R Rajkumar Trailer crosses 3 million views, incredibly ‘liked’!

The trailer of R Rajkumar has crossed the 3 million mark on video-sharing website Youtube. What’s staggering though, is the fact that the trailer has garnered more than 40,000 likes on the platform.

The views to likes ratio is unparalleled. Never before has a Hindi trailer that has been viewed 3 million times received more ‘likes’ or ‘thumbs up’.

R Rajkumar Trailer

R Rajkumar Trailer

In fact, the Krrish 3 Trailer with a record 16.6 million views has about 63,000 likes. What’s more, the R Rajkumar trailer has also surpassed Jab Tak Hai Jaan which has so far received more than 8 million views.

List of a few Hindi trailer or teasers with the most likes:

  • Krrish 3 – 63,451 likes, 9332 dislikes
  • Dhoom 3 Teaser – 50,028 likes, 10,205 dislikes
  • R Rajkumar – 40,462 likes, 1783 dislikes
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 40,394 likes, 4,712 dislikes
  • Chennai Express – 31,145 likes, 4775 dislikes
  • Boss – 20,411 likes, 2,818 dislikes
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 13,066 likes, 1,529 dislikes
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 13,108 likes, 2768 dislikes


  • Look at yjhd n besaram likes n r rajkumar likes as well as views, we can easily say shahid will be future megastar. R Rajkumar gave tough compition to k3 n d3 where rajkumar is not big films like k3 n d3. Infact shahid already beat youtube king likes, sure shoot blockbuster, 100cr club is waiting for shahid.

  • The trailer of boss has 4.2 million views and over 20,000 likes but still it’s not included in the list. Why does ur website always under rates akshay kumar ?

  • Its a marketing gimmick!!!!! Shahid asks the viewer to like the trailer at the end of the trailer. Thats why so many likes.

  • Good one, shows there is hope for him, if he can partake in films which are audience
    friendly, he could be one of the finest in the industry.
    Not a fan of box office or awards.
    Just make movies that can positively affect the lives of viewers and success will smile on you.

  • @indicine, is it true that akshay’s movie “holiday” postponed to march? so that means dhoom 3 has 5 open weeks until Jai ho releases ?

  • In 2013 Youtube viewers have increased incredibly!!! In the whole list JTHJ & ETT are the only 2012 movies this clearly shows as time passes the coming trailers will have more likes !!!Having said this I must admit the fact that this also shows how much accepted and Hyped the trailer and movie is.

  • Its great achievement but i think most not getting the reason for these kind of likes, the biggest reason of likes is that in the end of trailer shahid requested if you like the trailer than hit like, and he said which so much of innocence that most people can’t deny his request and viewer likes me who not given thumbs up or down to any trailer automatically moved to do so and the other reason for the like is that trailer is superb and created huge buzz for the movie and i hope it will give shahid a much needed hit, i saw ppnh and like the movie don’t know why it flop at boxoffice.

  • Clear case of manipulation by the makers, everyone know this is the last chance of Shahid…..so to create hype all these tricks are being played…from shahid coming at the end of the trailer and asking for likes and comments….I can bet the likes for this trailer might cross Krish3 likes very soon…but Mr. Shahid…..by just number of likes if a movie become blockbuster then you will be the number one star in 2013….first day will not cross 10 crs…likh ke lelo…..final figures will reach 55crs and will be biggest grosser of Shahid.

  • @indicine for ur kind information,chennai express trailer released on 3 channels utv,t series nd chennaiexpress film so u mentioned just ce channels like for #ce,if u combined of 3 channels like for #ce then it will pass 46000 likes

  • its all due to rise of internet nd smart phones in India… thanks to samsung and other mobile companies who are offering low price tablets where video streaming is very much easy..

  • So what ranbir sees in the last 2 or 3 years will come to shahid shoes now now now lets 1 thng is defiinitely tat ranbir is not a one horse shahid is chasing him and he do is looking very promising in trailer
    Best of luck shahid

  • Grand masti remake
    salman khan, aamir khan, shahrukh khan
    salman khan, arbaaz khan, sohail khan
    Vote now and win plenty of prizes.

  • Shahid has received Salman and Shahrukh fans support.. This kind of likes and dislikes combo may not favours to our top superstars deserving videos as well !!

  • For all those saying that shahid asked for likes then let me tell u this..
    For liking a video u need to make an account which a lot of ppl consider waste of time so they go to youtube and watching videos without liking and commenting..
    The trailer is definitely a great one that’s y ppl are liking! Don’t take atleast this away from shahid!
    N let’s say even if he asked for it, it’s up to the ppl to decide whether to liked it or not ok?
    So if they genuinely liked it which most ppl did, they will eventually like the trailer!
    Come on guys stop hating..
    Shahid is the upcoming mega star of the country.. (No disrespect to any young star, they are all good)

  • Too good. Wasn’t sure… Shahid can look so good in Rowdy looks. Hope he will be back with the bang with this movie. All the best to Shahid and his team for a grand success.
    This year December could see two 100+ grossers movie for the first time in single month.

  • i saw d trailer its very cheap way to want likes looks like at d ebd of the trailer sk begging likes trailer was good but kast thing was really as similar as begging

  • trailor was outstanding..so this movie trailor got maximum likes and comments…a bad trailor wont get maximum likes.r rajkumar going to be blockbuster

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