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Shahrukh Khan and Aditya Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is one of the biggest releases of the year. We at Indicine present some exclusive movie pictures from the much awaited movie.

Shahrukh Khan had a great 2007 with blockbusters in the form of Chak De India and Om Shanti Om; Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is SRK’s first release of 2008.

Aditya Chopra is back to direction after 8 long years. His last directorial venture was Mohabbatein which released way back in the year 2000. Without a doubt, Yashraj Film’s biggest release since Hrithik Roshan’s Dhoom 2 in 2006.

The movie also stars a newcomer opposite SRK, a Bangalore based model Anushka Sharma was chosen for the role.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi also known as RNBDJ will release on December 12th (In case there are no delays in post production)

Check out all the movie pictures of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ) and leave your comments below.



  • SRK lookin good, need to know what is the story line and about anushka nothing much to say yet since i have not seen her acting.

  • Indicine Team: Just don’t allow people like Raj and Punjabi Sher and some others who took advantage under ( Singh is Kinng Box office collection) to spoil Shahrukh’s image, to visit this page, I’m sure they will step into it, just to do it again.

    To all Shahrukh’s fans: Why are u all quiet and never defend Shahrukh Khan or try to stop some nasty people who’re abusive and tried to ruin Shahrukh Khan’s image on other pages in this website?! Just attack them and stop them please, if they started their dirty tongue here.. in this page.. please and thanks to all of u.

  • well sorry guys but i must say that srk needs to retire from film industry now or do the role of father because most of the actresses he has starred in his latest movies he looks more as their father and less as a lover.
    though i must say this actress anoushka is surely looking as old as him
    go on srk retire now
    we ve had enough of kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiran and rahuls in our films
    bollywood is slowly trying to come out of its typical “boy meets girl and happily lived ever after” fairy tales but actors like u are pulling it back
    we need sensible actors like aamir rahul bose ajay devgan to lift up the standards of indian cinema.
    u need to know now in this age no one wants 2 see u as mohabbat man or riding a bike or showing ur six packs.act ur age.

  • Totally agree with you amit…

    Shahrukh looks so old in Rab ne bana di jodi makes me wonder what people see in his movies??? His last movie Om Shanti Om was so bad i just couldnt bear it.

    He should start doing father roles for our main actors now… he looks that old

  • Gr8 comment Amit, I really thank u for this post. U seems to watch n understand movies very well.
    We dnt need any more same kind of roles making actor like Shahrukh. He has all time same looks as he grew old but still trying to act as young. It totally doesnt match with his image. But look at Aamir, how brilliant he is to portray any kind of character n prepare physically to suit the role. Does Shahrukh make like that? These days we need young actors like Shahid, Ranbir, Shiney Ahuja, Aftab, John, Vivek, Imraan etc to grow Bollywood in a fresh way.
    I too bliv tat Shahrukh shld retire or else act like a father.

  • And Anushka sharma i thought she is a model and this movie is about a old man falling in love with a old girl.

    Shahrukh looks like he is in his 50s and anushka looks like she is in her 40s. See the 5th pic.

  • i don’t understand why people who hate srk at all are worried about what the movie rab ne bana di jodi is all about?if u guys like akki or aamir then go check out their pics not shah rukh’s..why are u guys worried if srk is looking old or anushka is looking like a 40 year old.


    well as far as RNBDJ is concerned i think it should be good bcoz there is a suspence about the plot of the story,nobody exactly knows what the story is all about.

  • hey srk looks rocking man……….
    very much interested in knowing the story line.does anyone know the story.




  • old man falling in love with a young girl sounds interesting……………….

    srk is looking dashing as always. and with a moustache is even more dashing………

    anushka is also OK……..

    but tell me someone when is billo barber releasing, i heard it will release b4 this film releases.

  • Shahrukh is wearing a moustache, therefore he looks older. But in fact, Shahrukh how much he gets older he become more attractive and have a better look on screen, now he looks more attractive than the days he was around 27 or 28 years old ( just get some of his photos when he was below 30 and compare it to his recent photos, you’ll find that he looks better now unlike Aamir, Salman, Aksahy & Sanjay as they lost their youth and their good look while aging.. this is a fact, and Bigb, while he was in Shahrukh’s age, used to do some romantic movies, Salman, Aamir, Akshay & Sanjay Dutt, they are all around 40’s, so.. do they have to stop doing romantic movies and just do some action and comedy.. or some horror maybe!! Just imagine SRK to act in RGV’s movies!! ( and.. 90% of Bollywood movies r based on love stories, even in action & comedy movies, there must be some love stories in them except in horror movies)

    Amit & Vinesh: Shahrukh is the most actor who fits in romantic roles.. so did Rishi Kapoor in the past?? just imagine that Sanjay Dutt did (Veer Zara) or Shahid, John, Arjun, Salman, others, they wouldn’t act like shahrukh!

  • srk looking dashing with his moustache.this is definitely going to create hysteria all around just like his beards in chak de india and six packs in oso.

    and FATHIYA don’t involve yourself in such kind of argumentsthere are a few people who don’t like srk.they are everywhere in internet.wherever u go or whichever site (speciallly rediff) u visit there will be some of these people writing akki is king,aamir is better and stuff like that.don’t care about it .in fact some of them are posted by the site owner themselves so that there will be more arguments and thus there posts in the site becomes a hit.
    so don’t waste ur time arguing with these people



  • it’s a story abt a 40 year old man falling in love with a young girl.that’s probably why srk is wearing spectacles and moustache to look a bit old.
    everybody here is arguing that srk is looking old but man…………….
    srk has to look old bcoz he is playing a 40 year old man in the film

    but let me tell u i don’t think he looks old. infact i think he should have taken some make up to look old.i mean he and the actress are looking as if both of them are of the same ages.i think aditya chopra should work on this.it’s not looking that the age difference is 20-25 years

  • Hey everyone
    For all those who think SRK in this moustache is looking good or rocking i must say u guys have absolutely closed ur eyes and are saying this.Cant u see he is looking like a 50 year old who has destroyed his face by smoking and drinking.either he acts as present days actors father or do films which are not out and out love stories.hey guys see aamir khan in each film he is trying to rediscover himself. in each film he has sth new to deliver he is not stepping back to even do heroine less movie. he is acting his age now.

    and one more thing when is srk gonna stop copying Mr.Bachchan.First KBC show then his ponytail his ads and now nishabd film story line he might be thinking that he is improvising Mr,Bachchan’s work but its better to realise the truth that he has miserably failed,
    When Mr.Bachchan presented KBC then the average TRP ratings was always as high as 11 in both the seasons but srk’s kbc never crossed 5 even on the days it had max.viewership even star channel had to pull out of the contract of 2 seasons of kbc since there were no viewers and paanchvi pass was a disaster

    come on guys wake up people v e had enough of these people like srk and reshammiya etc.who pretend that they ve direct connection with the audience even if they us some crap people will be willing to see or hear it
    and as for yrfs its time they realised that time of mindless love stories in the bollywood are over i wonder after a record 7-8 film being declared box office duds still they dare to make one more lovestory

    and as 4the thing that he looks good in romantc movies as i ve already said he looks more like a father and less a lover.
    thanks vinesh atleast we ve a few sensible people who can see the reality behind hese stars who refuse to giveup even if we ve had enough of them.

  • Rofl?Akshay loosing youth while aging,he looks even more hot as he gets older unlike srk who looks like old kamal hassan in Bharatiyudu hahahahahhaa

  • Thanks Sanju, I know very well that there is a purpose behind some negative comments written by some people about SRK. And how much we talk about him, they just ignore what we say and want to ruin his image in other peoples eyes!! but they never win, millions or trillions of people in this wrold love and respect shahrukh, shahrukh is eternal, will last in Bollywood for a long long time and will continue acting till his hair and beard are completely white, till he reach Bigb’s age.

    I know that Shahrukh got some problems in his neck and his back, but never heard about his knee. I’m worried now, is it really serious?

  • well said amit & vinesh & roger flown.

    shah rukh does look terrible and very ill. i prefer the old shah rukh. its about time we had a new leader in bollywood. a breath of fresh air. we need a change, something different, although thats taking nothing away from shah rukh and his glory years.
    we need someone different to be on top now, and akshay kumar may well be that man.

    although shah rukh does look old and ill, i have a feeling that RNBDJ will be the biggest hit of all times, as it is being made by the same people that bought you DDLJ. it probably wont exceed the total collections of DDLJ, but iam sure it will take the biggest opening of all times. iam looking forward to this film, as i was a part of DDLJ in my youth years. i actually auditioned for the part that karan johar played in the film, way back in 1994.

  • thanks raj 4 supporting my statement and 4 the people who r claiming that SRK is on top
    wake up guys land has already slipped from under his feet
    akshay is the undisputed king of bollywood now with numerous hits under his belt and critics appreciation 4 his variety of roles and see how young does he look in all his films
    he is the boxoffice king and aamir khan is the king of meaningful cinemas a favourite of critics
    there is no space 4srk anymore
    the sooner he understands the better it will be 4 him and everyone else.
    and as 4 the thing that he will act until his hair and beard grow white i think everyone has seen veer zaara how horrible did he lookin his old makeup.

  • If Akshay is the King of Bollywood for some people, let him be ( we wish him all the best, we love him too), but..

    We do love shahrukh.. We love u shahrukh.. Whoever knows shahrukh in bahrain, they do love him, we r sure that your movies will be always hit movies ( if some of them didn’t do well, it doesn’t matter, we loved them too) we love u even if your movies flopped and u became a number 10, or 20, we don’t care, even if u quit bollywood as dilip kumar did, we don’t care as your name will continue glowing.. And bollywood is really poor with out u shahrukh.. U r everything in bollywood. U r the most attractive actor in bollywood even if u have 100 of wrinkles in your face. U grow older, you’re better, we love u for what u r and not for how much profit u do at the box office!!

  • Fathiya, Please stop typing in all capital letters. Its tough to read. Edited your comment.

    Raj, please stop attacking Fathiya. Your comment edited too.

  • Amit ! u r a big fool and stupid guy. Believe me.

    Look the talent which srk has. Aamir needs brilliant script for the movie to get superhit, but its not in the case with srk. Om shanti om was a big hit, though its story was very bad but just see the acting of srk in it.

    Srk is truely the king of bollywood.

    So, my dear stop commenting on srk.

  • hi avneet,
    i must tell u r a diehard fan of srk to be so foolishly ignorant about things.
    Either u r not aware of the nuances of film making or u r a fool actually.
    Each and every great actors in bollywood or hollywood or for that matter any film industry sees the script and then signs on the contract
    its a sign of good actor who believe that script is the clear winner
    just imagine any actor has tried to perform his best but there is no story then will u watch the film i must say that i wont
    so dear a good actor chooses a brilliant script and then makes it work.
    and as 4 the thing about OSO i think all of us will agree that it had no script and it seemed that farah khan (one more weak link of the indian film industry) has just fitted all the things:an item song, a song featuring bollywood biggies, an action scene just to give all flavours
    i must tell u it was pretty disgusting to watch the film
    i didnt hate srk earlier to this level b4 but after OSO i loathe him.
    even though i dont agree to it he is (so called)the king of bollywood
    he shud be a bit more responsible about his selection of roles.
    and the world is not just about hits and misses.
    people do a few things becoz they feel 4 it or their heart says that it shud be done
    as aamir khan did a film for dyslexia i even srk himself 4 doing sensible films like swadesh chak de but why these mindless movies
    actors like naseeruddin shah om puri irrfan khan rahul bose dont ve many hits in their kitty but still sensible people respect them and go to theatres to watch their film.
    srk has neither ever done and will neither do good acting ever in his life
    and even about giving hits akshay kumar has gone ahead of him.
    so srk days are counted
    and as we got rid of himesh reshammiya we will get rid of him as well.

  • Hai I am Pinky From M’sia…..and as all my Frenzs & family members say; the krazzy girl of SRK – I loved him for much till I hv seen all his movies & just can’t wait for “RNBDJ”…For me he is the best actor ever produce by bollywood (after RK & AB)…

    SRK is just lovable in doing any role especially romantic guy; Raj in DDLJ or Veer in VZ..As for RNBDJ role; older guys are better than younger guy & the role just suit’s him well compare to Ammir, Salman or Arjun or any body!!!!!!!!

    As for Fathiya & all the SRK fans; dont worry what others says as SRK was the best, is the best & will be the best for ever n ever…& also as my frenz says about me….


    To SRK Sir; Good Luck in all ur coming years & May WAHEGURU Bless u & ur family alwayz…….

    Pink – amkesk1997@yahoo.com (all the krazzy srk fan – want’s to be my frenz)

  • I am not very sure of this movie bcoz this movie started by Adi is only due to the crisis suffered by Yash banner…the current situation made Adi to start directing this movie even he changed few things for TPTM to giv more screen space for Amisha….
    I feel story wud b similar to AB and Jiah khan movie…Adi wud b trying to recreate the romantic magic of SRK
    But i do believe that it will be a hit for sure due to SRK and hype factor but not a blockbuster bcoz after 2 weeks entire nation will b waiting 4 Ghajini which has a rock solid script (Seen the Tamil version of it)though a bit violent

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