Ra One Verdict: Declared a HIT in India

After crossing the 100 crore mark in less than 10 days, Ra One has been declared a HIT in India.

While the collections continue to fall, the film has done enough in it’s extended first weekend to recover it’s mammoth investment.

From here on, the SRK starrer is unlikely to go past the collections of Ready, Dabangg or Bodyguard.

Ra One’s life time collections should be similar to Aamir Khan’s Ghajini (116 crores).

Ra One Box Office Verdict: HIT



  • Suniel, looking back our predictions were quite accurate. With negative word-of-mouth, we said it would end at around 115 crores. If a movie is not liked, weekday crashes are inevitable. If it was good, Ra One would have easily done 175 crores or more!


  • Chalo jaise taise 100 cr cross kar gayi…!

    Top 5 grosser:
    1.3 Idiots

  • Now where are those disgusting srk haters who were calling ra.one flop,disaster etc.,even after these blind haters were shouting against ra.one continuouly it has managed to get a hit status,this shows the power of srk. I am expecting these unsuccessful srk haters to bark even now…..they are so shameless.

  • lol nw salman fans roaring here.. not becoz Ra.one is a HIT nw but becoz it unable to beat even a BLOCKBUSTER called Ready..:p

  • @Deepak kumar

    mate it just declared hit.

    You bleming others what about Srk fans who saying it will break 3 Idiots record.
    Now see what happened it failed to cross Ready also.

    Now look what is the Srk’s power infront of Aamir & Salman.

  • @mahesh see the worldwide collections of all the movies of srk,salman and aamir, and you will understand the power of srk, also ra.one was not a movie made for the masses as many of them are unaware of computers, video games even after that it has collected around 125 crores nett in india so you can see the power of srk.

  • and who care what were u talking about??


    so i never ever hate SRK fans neither i blame any other fans.. hope u got this time deepak!!

  • Ra.1 is such a pathetic film.I watched it with some expectations,I was thinking it will be not be a quality product but it will have some stuff to watch but it was so bad movie that it is a real garbage.

  • @man…..who told you to go watch the movie…why dont you also pick acting as a profession and lets see how many atbb you can deliver……..ra.one is a great movie and am certain if ra.one was to be an hollywood movie,you haters are gon’ enjoy da movie….
    ..till now i fink shahrukh khan has got the power to move bollywood to the next level..
    …he’s also featured wif leonardo dicaprio for 2012 film xtreme city,just watch out for the movie….

  • How come it is declared a hit? If its weekday collections started declining after opening itself and if its budget is close to 135 or 150 crores then how come it has collected enough to justify its cost and be termed a hit? Komal Nahta says it could be average to commission earner. Others say it is not a hit yet. Onl

    Even Mangal Pandey had broken all records in terms of opening in 2005 (unlike Ra One which was second to Bodyguard) and had record breaking first weekend and biggest ever first week for any Bollywood film in 2005. It did very well overseas also, especially in its first week. How come despite being third biggest grosser of the year, that film was declared average whereas Ra One has been declared a clean hit even despite not having biggest first week. The negativity for Mangal Pandey was there but not as much as for Ra One. It did very well in South also when it released despite not being dubbed!

    So how come MP was not a clean hit, while Ra One has been let off with a clean hit tag so soon?

    This is not to start some Aamir vs. SRK comparison. Just genuinely wanted to ask!

  • JUST SALMAN IS KING. No one can beat Bodygaurd and 3 idiots record. That is Bad news for srk fans don’t crying shahrukh fans come to salman fans.EK THA TIGER WILL BE BREAK EASY BODYGAURD AND 3 IDIOTS RECORD. AND DABANGG 2 WILL BE BREAK DOUBLE 3 IDIOTS AND BODYGAURD RECORD WITH 350 TO 400CRORE INDIA

  • @indicine : when u predicted b4, ra.1 should get min of 130 crs from india, to b an average…and on what basis u r declaring hit????? if it is the decision of boxofficeindia then why you predicted wrong??? can a film without recovering cost from indian theaters called a hit?????

  • its gud that ra.one has got profit as it was very risky and also got a hit status.first film to be called hit after crossing 100 crore mark other movie in this club are bb or atbb

  • sab ra one k india collection ko bodyguard dabang aur ready se match kar rahe hai k kaun jyada business.bewakufo overseas collection se compare karo to pata chale k ra one kya chij hai.srk is a global khan not like salman only in india.india ne to 55 percnt illitrate rehte to sci fi film kya khak samjhenge.overseas me to isne koi fall nahi hua still going strong

  • @zolan are you thinking i am a fool? Anyone who will read your comment will understand that it was a answer for my question, and i tell you i don’t hate anyone’s fans either but i hate those who talk nonsense, hope you got it dear.

  • Yea Hit to SRK ko khairath me mila… logo ki darwaje pe jake promote kiya ….. bechare ko tooo eay eyshan logo ney isliyea kiya…. Ra. Gone —– the Supper Zero….haha lol….

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