Ra One Box office Verdict

Ra One has collected 15.5 crores in Week 2 taking it’s all-India collections to about 113 crores in 2 weeks (including the 5 day extended weekend).

With the release of Rockstar, Ra One most certainly won’t cross the lifetime collections of Ready. Although the Ghajini record (116 crores) will be crossed in it’s third weekend. 

Top 5 box office grossers in India

  • 3 Idiots – 202 crores
  • Bodyguard – 145 crores
  • Dabangg – 141 crores
  • Ready – 125 crores
  • Ra One – most likely around 118 – 120 crores!

While disappointing, Ra One has done enough in 2 weeks to earn HIT status. With the help of overseas collections and various rights (satellite, music etc), the film has recovered it’s investment.

Time to move on to Don 2 for SRK fans and others!

Ra One box office verdict – HIT



  • HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Where r those who were saying that it will be ATBB or BB!!!!! Now even DON2 will not b able 2 break BODYGUARD’s RECORD!!!! SALMAN is no-1……….

  • @indicine…dont talk about the business on behalf of the srk…if u see it on distributors point its a flop, in multiplex dominated circuits it earned the distributors about 3-4% on investment but in all the other circuits distributors hav lost 15-20% of there investments..so its a flop….thats the reality digest these…hit or flop verdict has to be given on the theatrical business and not on satel+vedio+music rights

  • verdict should be given on the base of indian theatrical business …it should be below avg or flop indicine just trying to follow up boi even taran and komal nahta declared it just avg . If u consider all sources then damadamm is super hit as its cost was 3 cr and if we add its (settelite, music,theatrical ) which would be equal to 6 cr then it is also super hit.

  • hahaha guys juhest read indicine ra one prection article in that they clearly said that for ra one to become hit it would have to do a business of 135-145 in india but now they r saying it z hit aftr doing just r15cr business…shame shame indicine

  • Can u tell us worldwide collection of Ra.one and did it broke bodyguard record for worldwide collection and why u guys always give Ra.one hindi collection , u should post worldwide collection bcox it gives clear picture about box office collection

  • SRK is same like Sachin. Everyone expects century from Sachin. This is not at all possible. Same for SRK. Everyone expects Blockbuster from SRK. Its not possible like not getting hundred in every match.
    Ra.One is HIT HIT HIT Not a blockbuster. He’s given so many blockbusters in his kitty. No problem for him.
    Expectations from him by the people has been high as (Mount) Everest. Since his second year in Bollywood, he has been the Superstar.
    “When his film released and declared HIT, people say he had acted well,bad movie, etc. and it has been like this each and every day.

  • Movies has released worldwide so why compare movies collection in india , when it comes to prints u guys says Ra.one was release more print than bodyguard but don’t understand that prints include Tamil and telgu prints and SRK is biggest Star in Overseas so demand is more compare to Aamir and Salman

  • @indicine- where are the collections of tamil and telugu versions? We should add that, coz the figures that u given for bodyguard,ready,3 idiots are All india net collections.
    We are not americans, We are Indians we should not forget that the regional version’s collections have came from India not from america.

  • @zainy- Shut up. Don’t be jealous with Boi.com and Indicine. They declared it hit and i also.
    And That’s the Bottom Line coz Tdpunks said so.

  • its true.a movie should be declared hit or flop by it’s theatrical business only.collecting 115 crore is not a big acievement as the cost of the movie was 135 crore.in no way it can be compared to BODYGUARD or 3 IDIOTS. these movies are in the budget range of 35-45 crore and they have collected more than thrice the budget..if just recovering the money makes a movie hit then all movies AKSHAY KUMAR given in recent times PATIALA HOUSE, THANK YOU,TEES MAAS KHAN,KHATTA MEETHA etc all are hit.all these have made 11, 18,26,13, crore profit respectively…..and including the overseas collections RA.ONE has hardly made 20-25 crore profit. but considering the high budget , hype the movie is a HUGE FLOP.many distributers have lost a lot of money…

  • Including all prints..is has total 128-130Cr

    Accepting the fact that Ra.One is hit..is as tough for Salman Fans ..as to accept that Salman cant act..


  • Baat sahi hai SRK duffer hai usse kuch pata wata nai hai……..Yaar ek country jisme 50% ke aas paas litteracy rate ho wahan iss tarah padhe likhe samajdar logo ki movie banane ka koi logic nai hai……..ab jhelo FLOP.

  • when indice predicted the 1st week collection of ra.1 i was having doubt that it would not even be its lifetime collection. haha same thing happened.. if ra1 was gud then also it collection would b same bcoz only his fans watch it..since his all fans watched it on 1st week, collection crashed…seeing srk’s face is allergic. but seeing srk as G1 is just hard to survive..anyway srk is a looser…ra.1 is the biggest disappointment of the year…but he may get all awards for his role coz awards are already fixed by him

  • somehow srk manages to manipulate all people n make his film hit/ above average.. haha. jus a hit. what else can u expect. when wa da last time srk gava a blockbuster?????????? srk fans r happie jus ra1 is a hit.. hahah.. srk fans also dont accept much from him. jus a hit n thery r happie.. gud 4 all srk fans…. srk fans have forgotten what blockbuster tastes like…..:)

  • @ aashkaran,, 150 crore n jus a hit, haha. when was the last time srk gave a blockbuster?? u may also dont know. coz nowadays srk fans have forgooten what is meant by blockbuster….

  • guyz,guyz……plz stop dis arguement…………………………i think d most reliable source in dis case z wikipedia n according 2 wikipedia………………….worldwide box office collections of d top 5 films r:

    1.3 idiots-358 cr
    2.Bodyguard-227 cr
    3.Ra.One-221 cr
    4.Dabangg-213 cr
    5.Ready-179 cr
    n jst for ur info……..only wikipedia gives d nett collections whereas d other sites give only gross collections……………u can verify if u want 2

  • @aaa111 Last time when SRK gave blockbuster was
    MNIK (worldwide Blockbuster) Budget 38Cr – TOtal NEtt 195-200CR

    RNBDJ CDI OSO were back to back 3 BB in 2yrs…

    Now taste that..shall I go before Dabangg to tell back to back flops of Salman……….

    I appreciate that Salman has a row of BB back to back..but be careful when Pointing fingers at SRK..just remember that ..SRK is the one who is most consistent..and he is not called King just like that

  • mnik is average hit/ semi hit in india.. aashkaran.. u r a total psycho.. u r the first person who hs said mnik is blockbuster. get a life yaar… cdi n rbdj were superr hits. i think u have forgotten how ghajini kicked rbdj.. n dont give wrong info on indicine by sayin mnis a blockbuster.. its nt even a hit in india…

  • @ aaa111 jab allah meharban to gaddha bhi pehalvan.main koi salman ya srk ke ka fan nahi hun. lekin srk has ruled box office from 1995 to 2008.more than 10 years yaar aur bichme aamir aur ab salman.jab koi hero ki movie 50 crore bhi nahi 6u pati thi tab srk ki movies 70 crores kamati thi.Pi6le dus salo main srk ki paheli hi sahi mayno main flop thi.salman ki films aapko do char din yaad rahegi.box office record banege aur tutege. log kuch din me bhul jayege. lekin filme achchi ho to sada yaad rehti hai. muje ra.one bilkul pasand nahi aayi lekin kya bodyguard aur ready bollywood ki behatarin filme thi ? don 2 aur dabang 2 ka intezar hai.


  • @aaa111
    Dude..For KJO and SRK..it was just a film made on 38Cr which went on earning 195+Cr worldwide..

    Dont know why idiotically u get complex when its about SRK..

    U get a life..dude..The worldwide earning of MNIK is bigger than even Salman’s Bodyguard which was 145 India + 40 overseas = 185Cr

    that should act like a kick in mid section..

  • guys ur opinion left as an opinion…whatever are ur reason in destructing the facts that RA.ONE has been declared HIT will never change anything…..u could possibly said whatever u want but the final verdict has been decided…..RA.ONE has only failed to beat the business of BODYGUARD in india only….but when it comes to the worldwide gross….BODYGUARD has left behind…..sorry guys…whatever it is…..SHAH RUKH KHAN rawwwwwkkkkkkssssssss!!!!

  • yr ra1 2nd week 15.50cr is early estimate .,.yad he boi ne first week 98.50cr likha baad me 97.50cr likha.,.to yeh 14.50cr hi hoga ,.
    RA1 india 115cr ,.,.,.,.,.overseas 45cr.,.,.,.,total lifetime worldwide net =160crnet
    BG india 141cr.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.overseas 40cr.,.,.,.,.total =181cr net
    DABANGG 140cr.,.,.,.,.,.overseas 25cr+,.,.,.,.,.,total =165crnet

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