Wedding Photos of Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma

Arpita Khan tied the knot with Ayush Sharma at a lavish wedding ceremony at the Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Arpita was dating Ayush for over a year, after which they finally decide to get married. (Wedding photos have been published below)

Earlier today, the city of Hyderabad was witness to the star power of Salman Khan as thousands of people gathered on the streets to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Arpita is the adopted daughter of Salim Khan. Some reports suggest that Arpita’s mother had died on a footpath leaving the child alone. While some articles claim that it was his first wife (Salma) who adopted her, others claim that it was Helen who had picked up a crying Arpita from the street, when she was a baby and later adopted her.

Salman has always been close to Arpita. The entire khan family is extremely fond of her and whenever a Salman Khan film is up for release, Arpita is the most excited family member. No wonder then that Salman is gifting Arpita a 16 crore apartment which is minutes away from his Galaxy Apartments in Mumbai.

On behalf of our readers and our team, we wish Arpita and Ayush a very happy married life.

All the Arpita Khan Wedding Photos will be posted on this page. Keep refreshing for the latest marriage photos!

Update: Two new photos added. Aamir Khan was present at the wedding and one more pic of Salim Khan and Salman Khan blessing Arpita and Ayush. Have a look.

Update 9:25PM: Katrina Kaif at Arpita Khan’s wedding. Poses for a photo with Karan Johar, Kabir Khan, Mini Mathur Khan.

Katrina Kaif at Arpita Khan Wedding

Katrina Kaif at Arpita Khan Wedding

Wedding Photo Arpita Khan - Ayush Sharma

Wedding Photo Arpita Khan – Ayush Sharma

The Bride Arpita Khan

The Bride Arpita Khan

Salman Khan at Arpita Khan Wedding Photo

The superstar himself: Salman Khan at Arpita Khan Wedding

Karan Johar - Kabir Khan - Salman Khan at Arpita Wedding

Karan Johar – Kabir Khan – Salman Khan at Arpita Khan Marriage ceremony

Arpita Khan weds Ayush Sharma

The big moment: Arpita Khan weds Ayush Sharma

Arpita Khan Make Up Artist

Arpita Khan Make Up Artist

Arbaaz Khan with his son at Arpita Wedding Photo

Arbaaz Khan with his son at Arpita Wedding: Photo

Aamir Khan at Arpita Wedding

Aamir Khan at Arpita Wedding

Salim Khan and Salman Khan bless Arpita and Ayush

Salim Khan and Salman Khan bless Arpita and Ayush



  • I hope srk comes but right now there is no picture of him iam so happy that salman and srk patch up and forgive each other and it was sin too in our muslim religion someone is upset with each other and dont forgive each other within 3 days they are in sin

  • wow superb photos but I m upset with salman bcz he didn’t invite emraan for the marriage while every tom,dick and harry were invited. but my emmy doesnt need such stupid pr. his name is enough to run a film.

  • Badai Yi Badaii! #HappyMarriedLifeArpita!

    Still waiting for three Khans in the same photo!

    Arbaaz’s son is a carbon copy of him!

    A journo said referring Aamir “SRK & Salman didn’t let him sleep at the earlier night and kept calling again and again.”

    SRK & Salman joined hands to torture Aamir. lol!

    That’s very positive vibe! Can we see the end of the Khan wars except for BO wars?

  • we want salman, srk , aamir and hrithik in one frame.. that will be epic.. hope akshay and ajay are also invited.. then the super six in one frame will be double treat..

  • Aamir tells us SRK n Salman din let him sleep aftr they met.He ws in delhi n they kept talkin to him ovr d phone n FaceTime

  • akki is such a stupid actor always missing from big moments and gatherings how is expecting to get attention. I pitty his fans who hope for big openings.

  • Ohh no… Whom to support now ?? Big question…
    During hny ,, i have to get support from srk fans to get support for flop youngistan.
    But the release of superman song has trolled me , now i will shake my bootiya instead of wearing my underwears above my pants just like superman.
    Still i want likes from srk fans only.!!!!!!!!!

  • Memorable. Salman looks emotional in 4th pic. Wheres Srk I wanted to see pic of both in ethnic/traditional costumes or probably all 3 Khans in one frame !!!!!!!!

  • Lovely pics.Dying to see Aamir,Salman and srk in a single frame.I hope it happens and they pose together. And if hrithik also join them,its been icing on cake.
    Congrats Arpita and Ayush.Stay blessed

  • Ohh no… Now i will beg support from gj007 also for flop youngistan who is neutral. I m support hungry like arjun kapur who is dependent on other actors for hits. Plz like.

  • Good pictures of salman and aamir but our king is missing but we are waiting for our kings picture and we will be happy even if our kings pic will be with arbaaz if not salman

  • What a beautiful couple. Arpita seems like such a genuine good hearted person like her Brox Sallu and what better place to get married. Hyderabad, The City of Pearls….Good luck to them both.

  • @anand Cannot say about other king fans but I am ready to end fan war with you but only if you will agree with me that our king has 4 billion fans;a planet is named after our king ;court king has a plot on moon and our king rules the world and is no less than god

  • Oh yes! Now, we are happy! Our king attended the wedding! Someone would video record the wedding in which most of the film personalities in India attended in ethnic dresses in Sooraj Barjatya style! So, The video can be put in Bhai’s PRDP. There can be a song like Jai RamGK like Om Shaanti Om for OSO.

    @Arjun Kapoor, ignore GJ007 and Chame Leone though the stand for the right. We king fans will still support Tevar!
    Tevar= 150 Crores!

  • few hours back our neutral man gj007 accepted that he is babuji ka thullu so don’t b surprised if few hours later he also accepts that he is chame Leone

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