Ra One crashes on Monday

For a mega-budget film like Ra One, the day after the weekends was always going to be important. Weekdays are dreaded, mainly because the ‘actual verdict’ is clearly evident only after all the hype subsides.

Ra One started slow on Monday and never really picked up, with collections around 6 crores – the film has crashed by more than 60% compared to it’s first Friday. The trending is similar to My Name Is Khan, which also had a spectacular weekend but had a free-fall from Monday on-wards. 

While the weekend for Ra One was record-breaking, the film now needs to remain steady during the remaining weekdays and then pick up in week two. Otherwise, even 150 crores (which looked pretty easy initially) is likely to be difficult to cross.

Can Ra One cross 150 crores at the Indian box-office? Tell us in the comments section below



  • Well ! the collections r important but film is simply awesome ! Brilliantly shot, it is simply the best superhero movie, much better than spidermans, batmans & supermans. The film is intelligent, tells a good story & apeals to mordern computer game savvy geeks. It will not apeal to slum dwellers, rickshawallahs & ur next door grocery shop owners as much due to its tech richness. And it is they who see a film repeatedly making it superhits. It is a class movie so shouldnot be copared to mindless movies. My friends who were very critical & were just not going to see it were coaxed by me to see it & they r just thanking me again & again. Pls take ur kids to see it. They will love it & thnak u & love U for it

  • This is what happened in real. Ra1 went on an extreme over budget. Now srk as a producer can never say that it went over budget so he lied to each and everyone that this whole 125 crs were spent on VFX. Krish had almost same kind of VFX and had a cost 1/3 of this movie. The chase scene in both movies. (Krish chases helicopter) have almost same kind of VFX. There are already 4 or 5 super hero movies made in India..so there was nothing which was new here. Yeah if he would have made a movie like jurassic park, or Godzilla, a space venture or an apocalypse movie than it would have been first in India. Ra1 could not beat 5 days of bodyguard (bodyguard is a bad movie..no doubt about it) and it received same kind of negative wave even from trade analysts but went on to do 150 cr business. People love Salman thats y they went to watch bodyguard. People also love srk and went to watch Ra1 but as BoxofficeIndia said that true winner here is Salman. From Box Office India (Q. Will the huge opening of Ra.One mean Shahrukh Khanis top again and ahead of Salman Khan?
    A. Unlikely, he will have to get same opening with Don then maybe. Basically the Khans can all get the openings with the big commercial ventures but the biggest star will be the one who has the most volume of films and that is likely to be Salman Khan.)

    Now Ra1 one needs to get a distribution share of 78 crs in INDIAN ONLY to break even and be called average. So to get a distribution share of 78 crs Ra1 has to do atleast 150 cr business. I think its not going to get a hit status. Now srk should dream again to take over salman in december (don 2).

    Overseas its doing very good business but still below bodyguard in UAE AND COULD NOT BREAK OPENING DAY record of bodyguard in UK. Also overall in UK business is less than MNIK.

    Life time india is looking around 130-135 crs and overseas will be less than srk’s own mnik.

    aashkaran dude still waiting for 18 or less bet we had for u to call salman daddy. Now there shouldn’t be any excuses from srk fans..guys ra1 still did a good business over first weekend but never try to compare it with salman’s power. Salman Rocks.

  • @ aashkaran.. Ra1 could not break five days, 7 days and will not be able to break 9 days. Still time to jump the ship. by the way when r u going to say that salman is ur daddy. Also stop rumors about 1000 prints for china..after the reviews its not going to happen..if they want to still not going to happen. Dude do u not even think for a second that including out of the world promotion, 1000 extra pints, having half the industry doing special appearances, no competition ever thing 200% Ra1’s way before release and still couldn’t beat opening week of a bad movie like bodyguard….Dude u gotta except now that Srk has his own place but no one can touch Salman in India. Ra1 couldn’t even beat BG in UAE and also could not beat 1st day of bodyguard in UK (Srk’s teritory). Come be honest with urself if not with anyone else.

  • @AASHKARAN u know this is the biggest weakness of SRK . he needs publicity to make his film hit….. he needs big directors to make his film hit ….. he needs positive reviews frm critics for a hit….. he’s not like salman …. people don’t need to read reviews of his films…. they just need to see salman…. & salman doesn’t need big directors as well…. he himself is enough to call a film blockbuster….. & i remember how u used to boast of ra.one before a week of its release that it will cross 110 crores in weekend itself…. & now look how srk has fallen flat on his face!!

  • Har koi $rk bhai ka burai kar raha he dum he to salman ka to asli story me itna paisa kamake dekhao to aukat pata chalega
    salman ka
    south film ka dobbing kar ke kya khush ho rahe ho SRK KING NO1
    &king of romance
    aj vi 16saal se mumbai me ddlj chal raha he hai koi iss record ko todne wala
    hai kya

  • @ aarakshan… releasin 1000 prints in china.. jus dream on. wid such bad reviews, its surely nt goin to happen. also check out the weekdays collection of ra1 in overseas. it is also crashin like in india.. i accept that in overseas srk is the biggest star, no one can match him bt still srks such a huge film didnt even broke mnik record. jus a shame. and aloso ra1 didnt beat bodyguard record in uae. in uk also the film dint live up to its expectation.. now aarakshan it jus proves ra1 is nt a blockbuster that u were hoping for in overseas also… in india i hope for srk n his fans sake. it reaches atlesat a hit status..bt the weekdays collections r showing that it will be a huge diasater for all the distributors…ra1 is goin tmk way. sorry fot that bt its the truth aarakshan….

  • whate stupid question how it is possible? RA.ONE bodyguard records break kar nahi paayi then how it will reach that much. simply logic it is impossible i think may be 115 to 120 crore can reach.

  • Bhaiyo ra.one ka budget khud srk ne 120 cr declare kiya hai aur jisme se 50 cr promotion me lag gaye yani 170 cr lekin movie ne 100cr satellite rights ,music, endorsment se kama liye the ab bache 70 cr toh movie ne weekend me 170 cr kamaye. Aur agar profit ki baat kre toh movie ne 100 cr ka profit earn kiya aur jo film 100 cr ka profit earn kare wo blockbuster hoti hai

  • why u people r so jealous of srk?
    please first confirm the collections of ra1 worldwide.
    yes ofcourse bodygaurd has grossed more than ra 1 in india but what about overseas report?
    it was a new experimental film for india while ready and bodygaurd were two bad films from salman khan. it is not only the battle of buisness of films but also the performances. please dont compare salman rubbish movies with ra 1 and 3 idiots. standard is standard. ra 1 and 3 idiots will remain one of the finest films in indian cinema for ever.and one thing more. . . . salman can never ever beat srk and aamir khan in acting depatment bcz salman khan is an average actor.

  • @sayedul abrar.. jus check the overseas collection of ra1.. its 6 million.. an for bodyguard the weekend collection was 5.5 million bt the main point here is ra1 is released with more than double the prints of bodyguard.. the WOM in uk n us is also very bad coz the weekdays collection is crashin like it crashed in india. with such a negative WOM. its plan of releason on other countries may also crash.:).. bt for all the srk fans., even though the collection r droppin both in india n overseas, ra1 is becomin the biggest hit overseas of 2011 bt a big disaster in india..

  • @aashkaran..it’s not dat i don’t like ra.one or so but d way u srk fans were boasting then even indicine team help u ppl to predict numbers that can neva happen..learn to be humble…c salman khan..very humble dat’s why ppl connect wit him easily but srk is very proud and arrogant always boasting abt his position calling himself king up and down..sumone should at least tell him to be humble simple…but sincerely ra.one was also like bodyguard..same masala film where u av hero villian fight..jst dat ra.one is made in superhero version wit special effects and vfx but if u notice carefully it is a typical south type films…if srk was a litle bit humble b4 dis film came out..the collections would av being good but he is nt..and ppl are seeing dat..and aashkaran,who tells u aamir uses same expression..check out all srk films..it is always the same expression right from he’s starting days to dis moment..he does the same tin always..but 4 me all actors hav their particular expression except some actors like health ledger in dark knight…but both salman,srk and aamir are all good actors and are gr8 in wat they do..so stop accusin one for bad actin and d other 4 good actin..all are good but srk is too proud..simple

  • jus read it somewehre……..

    Salman And Aamir Were Watching
    Ra.One in Hyd..:P

    Aamir:Arey patthey… isse Achii to teri BodyGuard
    … …
    Salman:huh…Malum yaaro… Par baigan teri Delhi Belly Se Ye Aage
    Nikal gayi na re..

    Aamir: ari iski…wo Kaisa bhai?

    Sallu:abey… Cinema hall Me itnay galiyan to Delhi
    Belly Me Bhi nahi Sunai Dere the na re

  • Story of Ra ONE Story starts with daddie mummy kiddie,
    daddie likes kiddie, but kiddie doesnt like daddie
    daddie creates baddie to woo kiddie,
    kiddie kicks baddie’s A**,but baddie kicks daddie’s A**
    daddie dies,kiddie cries baddie wants to kill kiddie,
    Kiddie brings Hero Daddie to life Daddie kicks baddie, Baddie died,
    Kiddie laughs Daddie dies,kiddie cries……..
    Now Entire theatre cries…what a waste of money…..

  • Hey..1000print deal is still in negotiation..Ra.One will release in about 10 more countries till FEB..dont dare to eye SRK’s popularity..
    Ra.One crossed BG’s lifetime in overseas in flat 6days..

    Salman will always remain India’s superstar..no one cares overseas..

    I dont need to prove further..and who said SRK needs publicity..is he a new comer..That Chap was born to snatch limelight..no matter where and when..

    Make SRK and SAlman stand in seprate corners..and see where fans will flock..and who will entertain more to fans..

    I am sure..salman will have his darling SHera who’ll beat up fans..whereas SRK will dance..and sing along with fans..

    Thats difference..

    Collections are not everything that matters..its the heart to be a superstar..

    SRK ROCKS..All Square..I’ve seen him..very close at a conference..and Guy was entertaining everyone..whereas Salman likes to sit on a chair..and take potshots at SRK..

  • Ra.One managed to get 96 crores in india in all versions after 7 days according to BOI.net and it is going nearly empty halls. It can hardly collect near 125 crores domstically and can be flop in indian box office because of its high budget of 150 crores and 52 crores of promotion.

  • @fake aashkaran…common grow up…i tink u must be living in a dream land..Anyday anytime,put salman and srk 2geda nd see where fans will flock to..it wil like magic in ur face wen evrybody goes to salman’s side…it’s about able to connect…salman khan connects easily with fans…@srk..foolish..fan,i’m talkin to u wit d name salman remake khan..i dnt undastand hindi,write in english..thanks….@aashkaran,ra.one wkend overseas is 6mil whil BG wkend overseas is 5.5mil…ra.one wit double d prints of bodyguard jst broke Bg’s overseas record wit only .5mil..crap..nd 4 ur info Bg’s lifetime overseas was 8.5mil…

  • @ aashkaran & all other srk fans…. srk says that he made this movie for kids… & he says children will learn abt father son’s relation frm it… WHAT THE F*** they will learn about pressing breasts of women…. is it right to show to children!?? think logically guys…..

  • ashkaran find all excuses u find and rub it on all ur fellow srk fans and your’s face but you can’t change facts that movies sucked and there is nothing different story concept from “terminator 2” and you say its different haa! if u r talkin about effect then ROBOT has much more effect than RA ONE…..and it makes me wonder what to srk..he is 46 six and dailogues were so childish like “LOSIFER GAME KHATM KARO WARNA MAIN TUMHEN GAME NIKAL KE MARUNGA” OH MY GOD, ARE YOU KIDDIN ME….REALLY SRK YOU MUST BE THANKING URSELF THAT YOU DID THAT MUCH OF PROMOTION………….

  • accualy some website give false information about ra.one.Budget of ra.one just 140cr.It get minimum 140cr in india and 60cr in overseas and sure shot hit.

  • arey kis ne kaha RA.one ki budget 150cr hai ??? ra.one ki budget 120cr hai, baqi 50-60cr different companies ne apni Ads k lye lagaye hain, jo Srk ki taraf se nahi hain, Srk ne Only 120cr lagaye hain and look Ra.one ne 220cr already business krdiya hai. now tell me Ra.one is Hit or Blockbuster ?????

  • The net colluction of ra.one in 7 days is 103 cr. and it is the true figer tell by komal and taran. And bodygard net colluction in 7 days is 94 cr. So don’t tell that ra.one didn’t breack bodygard record.

  • Dear Rakib agar apani film manachaha collection nahi karati to khud ke khusi ke liye dusari film ka collection kam nahi karate…!

    Bodyguard’s 7 day collection is 112 cr. Check BOI,box office report & you can ask Taran & Komal also.

    Aur Srk fans jo is galat bhehmi me hai ki Ra.One hit ho sakati then please check Times Of India ka report jisme khud Ra.One ke director ne kya kaha hai .

    ‘Despite Rs 170cr income RA One not a hit’-Times of India’

    go & check.

  • some fact guys….read it somewhere. wanted to share wid u..
    So Tuesday Collections of Ra.One are apparently in the range of 4.75-5 cr. This is less than Singham Tuesday which was 5.25 cr

    This is poor because the circumstances in which Singham collected were way different from Ra.One

    1. Singham absolutely had almost zero promotions as compared to Ra.One

    2. Singham was not during holiday period (Infact no holidays)

    3. Singham had super competition in form of ZNMD. Here Ra.One is the only movie running in theatres

    4. Singham was on way lesser prints

    5. Singham ticket prices is a fraction of Ra.One

    I am not even talking about the 175+ cr budget of Ra.One, Kareena a most saleable star as compared to Kajal, vulgarity use in Ra.One and many such other factors

    The rate at which Ra.One is falling in the next few days you may even hear of Murder 2 beating Ra.One soon

    Pathetic I must say for a movie targeted to break 3 Idiots and do 250+ cr

  • I am soo tired of comparisons between SRK and Salman! Guys we should look beyond the 3 Khans! I am just waiting for Hrithik’s Agneepath!It will smash all BO Records! wait and watch!!!!!!!!!!

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