Rajkumar Hirani talks about Sanjay Dutt biopic

Rajkumar Hirani, the director of classics like ‘Munnabhai MBBS’, ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’, ‘3 Idiots and ‘PK’, has said that he will start shooting for Sanjay Dutt’s biopic next year.

“I’m working on the script of Sanju’s biopic. And we’ll be starting the film next year (2016)” the director said.

However, the filmmaker was quick to add that he hasn’t signed Ranbir Kapoor to play Sanjay Dutt on-screen. But has only discussed the film with him.

“I haven’t even thought about casting till now. We are writing the script and only once it finishes, we’ll be able to see how the characters come across and who would be apt to play the characters.” he said, before adding “Ranbir is the only one I’ve spoken to about the film.”



  • Raju Hirani… Ur movie PK did well in India bcoz of pesodu seculars ppl.. In overseas it did well bcoz of controversy it created by its script being hindu.. China mein isilye chali bcoz chinesse will accept anything that is agnst Indian culture & its most powerful religion of hinduism.. Since china knws India are their rival in trade business in aisa… Even when Modi ji hd gone to China, the china news channel weren’t showing kashmir as part of India.. This itself proves their hatered towards us.. More importantly PK promotes pakis & their culture.. So they liked it even more.. After all they both countries are all weather frnds..

  • Chalo lets see mr. Hirani whether your “content is king” theory works in this movie or not without no.1 superstar aamir khan.
    If this biopic fails to be the biggest grosser, it’ll be proved that hirani needs aamir and not vice versa. Because aamir has already given the biggest grosser with debutant dir. Murgadoss(ghajini) and flop director victor(d3) without any solid content.

  • Hrithik Roshan will be perfect for Sanjay Dutt’s biopic…Raju hirani know that Ranbir already give us All time disaster…So,He wants to give all time blockbuster…From top stars Hrithik will be perfect…He is versatile actor and perfect for biopic roles….

  • Madhuri will be seeing Hirani soon……..i wonder who will be playing that character in Sanju’s life on screen?

  • Lets see how much this film does without Aamir. Rajkumar Hirani wrote the content rich script of ‘Ferrari ki sawari’ and it disappeared without a trace.

  • Not interested in this biopic but more interested in possible future biopic of Kishore Kumar as that was one rollercoaster STORY and ofcourse the rags to riches story of our Global Queen but when Shreyas Talpade says yes to doing that movie then can we dream of 300cr in India storm.

  • @moviemanialover PK wasn’t against any religion but it was against stupid people like you who are showing their hate in the name of religion.
    You are just a jealous, dumb fanboy whose Global star isn’t good enough to have a success like this.

  • A Biopic Should be made on Akshay Kumar .
    wse Toh Whole India knows the outside story of Akshay Kumar .
    From A chef To India’s most favrt superstar .
    from A chef To highest tax payer of Bollywood .
    From A Chef To King Of Bollywood .
    Most inspirational Story Of bollywood .

  • he should make a biopic of the 2nd criminal of this generation after sanjay dutta, which is Salman Khan…..there will be super moments of his 2 weeks in jail and the way he used his money to cover the illegal activities he has done over the years by setting up fake charity trust called “human being”…

  • @Nolan, Karan, By saying “Content is the king” Hirani doesn’t mean any film with good content will always work.
    Star power is necessary to bring audiences to movie theaters. Reason why PK was a monstrous hit and OMG wasn’t although it surpassed expectations by collecting 80 cr.
    Promotions, top notch production values and much more are required for a film to break records.
    P.S. Don’t expect Sanjay Dutt Biopic break PK’s record if it stars Ranbir.

  • Sequel of Aamir Khan’s 3 IDIOTS on its way!
    “Raju is presently working with writer Abhijat Joshi on sequel of 3 IDIOTS.”
    “We have an idea for the 3I sequel, a MUNNA BHAI part three, and also for a PK sequel. writer Abhijat Joshi

  • Usually Aamir sir haters say these things:-
    1.Aamir movies only work bcoz it has gud content not bcoz of his stardom.
    So indirectly they’re saying that Aamir has best script sense in the buisness.
    2.Aamir is nothing without Hirani,dhoom brand & christmas release.
    But here is the thing Aamir sir has given 2hgoty without those thing mentioned above and it is also interesting fact that only Aamir sir has given attb in christmas release and whole bollywood has given zero.
    3.Aamir isnot a great actor,he is only a gud actor.Even haters agree that Aamir sir is gud actor then Aamir sir is surely a great actor.

  • There is also a famous myth that Aamir sir has less fan-following but lets check the fact.
    Aamir sir has 13million followers in twitter and 15million likes in fb so total following in social media is 28million but srk has only 26million following in social medai.So it is clear that Aamir sir clearly has as much fan-following as global star ifnot more.

  • @razutmg Way more than the Global star if you count the Chinese fans who have been his followers for the last 6 years. And as you know, China has the largest population in the world. So, in other words, following of Aamir Khan is way more than the Global King.

  • I don’t know why people are criticizing Pk.It wasn’t great but was far better than other releases of the year.A sequel to either pk or Munnabhai would have been a better choice for Raju
    @Navin I am waiting for a Biopic made on Sallu Bhai.But the problem is it would be too dark for the family audience.Drunken driving,animal poaching,beating his own Gf it would be too much for the family audience to tolerate and may get the same verdict which majority of his movies got before Dabangg

  • @Razutmg comparing aamir with srk in terms of popularity on the basis of b.o collection and twitter/facebook following is chutzpa .
    1st outside india (including china) bolywood movies are only watched by nri and nri know every indian star
    2nd genrally a person has account on both facebook and twitter so he follows his idol on twitter and likes him on facebook.
    u r definitely correct when u say aamir has best script sense and dats the only reason of his movies overseas bo collection
    while srk craps like ce , hny do decent business overseas (which are way more than allmost every bollywood movie except three aamir khan starrers)
    this is called true popularity also srk’s many movies are dubbed in arbi and many other languages and their local resident watch it on tv just like jackie chan movies

  • @moviemanialover,you’re absolutely correct bro.I don’t like Chinese as they hate OUR COUNTRY.but this time pk worked because chinese monkeys liked our Indian monkey(pk) which is the minor reason thiugh.also the biggest reason of pk becomes huge hit is due to one reason —- VICTIMISATION of HINDU RELEGION.for the reason why it’s accepted worldwide even more than India.

    I can guarantee if dangal oandey couldn’t cross even 220cr even if will get solo CHRISTMAS release and will chase KANK/HNY in overseas that’s what talash star’s stardom,whose fan following is even lethan ABRAM KHAN,lol.

    @amir fans,who were thinking raju hirani couldn’t give big hit with out amir are completely wrong.because he did already by delivering blockbustrrs in domestuc and overseas but amir can’t give big hit at least a blockbuster with out raju/dhoom/south remake,lol.

  • @MovieManiaLover, No one gets inspired by movies. Sure I’m a Muslim(and Pakistani) and I liked PK, but it also showed a Muslim having relationship outside of marriage which I felt bad about. It also had a prostitute joke and condom joke but no one was inspired by that. After release of PK, no one started making fun of your religion because of that movie and if someone did, they are just stupid. I believe that the movie should have always been taken as a light-hearted tale than an intellectual script. So a movie tells us about what is wrong with religion and tells us there are aliens, so why should we believe them. Gabbar Is Back showed hospital are conning money from people but no one stopped going to Hospital. Don’t take movies to heart! Tnx

  • @sss Has Srk ever given a huge hit without YRF, Dharma or Deepika? Without these 3, he is a big zero, lower than Harman Baweja/Zayed Khan lol. Dont compare him without global superstar Aamir Khan.

  • @sss : You brain is immature than Azaad (Aamir’s son) to write that line !!!!!!!!! lolz lolz

  • That film will be a Blockbuster even if they cast Arjun Kapoor in it, and an ATBB with the presence of a big star from the current top 5!

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