Ra One Making on Discovery Channel

Shahrukh Khan’s Ra One is one of the costliest films ever made in Bollywood. The film reportedly cost the makers more than Rs 125 crores to produce.

Unlike most other films, the Making of Ra One wasn’t released before or after the film’s release. Now, Discovery Channel will be telecasting the entire making of the film on 30th March 2012 at 8PM Indian Standard Time.

The making will include exclusive on-the-set footage, as well as never-before-seen details on the how the special effects of the film were done. The Red Chillies VFX department won a National Award for Ra One.

Ra One -  The Making

Ra One - The Making



  • Again a unique way..there is no doubt that Ra.One was produced with most hard efforts..Would love to see the making..

  • ra.one is unique movie…..when i watched in theatre in my city, after movie….people loved it…some say,it’s amazing….nice……but some media people & all other that r jealous..so they spread negativity….but in my point of view,,,its nice movie….waiting for Yash chopra’s next…@indicine..how will be the collection of this diwali release ??? please tell me…

  • this is the answer for those people who have been saying ra one is a flop!!! srk rocks he has shown all the critics he can beat anyone ha ha ha ha ha ha so the king rulez

  • Ra.one is superv movie, no doubt. Bollywood thanks to king khan 4 making the amazing science fiction movie, which have ability 2 compete with hollywood movies

  • I loved dis movie. and I want to f*c* dis bloody media, who r spreading negativity against king. Go to hell u all

  • no doubt ra.one is a nice movie but those who given negative response and disliked the movie then i suggest to watch the making, it will clear you the great efforts behind the scenes. thanks to all those who gave us such a beautiful movie.

  • RaOne’s VFX was made in India by Desi Animators & VFX technicians synchronised with animators across the world…This is what makes Discovery to broadcast its making…Robot’s animation & VFX were made in the “Outside India”…..that’s why RaOne is on Discovery and not Robot…Even animated Epic movie “Ramayan” was made by Japanese artists…Plus SRK introduces 3D release, play station Gaming…Ask any Animators in India who is pursuing animation, he or she proudly watches RaOne and appreciate it..For me RaOne was all about VFX… SRK wants to prove VFX…SRK wins…
    Keitan Yadav, VFX Producer
    Haresh Hingorani, VFX supervisor
    one of Animators – Charu Khandal (she is in hospital as she met with an accident) SRK is helping her family financially and morally…

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