Rajnikanth’s Lingaa Hindi Trailer

After a disastrous outing in Kochadaiyaan, superstar Rajnikanth is back in his elements. The trailer of Lingaa has received a fabulous response from his fans, who will get to seen him in a full-fledged Tamil film nearly 5 years after the release of Enthiran.

This time around, the superstar has Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty as the female lead. The film is directed by K.S Ravikumar.

The dubbed Hindi version of the trailer is out. The film will be getting the widest release for a Tamil film in Hindi.



  • @ARJUN KAPOOR: Why are U creating fake id for Ungli Emraan and commenting non sense?? I have asked Element on twitter,he is not chameleon..some salman fan is trolling you..

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  • The craze for Rajnikant is unbelievable in South. I heard, his Shivaji – The Boss had no dvd release and the blu-ray of this movie was being sold for 400$ on amazon.

    That equals 24000 Rs! His stardom is unmatchable!

  • @ungli emraan -ungli has nothing interesting. Dont compare emraans film with Rajnikanth film linga. Emraan has done only one really good film that is Shanghai. OUTIM was pure Ajay devgn show. You think this trailer does not entertain like ungli trailer, but still Linga will be at least 10 times bigger hit than Ungli, becos Rajni has stardom, and emraan does not.

  • @amitya
    ungli emraan is not emraan hashmi fan. That is troll account . Don’t take it seroiusly. Btw i could not mention good films of emraan. Bcoz it is a long list. U should not talk rubbish. Think b4 u talk.

  • a real superstar who has both acting talent and charisma.our so called superstars of bolly (except few) are becoming superstar by remaking these south superstar’s movies and copying their charisma.

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