Raees Teaser Trailer featuring Shah Rukh Khan

Exactly 350 days before its theatrical release, Excel Entertainment has†released the teaser of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. The Rahul Dholakia film also stars Pakistani actress Mahira Khan and the supremely talented†Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The music has been composed by Ram Sampath and the story has been written by†Rahul Dholakia,†Harit Mehta and†Ashish Vashi.

Raees has been produced by Gauri Khan (Red Chillies Entertainment), Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani.

Watch the short teaser trailer of ‘Raees’ and tell us what you think. How do you like the dialogues? What do you think of SRK’s look in film?

Note: Due to the expected spike in†traffic (visitors) that we are expecting on this page, we are closing the comments section for 15 minutes after the teaser release. Please do come back in a while and post your thoughts on the Raees teaser. We appreciate your patience. Thanks.



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  • Get crazy after watching Raees teaser, i don’t know how i could wait till Eid 2016. My patience & my passion to watch this film re bigger.

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  • SRK?Romantic hero in Dilwale
    SRK?Superstar who does intense action sequences.
    SRK?Rough and Tough villain
    Versatility at it’s bloody best and That’s Shah Rukh Khan for you ..

  • n let me tell u guys those who r thrashing dus teaser dey r da one who mst be wtchng it again n again..n me being srk’s biggest i dnt now hw many tyms i hv wtchd it….cant get over wid dis teaser

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  • SRK?Romantic hero in Dilwale
    SRK?Superstar who does intense action sequences.
    SRK?Rough and Tough villain
    Versatility at itís bloody best and Thatís Shah Rukh Khan for you ..

  • No one can match with him For romannic and Negative role as he has proved many time and he will do so , that is why he is the Badasha Of bollywood , king khan king of bollywood , King of romance

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  • What a teaser man….what will bollywood do without this magician. …..His charisma n on screen presence is unique…..I m not a die hard fan of srk but he nails it down….vow

  • Whether the movie clashes with another hardly matters. Its not just about box office success. The movie should be good and worth a watch!

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