Raees Teaser Trailer featuring Shah Rukh Khan

Exactly 350 days before its theatrical release, Excel Entertainment has†released the teaser of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. The Rahul Dholakia film also stars Pakistani actress Mahira Khan and the supremely talented†Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The music has been composed by Ram Sampath and the story has been written by†Rahul Dholakia,†Harit Mehta and†Ashish Vashi.

Raees has been produced by Gauri Khan (Red Chillies Entertainment), Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani.

Watch the short teaser trailer of ‘Raees’ and tell us what you think. How do you like the dialogues? What do you think of SRK’s look in film?

Note: Due to the expected spike in†traffic (visitors) that we are expecting on this page, we are closing the comments section for 15 minutes after the teaser release. Please do come back in a while and post your thoughts on the Raees teaser. We appreciate your patience. Thanks.



  • So Sarook fans was waiting for such teaser from last one year? from last 7 years Sarook does same type of craps movies like Raone, don2, JTHJ, ce, hny etc now raees. iím seriously surprised that sarook didnít try a single time to give different kind of movie. i really thought ritesh will try to make different movie this time like znmd but it is same Sarookís type movie. full of chutiyapa.. full of overacting..

  • oh my God ! What a teaser mindblowing .EID 2016 only Raeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss……………………………………….

  • What rubbish. Shame on Shah rukh. Not even close to Our handsome akshay in OUTIMD. let Shah rukh learn from akshay how to do underworld films$$$. Akshay will buy Shah rukh khan from sar se pauw taak. After all number 3 in highest earners and fan FOLLOWERS on tweeter and Facebook. SHAH RUKH TIME is OVER. Wait for BROTHERS. This is going to be a FLOP MOVIE. Ajnabee Ouatimd no one can beat Akshay in Don characters.

  • Haters go to hell …….!!!
    Wait once the trailer releases then u will
    not any face to hide …..!!!
    Btw , bajrangi bhaijaan will not cross 200
    crore at any cost ….!!!

  • it should comfortably go past billu, raoe, don2, jthj, lifetime not sure about hny.

  • 2015 is the worst year for bollywood lovers because behuda things like ffan & raees teasers are seen by them.


  • srk change the tune of his voice, walking style, look of his and dialogue delivery for his different roles! same is here!….and what to say about background music – just awesome!

  • Its okay to not like sumthing
    But when u dnt like sumthing u try to ignore it. What fascinates me is haters here r actually obssesed with srk.
    They r so much intrested that they dnt mind commenting on srk article and that too so rapidly. Ironic

    BTW Indicine what u think about raees first teaser

  • I am still counting how many teasers and trailers will b shown with bb tomorrow. I m confused.
    Bajirao hero welcome back manjhi confirmed
    but u really hope fan and raees teaser are also shown even though it will mean 15mins of promos bfr the cult movie but i don’t think any of us will mind that.

    Lets see wat happens tomorrow

  • Just name is enough to make haters to release their teaser n promo before 1yr from release date..that name is SALMAN KHAN..eid aane wali hai aur apni eidi lene jaroor aayega…

  • @akkistaan. Pls don’t pollute our article with your flop actor okay. Go and comment on joker entertainment kutta club we all know you cheap publicity seekers. We Srkians will only give u sympathy score cards on Brothers based on merits samja? Rather because of Sidharth. These are the same akki fans that will use different ids like @KHILADI who actually is @SUNNY CHECHI whose comments are so awful always!,and start to bash King Khan. Go away 60crore fobres king

  • I find it weird why do anybody has to watch the teaser if they loathe Srk.Either you don’t have anything constructive to do or you have dedicated your life to hate a particular star.I can’t think of any sensible guy hating the trailer but still there’s plenty of hate comments clearly indicating their stupid mindset.Get well soon haters and get a life

  • same feeling of chak de India , in chak de India srk played with hockey and here he has roller , same costume , same expressions and same dialogue delivery .
    Everything is matching either to chak de India or to every films of srk
    but nothing new in this film except bottle act
    bottle acting is much better than srk’s same acting again and again !

  • @THE DESTROYER OF KHANS, only for srk fans LOLZ..g007, babaji and sambhudha – all of them just loved it!

  • @Sky
    Of coarse u dnt hav anything to say against srk and raees
    without even seeing the full trailer u concluded that its a outim remake


  • d charisma that SRK brings to d screen no other superstar can never bring to silver screen..
    it doesn’t matter which d movie is HNY either RAEES.. he is always charismatic!!

  • I am pretty sure some of Srk haters would have watched the teaser much before any fan would have watched it.@Stark Well said

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