Ra One crashes on Monday

For a mega-budget film like Ra One, the day after the weekends was always going to be important. Weekdays are dreaded, mainly because the ‘actual verdict’ is clearly evident only after all the hype subsides.

Ra One started slow on Monday and never really picked up, with collections around 6 crores – the film has crashed by more than 60% compared to it’s first Friday. The trending is similar to My Name Is Khan, which also had a spectacular weekend but had a free-fall from Monday on-wards. 

While the weekend for Ra One was record-breaking, the film now needs to remain steady during the remaining weekdays and then pick up in week two. Otherwise, even 150 crores (which looked pretty easy initially) is likely to be difficult to cross.

Can Ra One cross 150 crores at the Indian box-office? Tell us in the comments section below



  • We should not loose hope yaar…!!
    INSHALLAH ra.one will be a all time blockbuster..!!
    this is a long running movie..!!
    lets wait and see..!!

  • itni negative publicity ke baad bhi ra one ka collections 170 crores worldwide gross sirf 5 din mein, itni negative publicity agar remake sallu ki hoti to uski chaddi bhi utar jati

  • i am not against srk but i am biggest fan of salman and i just want to say dat before RA. ONE released all u srk fan were talkin really big against salman , cheap taik about salman , every srk fan and sayin dat ra one will be this and that and blah blah blah now what happened its hardly going to be a HIT.specially dat hipocrate ASHKARAN ………film flop hoto log use flop kehte hain kisi ka dimag nahi kharab ke blawja negative reviews de….jab film pasand na ae to koi zabardasti use like nahi karta…..srk is a big star but the movie sucks and dats a big SLAP to all u srk fans……………………..

  • “SRK’s dream project Ra.One.”

    Actualy Srk’s dream is not Ra.One or changing the indian cinema.
    His dream was breaking Salman’s opening day record & Aamir’s lifetime record.

    Now both dreams whitewashed.

    Srk forgets that only promotions are not make such things.By promotions you can make people fool for one time not everytime.

    And those fans who says negative publicity affects movie,guys 3 Idiots is biggest hit because it deserve it.
    But Ra.One is not upto that standard.

    Also may be people comments negative because Srk promoting the film since 5 months so expectations from Ra.One became high but movie failed to that mark.

  • mughalAN
    good 1 dude
    tht aakarshan oops means aashkaran theater ke bahar khada hoke ticket bech raha hai free mein he he ha ha
    i think srk have 2 do 1 thing he should announce ra one 4 tax free to get some fast money to make ra one 2 hit nahi toh hakle fans comma mein chale jayenge

  • Not at all funny..

    dying doing something different holds much more respect than living doing the same thing..

    Ra.One will be a hit..and I am proud..that it was different..go read hollywood reviews..they’ve critized hollywood..’coz of Ra.One..

    U be happy..salman fans..when was the last time salman did defferent thing..
    Why is that u will have to think a lot..and say Tere naam..

    Sharam karo

  • Aashkaran actualy its wrong.
    Making different movies means not making good movies.
    Even Srk’s all movies are same like love stories.
    He tried different movies now with MNIK & Ra.One.

    Where is Salman also done Veer & now Yash Raj’s Ek Tha Tiger.

    Aamir everytime do something different.

    Srk is not first who made Superhero,we have Drona,Krrish & Robot before it.

    So I think if Srk tries realy from to make a good movie not thinking with breaking records I am sure he can break record of 3 Idiots.

    So today is Srk’s birthday,wishing him very Happy Birthday.Srk we always love you.

  • aaj se mein yeh shapat leta hoon ki srk se panga kabhi nanin loonga hameshaa meri maarta hai. Mujhe yaad hai saawariya aur jaaneman aur ab ra one aur don 2.

  • LMAO Ishan..hahahha..

    and yogesh …yeah u r right..but I take DRONA and KRRISH as an attempt..it was SRK who did it..Robot was not a superhero film..Robot was a simple sci-fi..Ra.One is the only film that inched close to hollywood..even Hwood critics couldnt stop but praise..it..

    Aamir does different roles..but I find his acting same in all films..(dont get me wrong Aamir is a brilliant actor..but his Ohh Teri waali tone and expression are their in every film and he plays a bit tatically safe)
    SRK has started taking huggeee risks..
    SAlman has found a new way..we all know it..

    I basically dont hate any khan..its just the fans of Salman khan..which piss me off..

  • salam to all.

    apnay dil say poocho aik dafa srk kay fans saray q kay apna dil apnay aap say jhoot nahi keh sakta koi movie muqaablay mai nahi hai abhi tou ra one kay phir bhi itna kam or prints bhi zaida hein bodyguard say bhout ziada or aik movie nahi hai 2 week tak akayli ra one hai ager yehi bodyguard ya dosri movie hoti tou saaray record 10 din mai tod deti puray india mai chohti chal rahe hein phir bhi ye haal hai pocho dil say apnay ye sahi hai kay nahi koi movie muqaablay mai nahi phir bhi yeh haal hai or jhoot kaha srk nay kay ye film ache hai paisay kamanay kay liye kaha srif apnay hi fan say jhoot kaha had hoti hai

  • Oho! What will SRK fans do now? What new excuses will they make now? For MNIK, they claimed it was a serious movie, so it fell. Then they claimed it was about Muslims so that’s why Indians rejected it. Later they claimed it released during exam month (February) or non-festival, non-holiday period so that is why it crashed. Then they claimed it was Shiv Sena controversy which harmed the film (even though it affected the film for just 1 or 2 days, later it was allowed to release without any disruption, unlike Aamir’s Fanaa which was never allowed to release in entire state of Gujarat and still became a SUPERHIT).

    Ab kya bologe? Don’t say superhero/Sci-fi films are new or different for India. Mr. India, Krissh, Koi Mil Gaya, and very recently Robot shattered all box office records when they released. Ra 1 is certainly not India’s first sci-fi film.

    Phir kya hua? What new excuses are you going to cook now? Inspite of no Shiv Sena, no serious theme, presence of festivals and holidays, kid-friendly theme…no hurdles were there, unlike recent terror attacks in case of RNBDJ or lack of promotion.

    Come on! Bring on the excuses to cover up King size crash!

  • salman win srk loose
    salman bhai is “dabbang” n “ready” 2 compete wid srk as sallu bhai is d “BODYGUARD” of his fans N bhai is “WANTED” 4 another big hit “EK THA TIGER”…………SRK DON’T FEAR BHAI IS A TIGER N ALSO KNOWN AS “SHER KHAN”.

  • Media turnd mind abt ra.one movie,bcoz of srk’s proud behaviour abt intrview at star 1 channel…star 1 chanel denid positve pblcty nd it bcm big negative point.
    But srk deservs dat proudy behaviour.he is realy king khan.

    picture abhi baki hai mere dost.
    Hum december me don2 ban kar noor ki tarha zamane me phail jayenge.

  • Ek leading site k anusar Ra.one ka collection wednesday ko bhi drop honge its good news for salman khan fans so guys let’s party.

  • Wednesday – 14.85 crore nett

    Thursday – 22.90 crore nett

    Friday – 15.30 crore nett

    Saturday – 14.55 crore nett

    Sunday – 13.30 crore nett

    Monday – 6 crore nett approx

    TOTAL – 86.90 crore nett

  • ra1 overseas collection r out… n its one of the best bt still it is far behind mnik colecntion… so overseas also srk cant create the magic like in india.. therefore final conclusion.. ra1 in india== average, ra1 in overseas= superhit( bt behind mnik),, srk has the biggest fan overseas bt it dropping from weekdays inoverseas also… hahahahhahahah

  • ra.one will earn rs. 150 crores in next week. Because today is srk’s birthday. So ra.one will make a record breaking history today. And ra.one will earn 250 crores in india and about 400 crores worldwide.

  • @aaa111
    Ra.One is yet to release fully overseas..it will release in 8-9 countires by Feb 2012..and incase patnership is successful then..1000print release will be their in CHina..and China is a huggggge market..3I ruled their..and film like Ra.One should be more than accepted..so dont be pompous on Ra.one overseas collection..u’ll have to wait..3Months for its final overseas collection.. O.K..

  • Ra one is better thn ready nd bodyguard. Srk is the best nd i hope that the movie will collect 170+ cror net in india.

  • Ra. One will cross 200 Crore. in 2 weeks it will reach to 140-150 crore. The Movie is Good.
    Don2 will give SRK all return…..

  • SRK the King of Bollywood since 1994
    no one was and no one willlll break this record.
    Salman is just making south indian remake……… its too childish, what a shame for Bollywood.
    RA. One will pick up this week-end

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