SRK’s Temptations Reloaded in Sydney gets record response

Not without reason is Shahrukh Khan called the ‘Global Superstar’ of Bollywood. The actor, who is currently on his Temptations Reloaded tour to Australia and New Zealand, performed in front of record crowds in Auckland and Sydney.

Khan first performed in Auckland on October 4th along with Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherji, Jacqueline Fernandes and Honey Singh. The stadium with a capacity of hosting 8,000 people was running close to capacity with more than 7500 ticket sold out. Sources say, only a few hundred highly-priced tickets weren’t sold.

The stars then moved to Sydney in Australia, where the response was equally good. 11,900 tickets out of 12,500 were sold out in advance.

In between all the performances and chaos, the Prime Minister of New South Wales, Mr Barry O’Farrell invited Shahrukh in Sydney. The actor gifted the prime minister his Kolkata Knight Riders t-shirt and gave him a copy of Mushtaq Shiekh’s book ‘SRK: Still Reading Khan’.

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  • and when it comes to bhai’s show in overseas, his comment on hrithik’s guzarish suits perfectly on him. bhai rox!!

  • Ha Ha Ha…..only 11900 people…….i remember when salman khan came to ambience maal delhi to promote Yuvraj……..there were 20000 people in the maal it self……this is surely a loss making venture………. if i assume ticket price to be Rs. 10000 then 11900 * 10000 means only………….Approx Eleven Crores i don’t know what profit organisers would get from this……….truly fake news of a fake king……….

  • @perfect wateva… Hey r u from pluto..??
    Here we r talkin abt international audience..??
    Not delhites..??
    N btw shahrukh hail from delhi.if he wud hav been dere in d ambience mall.. Even 20 thousand was nothing..

  • god knows why overseas people like him and his movies, in hollywood beautiful romantic movies are made and they like more of action and sci-fi , still why some of them like srk’s shitty movies

  • @Perfectdabangg That Stadium’s Capacity Is 12000 and 95% Stadium Is Jam Packed. Jab Seats Hi 12,000 Ho Toh 20,000 Audience Kaha se laayenge? And You Are Talking About 20,000 Crowd Gathered For Salman ho A Mall Right. Hmmmm My Friend 2Lakhs People Have Came To Watch SRK Ho Kolkata During CE promotions. Got That

  • This kind of respone honey sing gets alone when he do international concerts……..11900 is nothing to be proud of…………and average ticket price to be 10,000…….i am taking on higher side……there r only two kings One is Our Prfectionist……Aka Aamir khan……and the other is Dabang Khan…….

    Those who don’t agree……..wait till 20 Dec….2013…..u every thing will be clear………..

  • Last year Salman’s dubai show or better we call a flop show was organised in Dubai.. Only one third of tickets were sold.. 6000 out of 18000. Lolzz. Show was Epic disaster… and was a huge loss for the organisers.

    @indicine can u please tell me what the average ticket price for the concert is??

  • @Damnnnnn….!!!: first tell srk to count 20-thousands first I remember once Salman said once the crowd gathered more near to my house and trafic problems arises I asked them to go to srk home.

  • @pafect dabbang: dude dont be big mouthed before anything…20 dec 20 dec u r doing frm quit long now..just see what happened to besharam, we knw aamir is a superstar and the movie will do well but ur overconfidence can fizzle in just 2-3 days…so first do then say..kyuki uske baad chahra dikhane ke layek nahi rahega. just chill

  • after shamelessly copying jk rowling speech this cheap overrated srk paid money for australian people to come to his show that is why people come to his show.

  • My Name is Khan (1000 euro ticket) berlin
    Om Shanti Om (masala) berlin
    Devdas (praised nearly universally by hollywood stars and critcs)
    Chennai Express (first masala film to gross $5m in US & 2m GBP in Uk)

    Aamir Khan has Lagaan, Rang De Basanti & 3 idiots to boast off

    Tell dabanggay to achieve any of these with masala or another genre.
    his best masala film had 261cr at worldwide box office while CE has crossed 421cr.
    Wanted revived his state as brand ambassador of populist films in India, if R… Rajkumar
    does well at box office that may be the fall of dabanggay as a populist actor.
    Anyway all the best to Jai Ho & Kick.

  • Dhoom 3 to gross 309cr worldwide.
    Comment has been hidden due to poor rating.
    Please click here to read it.

  • SRK Is The god Of world’s film industry..:)…he really rocks…no one can beat him….from Hollywood….so….bollywood dur ki baat he…..hes d richest actor in d world….check imdb website….wealthiest actor in d world……haters fucked……after 5 years…he did masala movie…al records fucked….hahaha…….doom 3 to …besharam Jaisa Majak ban jayega….haha…12 th dec ko uske dadaji ki film release hone wali jaisi flop hone wali he..haha…raju hirani hi bachata he…usko…CRedit goes to raju

  • Srk ka paisu khatam hogaye isiliye kar rahe ha temptation reloaded and original superstars don’t this like aamir

  • @being sallufan:thumps up dude.
    Guzaarish still collected 30crs.
    But all those who went to watch marigold.but collection was 80lacks.

  • ticket range starts frm 99$ to 600$…and the show was superhit..ultimate reponse..King is King..SRK d only global superstar in India..

  • everyone remember Salman’s epic disaster show in Dubai…only one third ticket sold..6000 out of 18000..disaster..haha

  • Shahrukh Khan is rightly called the ‘Global Superstar’ of Bollywood. The actor, made a historical comeback to Sydney after nine long years with his Temptations Reloaded tour to Australia and New Zealand.

    On October 4th, SRK along with Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherji, Jacqueline Fernandes and Honey Singh performed in front of record crowds in Auckland and then moved to Sydney.

    The stadium with a capacity of hosting 8,000 people was running close to capacity with more than 7500 tickets sold out.

    Mr Barry O’Farrell, the Prime Minister of New South Wales, invited Shahrukh in Sydney.

    An excited Khan tweeted expressed gratitude to his fans, “Sydney thanx for the madness. U were all so gracious…will have to take a place in Harris Park. Such beauty!!”

    The team performed in Perth on October 9.

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