Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Pictures – RNBDJ

Shahrukh Khan and Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is one of the biggest releases of the year. We at Indicine present some exclusive movie pictures from the much awaited movie.

Shahrukh Khan had a great 2007 with blockbusters in the form of Chak De India and Om Shanti Om; Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is SRK’s first release of 2008.

Aditya Chopra is back to direction after 8 long years. His last directorial venture was Mohabbatein which released way back in the year 2000. Without a doubt, Yashraj Film’s biggest release since Hrithik Roshan’s Dhoom 2 in 2006.

The movie also stars a newcomer opposite SRK, a Bangalore based model Anushka Sharma was chosen for the role.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi also known as RNBDJ will release on December 12th (In case there are no delays in post production)

Check out all the movie pictures of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ) and leave your comments below.



  • Junaid Khan
    Gr8 Comment Somi””’ I think comments can be left (Written) Once the muvee is watched SRK has played lot of good roles for muvess in his career and he is a hero,,he will decide when 2 take up a role of a father or a uncle’s roles,

  • Junaid khan
    Hey kris,
    We do have talent but its Raw it need lot of time to rip,and come up to the level of SRK,

  • PIYUSH ……..You seem to have oceans of knowledge about SRK Good Keep it up People like you are alway wanted
    2 leave fitting comments…

  • I saw the trailer of the movie today while watching “Dostana” in cineme. This movie for sure and 100% will be a great entertaining movie, Shahrukh is great.

  • hai guys all the fans of amir and sallu i want to say one thing stop comment on srk just think one thing that what sallu n amir has they are bad boys in bollywood they dont know acting skills if u see the movie ramjanne u will find that so just stop comment on srk he is good brillient and bollywood gold man and bollywood bhadsha

  • srk u rock in this movie.

    u r a rockstar aur aage bhi rahogey.

    may u live long becazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hum king khan kise kahenge.

    amit bhai kisi ki burayi nahi karte jo jaisa hai use vaisa hi rehne do bus tum apne kaam se matlab rakho.


  • Hey Junaid ,
    I partially agree with your comment , the same point i was giving you , yourself said that SRK is ripped in the industry and it is a natural fact that all the ripped are to fall , same with SRK he is ripped now and when it comes to the Raw , they would be moulded accordingly . And my dear friend , trailers are made for impressing people, thats a marketing trick. I was impressed by the promo of Shaabd , i made a mistake watching that movie. RNBDJ may be a hit may be a flop cant say……………………….

  • This never happend to me in the past.. to like an actor so much that I can’t wait to see his upcoming movie!!

    It’s the magic of Shahrukh, I’m dying to see this movie.. God bless u and protect u from all your enemies.
    and best of luck for this movie.


  • i know how it feels for people who hate srk!! watching someone at the number 1 position for 15 years!!! is not that easy and i kno..but guess wat!! first those pople had some hope in hrritik to remove him from the number 1 position, then abhishek, then ranbir and now akshay…but u kno wat guys,king khan is going to rock the world for years to come…and all people who hate him will be helpless in just watching him…
    and how can you dare to forget even in his late 40’s amitabh was doing romantic movies.. but when shah rukh is doing it in his early 40’s, u have a problem with that!!! Disgusting!!
    Accept it or not but rab ne bana di jodi will be such a huge success, that even srk’s nearest rival will not dare to doubt The king khan again…
    So,best of luck to u all who still have hope in Hrritik,abhishek,ranbir,akshay or even aamir….to become the number 1!!!

  • I feel happy when someone write positive comments about Shahrukh.

    I was watching a few days ago Dilip Kumar’s movie Sangrash, and while watching it, and although Shahrukh doesn’t look like Dilip in his face, completely different features, but Shahrukh got (the same soul!!). I was really surprised while watching Dilip in this movie.. I was feeling that I’m watching shahrukh but in a different body.. in a different skin!!

    They both r alike, got the same soul, the same character, as well as Madhuri.. when I see Veegantimala I remember Madhuri although their look is completely different but they r similar in their acting, in their soul.. strange!!

    I wish if Shahrukh would think to do the remake of this movie, it’ll be such a great one coz the script, the story of Sangrash was good but the direction was poor coz it was old movie and I don’t know if Akshay Kumar’s Sangrash which he did some years ago is the same script ‘coz I didn’t see it, might be a different story and got the same movie name. ( Shahrukh & Madhuri.. a perfect match)

  • guyzzzzzz…………….. i dnt want to more wait……… i ll waitig for till the day when this movie ll become…….on my tv screen………and amit mu band rakhney ka samjhaa….saaley tu khud kala hi hoga.most of the indians are black farm,,,,,,,,,, so srk abhi bht kuch baqi hai

  • i dont know what u guys have against srk!!!!hes the best…and he does not look old…atleast not as old as he is!!!!!and if u dont like him then y are u guys even “wasting” your time in looking up on shahrukh???just look at any other wanna be srk actor na!!!!!oh wait….there wont be any1 as entertaining as srk or as good enough to look at!!!!!

  • SRK LOOK BRIGHT IN MOUSTACE BUT HE LOOKS OLD. he is very talented and very rocking hope the film is hit bcoz srk is totally my fav actor hes acting etc good…………. pictures are ok anushka looks nice and i do not know abt her acting but shes cute……………………… thts it

  • hi
    as-salam valekum srk rab ne is super duper hit . insaalla and srk is the king of bollywood,world ,rock star
    he is king khan iski jagah koi bhi nahi le sakta.

  • this time bollywood only two superster srk akshay i am from italy in italy all indian and pakistani like only srk and akshy last year srk movie om shnti om and akshay hye baby is like much in italy all africa romania indian pakistani maroc poland like is only om shnti om but hye baby good working bec i have shop only ….bollywood movie and this time all wh8 for rnbdj rememder i am from pak but live in italy

  • all those who dont like srk ,
    its simple 4 u guys !!!!
    u don’t like reading gr8 stuff about him don’t visit such sites
    go ahead n visit sites of ur favorite actors
    at least don’t spoil our fun!!!!
    if u don’t like him, nobody is forcing u to like him hav ur choice and let us hav ours
    we like him , we post our comments and hav fun so the best thing is
    do what u like and instead of abusing people u don’t like , praise people u like.
    be happy n let us be happy

    i saw rab ne bana……
    it roxxxxxxxxxx
    srk is koooooool
    luv u srk
    east or west srk is the best.

  • the one who just watches the movie feels nothing
    but there is a deep meaning to b understood
    “what matters is the soul of a person not his outward appearance”
    i m sure no one but srk n his rocking movie could have expressed this in a better way

    srk is koooooool
    luv u srk
    east or west srk is the best.

  • people say amir is a perfectionist but that is not true
    i don’t say he is good
    but he still isn’t d best
    in fact srk is way better stop comparing srk with anyone else
    no one is worth it

    srk is koooooool
    luv u srk
    east or west srk is the best.

  • plz this statement is only 4 srk fans,
    pray 4 his health so we can see him rock 4 ever
    may god bless him and keep him in pink health

    srk is koooooool
    luv u srk
    east or west srk is the best.

  • Hey do not waste your time to wacht RBNBDJ, because this movie is a crap, bad and nonesense movie.

    I think if you can watch Madagaskar 2 is a best movie in comparision to RBNGDJ.

  • Kinu: Hi.. u r so innocent.. Shahrukh haters won’t leave him or leave us alone..coz they have a bad intention behind all the negative comments they write… they want to promote for their Akshay over Shahrukh.. they wish if all his fans would turn their back to him and join them in their (gang!) against shahrukh! but let them dream and continue dreaming.. all the negative comments which they posted and would post about shahrukh would never work for them as Shahrukh’s fans are trillions in this world, overseas, everywhere.. Shahrukh is bigger than what they could imagine.

    They say he’s ugly, dark, a monkey out of their hate, jealousy.. that’s all ( and God knows how these ppl really look!!)

  • i really dnt gt d point y people who dnt like srk chek out stuff rel 2 srk on net..r dey so workless creatures.if u r nt interestd,den y d hell du open nethn vch is abt him n u r free 2 luv n admire d actor f ur choice bt it dusnt mk ne sense if u disrespect odrs or say shit..cummon,u blv it or not,srk has ruled 4 more dan a decade..n akshayz movies r workin wel 4m d past 2 yrs..stil akki acts n entertains realy wel..so people who luv him shud praise him instead f sayin shit abt sum1 els.likewise aamir makes gr8 movies bt dat has got nothng 2 do vd srk..both r difrnt.IF SRK CANNOT DO WAT AMIR DOES,DEN EVN AMIR CANNOT DO WAT $RK DOES..both r difrnt n uneek..dats it..so nxt tym b4 sayin sum shit,think twice.respect d person 4 wat he is n u r no1 2 decide wen srk shud retire.FOR DOS WHO LUV HIM TRULY,HE IS D BEST MAN EVN AS SURINDER SAHNI N HIS FANS VL KP LOVIN HIM EVN FTR 30 YRS.

  • Sanskriti: I’ve said this hundreds of times to all the haters.. even I tried to make a peace with them.. to praise Akshay despite I’m not a big fan of him.

    Do u know why they hate Shahrukh this much? I think u don’t know yet.. u might be new member in this website.. because Akshay is Punjabi and ppl who love him, worship him, r punjabi ppl too.. means he’s one of them and Shahrukh is not.. Shahrukh is also a muslim ( probably they hate muslim ppl.. I don’t know!)

    So they’re burning with jealousy as why he’s been the king of bollywood for more than 12 years and for them.. it’s time.. time that shahrukh leaves bollywood to make a place for Akshay!! a stupid mentality.. isn’t it?!

    I love shahrukh’s inner beauty.. therefore whether he’s Surnider, Raaj, Rahul, whoever.. whether he’s alive or left this world for good.. Shahrukh will (always) remain the best actor, the best thing happened 2 bollywood.. bollywood must be proud that they got someone like Shahrukh.. he’s unique, he is unforgettable.. he’ll remain in ppl’s memory forever.

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