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Shahrukh Khan and Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is one of the biggest releases of the year. We at Indicine present some exclusive movie pictures from the much awaited movie.

Shahrukh Khan had a great 2007 with blockbusters in the form of Chak De India and Om Shanti Om; Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is SRK’s first release of 2008.

Aditya Chopra is back to direction after 8 long years. His last directorial venture was Mohabbatein which released way back in the year 2000. Without a doubt, Yashraj Film’s biggest release since Hrithik Roshan’s Dhoom 2 in 2006.

The movie also stars a newcomer opposite SRK, a Bangalore based model Anushka Sharma was chosen for the role.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi also known as RNBDJ will release on December 12th (In case there are no delays in post production)

Check out all the movie pictures of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ) and leave your comments below.



  • have any of you seen the new LEVI ad with akshay kumar in it ?? go to youtube.com and watch it.

    he looks more fit and hot than a 20 year old !! that too without steroids and a naturally fit body ! at that age, wow. he blows all the young bodybuilders away. he truly must be the king .

  • Hi Dear PINKY i go wit u.. All The Other Bloody people who hate SRK n Typing Rubbish about him, jus stop it. It Hurts me lot, bcox he s my life.. i lik to be u r frnd PINKY k.. c u..
    Live SRK,Luv SRK n Do SRK…

  • shahrukh khan is like the moon,no body can hide him,maybe the clouds hide the moon for a while but he come out again more beautiful and more shining,shahrukh khan is absolutly like that ,maybe an actor like akshey kumar can hide him for a short time .but he will pass and shahrukh khan will stay in the top of the indian cinema till the end.

  • hi ali and masii
    you ve proved that u r true fans of srk a complete duffer.
    u not only adore him but also follow him
    your idol openly abuses the critics calls them names at an award function.
    ya why not becoz he cud and would never be able to please the critics as he does not know the abc of acting
    he is a bad son of the indian film industry and his fans are idiots so they support him
    srk is a waste of space .
    and as 4 the thing u dont ve anything to say in support of ur idol then atleast stop abusing someone else

    jo log kamjor hote hain wahi doosron ko galiyan dete hain.

    i think tzp being officially nominatexd for the oscars is a slap on srk and all u srk’s fans.l
    et alone it is aamirs movie even it is his directorial debut venture
    ve u ever heard any first time directors film being nominated for oscars
    aamir film has even made it to the last five
    they ve given us a good impression on the world’s other film industries
    what about srk
    his films ve made us a laughing stock at the international film arena
    it has deepened the thought that we r snake charmers and black magic’s country.

    and this is a request to the indicine team that they ban the members who dont ve patience to ve a healthy discussion.they dont deserve to be a part of the forum.

  • amit,
    u r utter rigid . Keep in mind, srk has done many of the films which were smash-hit becoz of his mind blowing acting. Taare Zameen par was outstanding as in it aamir did somethind different i.e. he took the concept of dislexia . Srk is unique .He has talent, is a hard worker, sincere and so is he called as
    The king of bollywood.

  • hej u amit

    why dont u undrestand that shahrukh is best i know thant amir can act good but not as shahrukh khan becaus of that he is king khan
    and u r talking about tarezamin par its boring and copied from an english movie that calld my chilld wood
    and shut ur mouth about saying bad words to shahrukh
    have u ever seen devdas movie?
    that just shahrukh that can act so
    and amir can nothing . no action no comedy

  • Amit: why do u say this about Shahrukh?!! TZP would be a slap on his face!! what fo u think.. shahrukh is a jealous person?!! He’s the most beautiful actor in bollywood, he’s so obvious, transparent, got a good heart in a way that u can see how his heart beats under his skin. When I see Shahrukh, I feel all the beauty he got, the inner beauty of his soul appears on his face, in his smile, in his eyes.. shahrukh is like an (angel) and ( no one) in bollywood would be as good as Shahrukh except Hrithik Roshan who’s similar.. one muslim.. and the other one is hindu.. both r good human being, excellent actors ( Aamir is a very good actor and director now but I don’t feel that he’s a beautiful person ’cause of what he did in his personal life).
    Everyone loved TZP but the success of this movie is nothing to do with SRK!! it won’t (downgrade) him in anyway! Shahrukh is a successful actor and his 2 last movies were blockbusters, they weren’t flop that he deserves from u all what u mentioned!!

    Yes.. I do agree that shahrukh, in the past, in some scenes of his movies didn’t perform well, specially in sad scenes, but I’m sure.. 100% sure.. that he will surprise u all in his upcoming movie Rabne Banade…) yes.. and u will see Amit.. Shahrukh (will remain ) in his position and no other actors can defeat him

    The 2 best actors in bollywood are: Shahrukh Khan & Hrithik Roshan, the 2 extraordinary and each of them got his strength in a different way.. God bless them and protect them from jealous ppl and some enemies!

  • he dis is vry stupid type of plz wait 4 salman up cuming movie yuvraaj salman dis movie rockkk d word …..srk is vry shelfish type of people dese days not srk is king d king is akshay n sallu bhi

  • SRK is luking too gud nd very sweet …….
    Anushka is also luking really gud wid shahrukh
    All d best shah rukh

  • again a good movie by shahrukh khan, we all r waiting for ur stunning performance in this movie.
    And he is always looking good & cool.
    Best of luck!
    Love U SRK

  • srkji is the best……..storyline is awesome ……….in the first half srk is extremely stylish…………..he starts loving anushka………….but when he knows she is a simple girl…he starts to act like a simple living,religious boy…………..so ultimately the king of kings is back wid another blockbuster

  • Amit,,, ur surely jealous man… Im sure you are a highly unsuccessful guy in ur career of wateva u do… I know ppl hate SRK but there are crores more unlike u in this world who love him… Wateva u say will not change our perception… Ur a loser mannnnnn… And please stop thinking as if u can see the reality u ass… Im sure nobody cares wateva u do… Ur not an icon… If u think ur gr888 then i guess show urself a doctor first coz ur full of jealousy… Hehehe… Even im jealous of SRK dude… But im not a clockwork like u… And all those funny thngs which u wrote till now,,, im sure we all undrstud tht u don hav any other work man… May be thts wat ur upto — a geek a complete moron… Im sure ur already an old luking fellow and even u want to compare urself wid SRK just like evrybody does… But ur no match… U dont run the film industry… We do…

  • yeah i am sorry………a few days ago i watched sarfarosh and amir did not do any great in dat movie….he was just ok…..unlike srk who performed brilliantly in cdi,veer zara,swades,paheli,and definitely srk when plays a coomon man(chalte chalte,yes boss),he definitely looks like one….and all those people who think acting is just abt giving serious looks(amir….no comedy)u r mistaken….can amir play wat srk played in chalte2,veer zara……….watch fanaa and u will know amir ko kitni actnig aati hai…….srk aur akshay khud ke dum pe aaye hain….srk ke paas toh na hi achichi body thi aur naa hi koi itne achche looks the but still he made it…..woh apne jaisa hi ek thaa aur aaj woh kahan par hai…..acting toh ek baat hai par character bhi kuch hota hai……….main bhi maan gaya srk is the greatest of all then akshay kumar then hrithik then amir…..koi nahi amir agle janam me shayad tu king ban jaaye…….

  • heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy





    GOOD PHYSIQUE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,





    EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT TASTE…………………………………………..

  • SRK IS THE BEST………………………………………………..

    3 HOURS ENTERTAINER…………………………………

  • RAB NE BANA DI JODI is the biggest hits in Indian Flim Industries all records. I watch this movie first day first show. SRK you are the best.

  • Its really a most awaited movie from every die heart fan of ShahRukh Khan . Yes, Really He is not only King of bollywoos but laso the king of World, people all over the world likes him so why we Indian people quarrel , he should be respected , Ha ha those who sats Akshya Kumar is king they have to see the past things only giving 5-6 hit movie and feel he is king its not a Factor , he himself declared him as a king, you are arrogant one Akshya so please give up saying this, You are only fin in comadian movienot in serious movie, so please stopn that, hey India lets join hand to say ” ShahRukh Is really king of all time.

  • shahrukh has become the king of b’wood because people love him. he has many critics but everyone has it . I respect shahrukh for the kind of human he is,he has never shown any sign of superior feeling ,he has never been rude .whatever ill you people say about him he will accept with a smile. i will never say any ill of any critic of shahrukh ,because that is what i have learned from him.he is the most beatiful person in the industry.he is a good father ,husband,friend and everything. srk is a name that will live for ever because millions of people like me love him. srk is an entertainer and he always will be ,and in the future he will become a greater entertainer than amitab.I just hope he lives long in the best of health.to his critics i would say please get out of this place if you do not like srk then why the hell you write all this in a RNBDJ site.

  • srk got more no. of filmfare awards than akki,amir,salman,hrithik,sanju,even BIG B,more no. fan clubs,MOST POPULAR BOLLYWOOD ACTOR IN THE WORLD,lets talk about varitons,haveyou not seen chakh DE!,swades,or devdas.AB AUR KYA CHAYIYE?

  • Thank you Rohan for your comment.. I’m really happy to read what u have wrote about Shahrukh.. his enemies are sad & burning now, while reading these positive comments about Shahrukh!

  • king khan is the king of bollywood even big b can also be not competed by him. mr amit n mr. vinesh i think so dat u people r having thinking mentality of 50s. And. aamir is 0 in front of srk. SRK i know dat the movie will go smash hit .real DON. . . . . . . . . . . . . .SRK LUV U HAVE A LONG N SUCCESSFUL LIFE. . . . . . . .

  • hey everyone
    i wonder who is this stupid guy who has written his worthless views in my name.you must be out of ur mind to ve done so.anyway indicine team shud be more cautious next time.and for everyone else i still say aamir is the best. i think by now all of u must ve seen the promos of both the movies and must ve known which movie is going to work.

  • Hey guys,

    I appreciate you having good feelings or ill feeling about SRK. But every person is independent to project their views , i have gone through the recent posts , some one addressed that TZP was a copy from a holly wood movie …… Big Deal yaar . SRK has that credits like Don and Devdas , they are a remake of blockbusters …. huh……

    People have their perception . Mr Rohan who the hell are you to say to get out of this place. Seems you cant digest the facts about SRK.

    Chill guys why are we fighting for Uncles…………… its time they have to retire from hero role , we had enough of them.

    Has no sense , talk about Dudes and babes , that will be interesting .

    Critics has full rights to comment , if you have some justification or some argument , put it across .

    Anyways i am not supporting SRK nor Aamir .

    I agree we may have got some inspiration from them . 4 yrs down the line we cant afford to look at them .

    We have got good young talent in the industries .

    Regards ,


  • sharukh plays a vital role in every movie and this time he will also give his performance upto the mark, i believe. Best of luck sharukh………. Dont worry bcoz,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,. “Holee holee se dua lagti hai, Holee holee se dava lagti hai… You have always given more than expectation to the People and ofcourse to Karan Johar also. May God bless you.

  • i clear all ur doubt guys and girls? first of all u cannot say that shahrukh has to retire or he is old , it is all about the movie, in every movie every actor has to do new with his looks and bring new face in front of the audience, i support even amits statement that akshay is also doing very good movies in the bollywood, but but his good movies started just one and half to two years before, so we cannot say that he i s a king of bollywood, when we categorise all the movies of shahrukh khan and akshay kumar shahrukh has more and more number of hit films than akshay, amir and salman till date? he has backed 7 best actor awards which make him second highest winner of winning best actor awards after legendary dilip kumar? from past 15 years of shahrukh’s carrer he has won 7 best actor awards that means min. of 1 best actor award for every 2 years till date? he has maintained a good record of a super hit actor? apart from his bollywood carrer he is also a good and natural human being and has maintained highest respect in front of all indians when compared to other actors? inspite of being such a super star he is a normal and ordinary person. akshay has started on the roads of becoming king where shahrukh has completed the journey, he is awarded best citizen of india, padmabhushan award and even france awarded shahrukh khan? so guys girls the consistency of being a good actor is only maintained by shahrukh khan?

    thats why shahrukh khan is called as baadshah of bollywood? a person from totally non filmy background has ruled bollywood from past 15 years with his best hits?

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