

Why are members of your fraternity so eager to prove your figures wrong?

  • Roshan: Isn’t this the way it has always been in the entertainment industry? We suffer from the ‘crab’ and ‘grab’ mentality. We can’t watch anyone succeed. And if someone does well we want to grab that success for ourselves. The minute I took the unpopular decision of releasing my film in partnership with single-screen distributors I knew I was looking for trouble.

Why do you say that?

  • Roshan: I haven’t become corporatised yet. I am the only major producer, who still makes films and releases them without tying up with corporate houses. That makes me an easy target for everyone in the film industry. Or so they think.

Are you saying you are arm-twisted because you are not tied up with any corporate houses?

  • Roshan: Yes, there is a lot of pressure from corporate houses, film federations and union bodies. But we are very sure of our box office collections. It’s the so-called trade experts who are giving conflicting figures. They should all come together and give one figure that is correct, according to them. And they should stop talking nonsense about how Hrithik and I are at loggerheads over the figures.

Among the blockbusters of 2013, Krrish 3 collections was the most debated?

  • Roshan: Like I said the trade experts chose not to consider my Tamil and Telugu collections, though the collections in those two languages were happily considered in the case of Dhoom 3.

So what is the exact collection of Krrish 3?

  • Roshan: Up till now the movie has collected Rs 244 crore (nett business from India only). And it’s still showing in theatres. But I don’t think it will touch Rs 250 crore.


  • Indicine
    I suppose this is 5th or 6th post from you regarding Krrish’s collections
    Its history now, cant understand wat r Roshans trying to prove .
    Krrish’s nett is less than Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and that will remain forever

  • The money went to his pockets so we should stop arguing as at the end of the day it is still a blockbuster
    But i have been noticing something.Why always or mostly boi figures for Akki starrers are higher than other sites
    According to wikipedia, BOSS opened to 85% to 95% and it collected 14.75cr but other sites who reported the same occupancies,gave BOSS 12.8 including indicine.Something is very fishy but maybe bcos Akki does not have PR and connection to the media
    In 2013,BOSS was only behind only ce and d3 in bo opening at single screens but the collections did not match

  • The only reason why certain people specially khanfavoured sites,chennals underreported k3’s collection is:
    Yeah,Rakesh sir is right.those sites didn’t show regional collection for k3.but the same site happily showed that of d3.this shows they clearly wanted to more difference for k3 between official figure and their own figure.
    There is a chennal called zetc .komal nehta clearly told that k3 has broken ce’s record in an episode in that chennal.but still they showed less collection for k3 than ce.znetworks chennals created negativity.you cann’t find promos of k3 in those.now they gave best popular trailer award to d3.but all know k3’s trailer was popular with 21 mil. Views on youtube.now they didn’t nominate k3 in any catagory.are these regions enough to prove their jealousy!?

  • My respect for rakesh sir and HR has increased because they told the truth to media.some people are bashing roshans just for telling the truth.these morons should be ashamed of being themself.just ask yourself, would u sit silently if people make fun of your own father,own son and own property?

  • what a liar rakesh roshan is!! at first he said k3 crossed 500 crores worldwide, then when many trade experts slammed him, he is claiming that he is right

  • This is irrelevant now….Its a shame there was so much misinformation out there regarding collections but all the best for your next venture Sir…

  • yeah u r hiding the truth.it colectd only 178 cr’s…n u r doing so to ensure sucess of future krish series movies.i pity on u…krish series iz no match to dhoom..

  • Rakeshji you have as much credibility as the no of hair on your head.
    We saw your talent in converting XMen into Indian funny versions. Stop directing and start making jokes on urself like Alok Nath.

  • Look at these overrated khans’ slaves @sanjay,@prince,@fake.
    Morons,if your khans always book all big holidays and break some records,then it’s fine.and when HR does the same,then your khans sites will underreport his film? ?
    It’s a shame that some trades are blaming roshans.what only we can imagine in bollywood could come in reality only due to roshans.they have always improved the standrd of bollywood.not like our jealous khans.

  • I seriously didn’t understand what’s their intention of holding a press conference to prove their film’s collections.Are they hell-bent to show that their film is the biggest hit of the year or biggest hit in Bollywood ?.To be frank its business is almost closed by the release of ramleela & JaiHo is also arriving in 2 days but still they are arguing that it is still doing business at theatre’s & he is in doubt about it crossing 250cr in India itself.Guys please write an open letter to these roshan’s that krrish3 is & will be the biggest grosser in India & worldwide beating yjhd,ett,3i,ce & dhoom3.

  • No matter wat rakesh/hrithik roshan says..
    K3’s collection wil remain debated.
    God knws watz the truth.
    N to rakeshji I wanna let u knw by adding tamil n telugu collection it will add up only 10-15 crores subtracting which its collection becomes anywhere b/w 220-234 crores…but boi is reloprting collections around 178 crores.. Which means a ”locha” of 40-50 crores

  • @nipun – Congress also keeps saying they have done no corruption but the plethora of scams is there for all to see.

  • N boi neva favours shahrukh khan
    Xamples jthj’s collection.CE’s opening day collection.
    N one more thing.. Wen it was asked to boi’s xpert which movie wil b d biggest opener/grosser Ce was nowhere in list(k3 d3 wer.. Even besharam was dere)
    So ppl plz stop shouting boi favours shahrukh khan.it is a neutral site who n favours none..has its own tracking system.neva depends on official collections from production houses

  • So papa roshan means krrish3 collected (244-177)crs=67 crs in regional dubbed version in tamil and telugu? Lol.. Except boi.com and boi.co.in all other sites gave the collection for all versions.. Then whom is he blaming? And for all movies including dhoom3, boi.com and boi.co.in never includes dubbed version with original hindi version.. So papa roshan, don’t be frustrate.. If you were right then why didn’t you gave territorial breakdown and distributor share? So papa roshan, only fools will believe you, but unfortunately most public are quite aware of the situation.. Better luck for krrish 4.. One more thing i am noticing is that indicine team is even more desparate to prove that k3 collection is 244 crs. Shame on you. I know you won’t publish my comment.

  • well first it was net and gross confusion….now its non inclusion of tamil telegu versions……so is he saying that tamil telegu have collected 40-50 cr……D3 regional version have collected 13 cr…..weird!!!!!!

  • Enough! !enough khanfans. Bahut ho gaya.aur zyada nahi saha jayega.just because hrfans r less active in this site,you people are taking it’s advantage and polluting all k3’s page.
    Now i won’t sit silently.let khan’s articles come.

  • We all know who is jeolous & insecure of Hrithik….becoz
    1.He is breaking the records of 10 years senior actors….
    2.He is the only successful superhero in Bollywood
    3.He is youngest in 200 cr club films
    3.He is the no.1 threat to khans for top position
    4.He is going to overtake all khans within 2 years
    5.Krrish is the most successful franchise along with dhoom
    6.Hrithik has got all skills of acting+dance+body language+looks
    7.He is most popular in the age group of 7-25 years
    8.Junior actors dont have enough talent to overtake hrithik
    9.Hrithik has support of his father which is absent to others
    10.He is very humble,speaks very less & remains calm soother think they can degrade him !!


  • Morons,he didn’t tell that 67 crs is the regional collection.read the article correctly.blind khan’s slave.he said boi didn’t give regional figure for k3 n gave for d3.why ? ?because boi was trying to show as much difference as possible between boi n official figure.

  • Krrish 3 colection is 246 crore in india, but BOI aur 2,3 box office colection site 3 khans ke chamche he, so wo log hrithik roshan ka success seh nai pae, aur K3 ka colection 190 bol rahe he, Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan, Krrish 3 Rocks, all 3 khans socks

  • @all khan chamches
    BOI launched its new website recently,so it needed good advertisement for its site and that too free of cost…so boi deflated K3’s collection to 178cr and got good publicity.
    But i think SRK was the mastermind of this plan.After so much struggle he broke 3idiots’ record and he could’nt see hs record being broken in just few months…

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