Besharam First Week Collections

A film that was expected to leap its way past the 100 crore mark in its first extended week, has finally managed to crawl past the 50 crore mark at the domestic box office.

Apart from the opening day collections and a small jump in business on its first Sunday, Ranbir Kapoor’s Besharam has failed to excite the audience. The film is a disaster for all its investors, except the producers who have made a clean profit of around 20 crores by selling the worldwide theatrical rights to Reliance Entertainment.

The graph below says it all, doesn’t it?

Besharam Box Office Collections

Besharam Box Office Collections

  • Day 1 Wednesday – 19.73 crore
  • Day 2 Thursday – 6.65 crore
  • Day 3 Friday – 5.6 crore
  • Day 4 Saturday – 5.8 crore
  • Day 5 Sunday – 7.2 crore
  • Day 6 Monday – 2.4 crore
  • Day 7 Tuesday – 1.9 crore
  • First Week Total – 49.28 crore

Extended First Week

  • Day 8 Wednesday – 1.6 crore (approx)
  • Total so far – 50.98 crore


  • Well, the movie is a flop and a big one and was superbad as well. But still having huge expectations from Ranbir’s next movies : Bombay Velvet, Jagga Jasoos and Imtiaz’s next. Have a feeling all these movies will be well received as critics and audience alike.
    Just like Rockstar, Barfi & YJHD took him a step ahead in terms of acting & stardom, similarly these three movies will also take him to a different level.

  • besharam is the biggest disaster of this year. Audience taught a good lesson for overrated and overhyped besharam actor ranbir

  • Imtiyaz ali’s next with ranbir will be hit, no idea about bombay velvet untill the trailer comes out but jagga jasoos will be another disaster bcz jasoos types of movie indian audience will not accept

  • today i went to watch besharam movie thr were only 5 people including me nd my frnd…nd movie was uff..kuch kaam nai tha to we went fr tp

  • some idiotic double standards fans thought it would go past Chennai express collections lol.

    Year will end with a Dhoom when Dhoom 3 will be kicked out of theatres.

  • gotta love how this place is filled with srk’s chamchas…

    sabar karo… tumhare god ki pungi bajne mein abhi chaar hafte baaki hain :-)

    uske baad xmas pe phir phattegi tumhare god ki

    uske baad hum baat karenge :-)

    til then, keep spending all your time on internet forums, worshiping your god… because funnily enough, your god doesn’t even give a damn about fools like u haha

  • Congratulations to Romance Express,Sakhi,r20 & Sagar for correctly predicting the fate of Besharam. If Boss have positive word of mouth it will do 100 crore lifetime. K3 & D3 will do 200 crore plus if they have positive word of mouth

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