Ra One Week 1 Collections (Hindi)

The Ra One ‘audience’ verdict is quite clear by now. The film has been rejected by majority of the audience. After a strong extended weekend, the SRK-Kareena starrer crashed on Monday, fell further on Tuesday and Wednesday and had poor collections on Thursday too.

First day of the second week is expected to be around 3 – 4 crores at best. 

The Hindi version collections are as follows

5 day extended weekend

  • Day 1 (Wednesday) – 15 crores
  • Day 2 (Thursday) – 23 crores
  • Day 3 (Friday) – 15 crores
  • Day 4 (Saturday) – 14.5 crores
  • Day 5 (Sunday) – 14 crores

Weekend Total – 81.5 crores


  • Day 6 (Monday) – 6 crores
  • Day 7 (Tuesday) – 5.75 crores
  • Day 8 (Wednesday) – 5 crores
  • Day 9 (Thursday) – 3.75 crores

Weekdays Total – 20.5 crores

Week 1 Total – 102 crores

After a fantastic weekend, these are some seriously disappointing numbers. A film that was expected to go past 3 Idiots, is now unlikely to go past the lifetime collections of both Bodyguard and Dabangg in India. It should just about manage nudge ahead of Salman’s Ready and Aamir’s Ghajini.



  • ra one is a supr movie..ra one actual earning is 220 cr. in 7 days..why are critic n star n media jealous.. sab ek hi baat keh rahe hain ki pints jyada banaye hain…arey yeh srk ki pehchan hain jo itne print distributer ne purchage kiye…
    yeh toh bollywood ke liye proude ki baat hain..out of country main bollywood ka bolbala kiya…isme jelous ki kya baat hain..india ke liye pride n proude ki bat hain.

  • @jageera 420. for box office only net box office in considered… it we begin to count sateligh rights music rights. then himeshs damadamm is also a hit. it has alreay colected its money through music rights.. is damadam a hit for u??? only box office counts….now u all srk fans r counting satelite rights music rights telegu tamil and all that… before release of ra1 u were nt mentioning that at all. u were damn sure that it will cross 3i record. bt as soon as the film crashed. u guys r talkin abt all other stuffs than the box office collectionto make ra1 atleast a hit… shame on u all those srk fans.. jus be a man n accept it that ra1 is a flop . don2 is stil comin so hope that film brings back sone smile on ur face…..

  • @ all srk fans…. jus truly tell me…… 150 crore budget film, high tickets rates. 3d ticke rates. 16 open days. n jus max 120 crores final collection from india…. is ra1 truly a hit for u ????????????????

    serioslu guys… if this is a hit for u, then dont make any prediction for don2.. bcoz everbody khows ur prediction before the release of ra1… u guys will make fool of urself…

  • Ek tha tiager will break bodyguard collections and dabangg2 will break ek tha tiager record becoz of its brand value.both the flims will be all time blockbuster. Salman will take indian cinemas in new way.he will do only that movie which comman like.salman is the best actor in masses audiance they will loved salman styles.and srk will not so much liked by masses audiance.

  • srk s mnik and ra1 totally different and he didnt copy anyone.but salman is a cheater no.1 .salmans fans knew ki agar salman ase hitech flim kia it would be a super flough.salmann ready,dabaang bodygaurd are same his acting was same.but srk is diffrent.he can lead any role he want.srks mnik ra1 upcmng don2 different frm each other.but salmans same.chi sallu try to do smthng new.

  • oh my god @a-one you need to get a life,do something in ur life……wazzup with the whole big picture and manipulative amir act and all…u r idiot they are actors…i am a biggest salman fan but i don’t sharukh or amir and i know they both are good actors than salman but the point is i love salman and his work that is why he is the biggest superstar because people love him enjoys him , same goes for amir and srk fan. they all wants their fims to be successfull no one like failure. from the last two all three have seen success at high level and senn their down ofcourse i agree srk have seen less but the fact is even though salman have seen failure a lil much but he have seen success at biggest level than srk and amir….still all three khans are equally famous but ofcourse in INDIA and WORLDWIDE salman is way ahead of amir and srk and in OVERSEAS srk is ahead of amir and salman….they are here to entertain and not to do play some big picture shi** because if they thoughtlike that they wudnt hve been successful as they are today U R IDIOT….do something in ur life

  • @mughal: m not surprised by wat u said.. u r salman khan fan.. u r supposed to b dumb..
    nd speaking of life, I thnk u shud get one… u don’t kno shit..

  • @a-one,shut up dude and seriously get a life…Did i tell u abt amir..i knw dat is obnoxious too..he also brags sumtimes bt nt as srk does…nd secondly,u are d one dat is brainless,av u seen salman’s actin in kyon ki,phir milenge and most of his flops,his acting was superb and he has brains than his counterparts…jst wait 4 2012 nd c where his being human foundation wil reach…then wen all the three khans were still friends,he proposed dat they should form an organisation called The khan foundation but srk refused nd said it was bad idea..so nw they av fought then he decides to bring out his own Being human foundation which is helping most people..IS dat not sense then how could u refer to him as brainless..u think he doesn’t knw wat he’s doing being friend wit amir…HE knows what he’s doing..HE has more brains than you could think of…nd nothing warrants u callin sumone brainless

  • @a-one,silent is the best answer 4 a f**l….how could u call salman fans dumb…u should watch ur mouth…there are elderly ppl who also admires him..so they are also dumb rgt?…Try to watch wat u say..if u want to abuse a fan,u can target that fan but generalising it that all salman fans are dumb is very stupid of u…speak like u are well trained nt like untrained person..thanks and reason with wat i jst said

  • @a-one …it is pretty clear who is dumb and brainless see people like me see movies as movies, love salman khan and dont give a damn about stupidest things u mentioned earlier because we got better things in our lives and watch movies for entertainment and apparently it seems like you have only this crazy fictitious conspiracy in your life that is not even about you which of course makes you a big losers…….so get a life losers

  • @WIZ.poka …don’t bother dude he is just another loser with no life GOD bless him at least with a good life….lolz……

  • why u all r fighting and abuesing 2 each other they all r king 2 their work they entertaining 2 us thts all so be polite

  • I am one of the fan of SRK, he is the man, actor, business man of century ofbollywood. His latest movie Ra. One is one of his creative mind art work, bt the thing is this movie is just an entertainer for kids, although it breaks records and thats a good thing about that and am just happy for that. But this movie is not the standrd of SRK, bt he tried his best to give new idea and new way to the bollywood cinema and his this idea will give new shape and stars to bollywood. Congrats for ur true strugle for bollywood sci-fi. Best of luck for ur upcoming Don-2 and Congrats on the sucses of Ra. One King Sharukh Khan.

  • o common everybody u should accept sallu is good actor, good human being but the most important thing that all should know that he is only next to srk.

  • @wiz.poka an @mughal: Hey I didn’t make it personal.. I was jst saying wat I felt. It’s the @mughal started using bad words. My point was films should b bigger than star..But tum log salman ke bahut bade diwane ho.. u may kill someone for using bad words against him….

  • @ vinod koi baat nahi damadamm aur bodygaurd mein koi farak nahi hai dono cheap movie hai, salman ka bhai himesh jaise gu ka bhai paad.

  • @a-one calm down you’ll get an heart attack n for the record i didnt use any bad words against anyone.. that is not my thing….

  • So now even boxofficeindia has declared ra.one as a hit (check their new report) and i think everyone should believe on that..

  • the verdict is out .ra one is a hit.huge achivement for srk because it was the most riskiest film ever made in india.chances of failure was high.no other actor in bollywood could pull off this movie successfully.

  • When srk won awards some said he bought them, when he used to b boxoffice king some said boxoffice is not everythng, when critics appreciated his films some said he bought critics.. When same critics panned down this Ra.one now critics r right… when trade analysts who gave the bodyguard collections they are right, but when same analysts gave ra one collections they are exaggerating..
    When SRK films break records overseas then records in India matters only..when salman’s movie crosses 100cr its a great news, when srk joins club he promoted film way too much thats why..

    Salman has given more flops than hits but everyone will talk about these three films.. Srk gave this one flop after so many hits.. half the film industry and india is against him… one man against so many people. do the math.. wat is fair and wats not..

  • @aashkaran………..m really impresd n agree to ur thoughts…….how can one compare ra.one wid bg or 3 idiots……srk is d king….he is a man of theatres…..u give me one bad prformance of srk……..?srk has given a grt benchmrk for bollywood…..n one more thing u cant js mk d film lyk ra.one in budget below dan 150 crores……..n dnt forget d days wen salman was having bad days n having all tym flops like……londin dreams,veer,mrs.khanna,……etc.etc.etc.etc……..

  • @ a-one: haha….u r even worse than ra.1 yaar….if i was in ur place, i would not have commented here…dont u feel shy??? read the article where there is written ra.1 couldnt even cross ready’s collection(budget 40 cr)….shame on u…

  • Bhai jra overseas record b to chek kro……..its 220 crores overall in 7 dayz……dabangg 227 cr.overall n bg 237 crores n 3 idiots 358 crores…..yes ra.one will not brk 3 idiots record….but clearly it will brk bg n dabangg for sure…..yes its hindi release will not brk bg record….but still its a huge success for srk…..n dnt forget pre.production …..it has already grab.sm 190crores…..how can u forget dat?

  • @abhi: Ra.One (Hindi) collected around 2.25 crore nett on its second Friday The three day weekend should be around 8.50 crore nett and with Monday being a holiday the four day extended weekend could be in the region of 11-12 crore nett. (boxofficeindia report)….@abhi, u were talking about this post????? get a life dude…ra 1 is a flopbuster…

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