Rajinikanth, Sonakshi and Anushka Shetty at Lingaa music launch: Photos

Rajinikanth, Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty launched the music of their upcoming film ‘Lingaa’. Distributed by Eros International, Lingaa is scheduled to release in theatres a week before Aamir Khan’s PK on December 12th.

The runtime of Lingaa is said to be shorter than most Tamil film that feature the superstar in the lead. Sources say, the film is just 124 minutes (a little more than 2 hours).

Like most Rajnikanth films in recent times, the music of Lingaa has been composed by A.R. Rahman.

As excepted, all eyes were on Rajni throughout the music launch event. Have a look!

Anushka Shetty, Rajinikanth and Sonakshi Sinha at Lingaa music launch

Anushka Shetty, Rajinikanth and Sonakshi Sinha at Lingaa music launch

Rajinikanth at Lingaa music launch

Rajinikanth at Lingaa music launch

Rajinikanth, Sonakshi Sinha at Lingaa music launch

Rajinikanth, Sonakshi Sinha at Lingaa music launch



  • Anushka and Sonakshi look like sisters! Anushka more beautiful and sexy!

    It is weird to see Sonakshi is being paired opposite Rajnikanth, who is of similar age group with her father!
    Similarly, Salman & Sonam! But Salman looks young enough!

    All the best!

  • gd photos but where r articles of ungli-a rare mixture of critical acclaim and commercial success.plz promote ungli

  • Oh no! Lingaa releases 1week b4 pk if pk was starring our king then it wnt happn bcoz our king vl beg rajni to postpont lingaa but news vl b like this
    rajni scared of srk lingaa postpond

  • One of the biggest superstar if not the biggest superstar in the country, Rajnikanth. Some one with such a simple and humble personality with zéro ego. Such an idol. Hats off. Hope lingaa is a good warch.

  • If sona wants to continue doing these masala..then better she should go south..No need of giving same kinda films here..South industry is ideal for her.

  • “Shahrukh Khan is the greatest actor of all time, loved his recent movies Don 2, Ra.one and Happy New Year”- Steven Spielberg.

  • Sonakshi Sinha is the queen of bollywood. She is the first actress to give five 100 crores movies. Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore, Son of Sardar, Dabangg2 and Holiday. She will going to rock Action Jackson and earn again 100 crore and 300 crores with Lingaa.

  • Rajnikant Sir… Don’t know what to even comment about u…wateva I say has been said or known. I will just say during ur film career….HATS OFF!!

  • @Anand-the original, Sonakshi and Anush are different kind of beauties and they are both pretty….but Sona its just natural beauty and sex appeal although she looks like 40 years at the trailer of this film.

  • @Arjun Kapoor

    Okay, I don’t like prolong fights so let me make 2 things clear. I’m sorry for that “LOL so funny” reply. I know it was in bad taste.

    Secondly, apart from “Babuji” I have no fake account. The trolling, well I apologize for it again. And I have nothing against your “youngistan” But I will respond to comments the way I like. Feel free to get offended.

    And I’m very much “Neutral” The hate comments were written to troll Babaji. I do realize it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but I have trolled almost every actor through Babuji account. And I have openly apologized to Babaji for it. I thought I should clear my stand, so I posted this comment. If you still hate me, keep hating, I cant help it!

  • ok gj007 lets end this meaningless fight.I don’t hv any issues wid u nw.but u r obviously free to criticize youngistaan and I m open to criticism unless it is insensitive


  • @gj007

    Why are you apologising…? Dynamic hasnt apologised to anyone…? Neither has loki or chulli or babaji or even sambuddha mukherjee hasnt apologised to Arjun Kapoor for trolling him by misusing his name…? Carry on doing what you were as funny is way better than the usual mundane run of the mill ‘all hail king’ comments we get daily…!

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