Ra One Week 1 Collections (Hindi)

The Ra One ‘audience’ verdict is quite clear by now. The film has been rejected by majority of the audience. After a strong extended weekend, the SRK-Kareena starrer crashed on Monday, fell further on Tuesday and Wednesday and had poor collections on Thursday too.

First day of the second week is expected to be around 3 – 4 crores at best. 

The Hindi version collections are as follows

5 day extended weekend

  • Day 1 (Wednesday) – 15 crores
  • Day 2 (Thursday) – 23 crores
  • Day 3 (Friday) – 15 crores
  • Day 4 (Saturday) – 14.5 crores
  • Day 5 (Sunday) – 14 crores

Weekend Total – 81.5 crores


  • Day 6 (Monday) – 6 crores
  • Day 7 (Tuesday) – 5.75 crores
  • Day 8 (Wednesday) – 5 crores
  • Day 9 (Thursday) – 3.75 crores

Weekdays Total – 20.5 crores

Week 1 Total – 102 crores

After a fantastic weekend, these are some seriously disappointing numbers. A film that was expected to go past 3 Idiots, is now unlikely to go past the lifetime collections of both Bodyguard and Dabangg in India. It should just about manage nudge ahead of Salman’s Ready and Aamir’s Ghajini.



  • @true viewer ah man! Check the report named “RA.ONE SCORES BIG IN WEEK ONE” on boxofficeindia.. In that article they have mentioned it as HIT.. And i know it is average movie bt still better than a ready or bg ..

  • Salman is no. 2… In what.. He has most flops after akki in top bollywood actors.. So he never will be like srk

  • when srks fan has no other reasons to compare , they start barking with same things all the time…compare with collection…flop flop flop, ra1 is flop…yahoooooooooooo

  • @abhi: is the collection of ra.1 enough for u????if u are satisfied then i ve nth to say…i dint know that u were dreaming for no.2 spot of highest grosser of 2011..isse jyada sochne ke liye toh tum khud ko varosa nahin hota….and ra1 cost is 150+…without recovering cost from india, many domestic distributors have to see loss..so its a failure dude…2 yrs making..1 yr promotion…triple budget of bodyguard….and still behind it..im from nepal and we adore salman….2/3 of nepalese love him…and if its bcoz of his charm, we love him..otherwise we have many hollywood movies for quality cinema..but aamir is also loved here bcoz of his masterpiece like rang de basanti, lagaan and 3 idiots…ra 1 is neither entertainer like salman’s film nor it is master piece like aamir’s or any hollywood movies…in simple word its just a crap..it is running in the empty theatres all over nepal after the weekend…

  • srk has a image of romantic actor .so the people could not accept him in a super hero image.that’s why ra.one could not satisfied the viwers.but a grand salute to srk that he tried somthing different to entertain us ,at least he tried somthing new .what happen if he fail this time,he will always be a great actor.if i talk about salman ,i will say only one thing that he is a model ,he has a fit body but this thing does not make him actor .srk is many many tims batter actor then salman .in short he is king of bollywood.if any one can chellenge him that is only amir not salman

  • @ all srk fans. finally u all must be very happie.. 150 crore film collecting 120 crore n surprisngly also being declared a hit.. finally u mus tbe feelin releif.. after all that talks u did before therelease of ra1. nw ra1 cant even break the record of ready. haha. poor u srk fans…without high ticket rates. it cant have done even 100 crore business n u all knowt it also…. srk brand has taken a big hit by ra1…now ra1 is the joke of all people.. everyone is makin fun of it. haha…

  • congrats to all sallu fans, according to boi ra one had good initial weekend and so the liftime distributor share is 65 crores approx, hit….

  • @aaa111 inspite of majority of critics and audience continuous efforts to pull down ra one as said by srk that some of them gave their life to get ra one flop but ra one today has been declared hit by boi which is kick on midsection of critics. Well done srk the one man army.

  • tell me o khuda is a box office disaster as per latest reports by boi, ha ha ha… inspite of sallu ullu guest appearance tell me o khuda is a disaster, congrats to all sallu fans and now again sallu ullu will go to south to lick their a**. M*******od south ki movies pe palnewala bhikari k****.

  • salman to srk … Bodygaurd reporting sir.
    srk to salmaan .. sir bahut sharif sa lagta hai, call me don.
    ha ha ha sallu ullu ki yehi aukat hai.

  • it’s because of madhavan and sharmaan joshi 3 idiots today is the highest grosser worldwide, without there support mujhe k**** bhi nahi poochta. Thanks madhavan and sharmaan u are better actors than me.

  • These DOgs Even Came when MNIK released..MNIK was brought for 100Cr..and it made good 72Cr ..they said its flop..coz it didnt recover its business in India..well MNIK was worldwide 200Cr approx..and they still like to call it flop..

    Same with Ra.One though it would end at 125+ and was made on 150Cr budget they are saying it is flop…wheras worldwide of Ra.One would also bee 200+Cr..

    Tell me Retards..when Batman Begins type films is made of 250Mill$ budget and earns 200Mill in USA do u term it as flop..even though worldwide collection from all countries is 500MillDoll..

    NO..Worldwide collections are considered..

    these salman fans dont incl worldwide collections and bark for domestic collections only..coz they know..bahaar Salman utna hi famous hai jitni famous uski Marigold film hui thi..

    We are fan of an international Star called SRK..so we take in worldwide collections..understood DUMBOs..

  • Sallu kabhi bhi srk jitni international popularity nahin paa sakta, even hrithik is more popular than salman in oveseas..

  • Grow up morons kab tak salman ki ghisi piti maar dhaad ki movies dekhoge.. Galti tumhari nahin hai tum log ra.one jaisi international standard ki film deserve hi nahin karte ho..

  • @ashkaran salman is no.1 worldwide if u want to see go to BOI. and u r implying he is not international. i know srk is very famous in overseas more than any actor in bollywood but still he is not able to achieve THE NO.1 RANKING WORLDWIDE WHICH SALMAN HAVE….SO CONGRATS INTERNATIONAL FANS OF INTERNATIONAL STAR UR INTERNATIONAL STAR’S RA ONE IS JUST ‘HIT’ NOT BLOCBUSTER LIKE BODYGUARD, SRK IS AT NO. 3 WORLDWIDE AND SALMAN IS AT NO.1 SO CONGRATS INTERNATIONAL FANS OF INTERNATIONAL STAR………

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