QnA: Fan Release Date, will any film clash with Dilwale?

Time for yet another ‘Question and Answer’ session. In the last 7 days, we have received a record 3000+ questions related to Shahrukh Khan’s Fan. Most were about release dates and others were about VFX.

We answer 5 questions from our readers, do read. You can also ask your questions using the form at the bottom of the article. 

Q. “Sir, Is Fan going to release this year? As YRF has delayed Fan release date due to heavy VFX work, what kind of VFX we can expect? It’s a double role but we’re not quite sure of the genre of the film!” another reader ‘Sibaram Sabar from Odisha’ asks “What could be the reason to push the release date again & again of SRK starrer FAN?

A. FAN was indefinitely postponed, Yash Raj Films doesn’t have a release date yet. It was previously announced for release on August 14th. All other release dates of ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ etc was pure speculation. As for the VFX, Shahrukh Khan is most probably playing a much younger character in the film. The younger look will be achieved with visual effects. In fact, in one interview, SRK himself said that he’s playing a 17 year old in FAN. Later denied it. There have been quite a few slip-ups, but YRF are very secretive and rightly so. FAN will be very different, a film that will pleasantly surprise the audience and SRK fans. Too many leaks will spoil the fun.

Q. SRK produced Happy New Year and it earned over Rs 350 crores worldwide. Does SRK take most of that home? How is collection of movies divided and be profitable for everyone? Who is everyone? – Indu

A. Shahrukh Khan produced ‘Happy New Year’ and Yash Raj Films distributed it. We don’t really have any idea about their mutual contract, they are close friends after all, so it was all in-house. But we will try to keep it simple and explain so that you can better understand how it works. The figure of Rs 350 crore is the worldwide gross. From this amount, the entertainment taxes and exhibitor share (money that the theatres get for screening the film) will be deducted. So after deducting everything, the share what SRK / Yash Raj Films get from the film is around Rs 146 crore (theatrical business only). This does not include satellite rights, music rights, home video, shooting subsidies etc.

Q. Will any film clash with Diwale? Is it a wise decision to clash against a Shahrukh Khan film? – Sunitha

A. Currently, Bajirao Mastani is also scheduled to release on the same date as ‘Dilwale’. Recently, in an interview, Ranveer Singh re-confirmed the same. Is it a wise decision? Well, we all know what happened when ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Saawariya’ clashed. It’s not just about Shahrukh’s presence, but the genre of the two films too. Generally, people tend to like commercial entertainers with a huge star cast, action and good music. Also, budget-wise, the risk factor is too high. And no, you don’t clash with a commercial Shahrukh Khan film. He doesn’t like it, especially when it’s his own production!

Q. What will be the opening day collections of Bajrangi Bhaijaan? Your predictions were almost 95% correct. What will be the first weekend, first week and life time collection prediction of Bajrangi Bhaijaan? – Joseph

A. Our predictions are updated everyday. Our final predictions for the opening day i.e #IndicineFBO are updated a day before release. We first post predictions after the trailer is released, then we update it depending on how well the music is received. Having said that, Bajrangi Bhaijaan should easily take the biggest opening of the year. If the trailer is good, it could even be 30 crore plus during Pre-Eid.

Q. Isn’t it too early to brand Bombay Velvet as flop? I mean it did started with low occupancy but how can a film be marked as flop just within two days of its release? – Sanket Vyas (Question was asked 3 days ago).

A. Be rest assured that we are very careful before giving the lowest verdicts (i.e flop or disaster) to films. Only when it has absolutely no chance of recovering costs, do we call a film a failure. Like we said in one of our daily box office reports, Bombay Velvet was a disaster on Friday morning itself. The film had to open at around 50-60% and grow from there. Instead the occupancy was around the same level as films like Shamitabh. Also, the reports from theatres was negative.

Q. I am a Siddharth Malhotra fan and I usually see that when it come to Brothers, you and everybody call it Akshay Kumar’s Brothers. Agreed that Akshay is a superstar, but still Siddharth also can give 15 cr+ opening and 100 crore movie, then why is he not considered as a main lead? Please answer Indicine – Vicky

A. The film belongs to everyone – Director Karan Malhotra, Producer Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandes and all others who are creatively involved in the project. So Brothers is Sidharth’s too. But when it comes to the 15 crore opening of Ek Villain, it wasn’t only because of his presence. Ek Villain took a fantastic opening because of chartbuster music, Mohit Suri (just after Aashiqui 2), trailer worked big time and the fresh pairing of Sidharth and Shraddha. Sid is a promising star, but has a long way before he can even guarantee a 10 crore opening on his own. His previous release ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ opened at 4 crore.

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  • I am damm sure brother will open above 20 cr….first look os very impressive…..anout ek villain beside its music people were more curious about villain factor of movie…..it generated huge buzz abt ritesh deshmukhs look….
    n ant dilwale just remind the fate of janeman, saawaria, n even jab tal hai jaan managed 120 cr beside huge negativity surrounding SRK those days…..

  • Fan is that perfect summer release(april 1) but our king missed it! Now our king wil bring fan this winter when there is no need fan

  • If any films clashes with Dilwale then RIP Srks career. Ajay Devgn won the clash against Yrf’s JTHJ where Srk failed badly.
    Inspite of SRK Kat Anushka AR Rehman Yash Chopra, Ajay’s SOS almost equaled that films collection.

  • Salman: Ghajini took the hugest opening.

    Journo: Salman another film RBNJD too had huge opening.

    Salman: I have not seen that film :D

  • Please give any update regarding epic MOHENJODARO , waiting madly for film
    Also which are Hrithik’s upcoming ventures? What about rumoured hollywood film ?

  • Ohhhh! Sooo ranveer sunk is ready to clash with dilwale ….. !!!!
    He is already dead actor, if he insists on his insolency again ,,, he is gonna badly regret it …. !!!
    I don’t care about clash but i just want dilwale on 18 december …. !!!
    Let bb and others clash with it ….
    If they want to see another bombey velvet again lol …. !!!

  • Fan has to come on this sept or 2nd oct …
    But not in november the gap is not good!
    We will see everything on its time …!!!
    One thing bajrangi bhaijaan will never ever gross 200 crore …… u all have my words.
    1st eid is falling on saturday, 2ndly it will have just three days weekend …
    It will sink from monday onwards ….!!!
    No holidays on weekdays i am sooo happy that it is not pre eid ….
    Sallu waz extremely lucky with kick, as it waz pre eid *
    But now it will struggle to reach 200 crore which is impoosible …!!!

  • Only one movie is officially confirmed to go past 250 crore and enters 300 crore …!!
    And that is dilwale even with clash it will cross 300 crore easily … !!!
    Ranveer sunk is super confident to clash with dilwale …. ***
    Some sallu fans are saying that it is huge becoz of deepika …. !!!
    Make no mistake !!! Just becoz ram leela became superhit at box office it does not really mean that this time bajrai mastani will also become hit …..
    Even it does not release on christmas it will fail at box office …. i assure u ..!!!
    I know sallu fans will not believe … !!!
    * sallu fans do u remember ” what i said about sallu ” i said that 2015 will be sallu’s end of career …..
    That was too close. … he was about to be jailed … but luck turned to his favour ..!!!
    Next time no one is gonna save him! !!!

  • I do not want to make any other predictions for the movies but this will be very very last specific predictions….. !!!!
    * Dilwale : 250 crore can also enter 300 crore club .. it has also chance of 400 crore club and 700 crore worldwide …..!!!!
    Rohit is known for his nice movies …
    Brothers : 120 crore to 150 crore
    If akki’s brothers does not earn 30 crore on its 2nd day, akki should be banned releasing his crap movies on festivals.
    Also his 2 rupee fans should not claim highly …. i told only the reality …. !!!
    BB and prdp will never ever go past 200 crore club ….. that much i can assure u all.
    * Bajrangi bhaijaan the release date is not good it will go like hny did last year ….!!!
    * Prdp will have 5 days weekend which is also very good but after its five days it will sink like ships are sinking in seas lolsss…!!!
    As for clashes if ranveer wants another bombey velvet, then he can clash it …!!!
    We are not afraid at alll….!!!!
    This year and next year belongs to srk …!!!
    The rest to srk and hrithik ….. !!!!
    As for others, bhai will go jail….!!!!
    Aamir will quit bollywood, becoz of his frd sallu after dangal ….. !!!!
    Varun hit streak is going to smash ….!!!!
    Ranbi, ranvir are finished …..!!!
    I do not hate any one …..

  • @sss.ur 100 / confident will turn out to be zero percent.what matters more is script.And not to forget the same sanjay leela bhansali who gave srk an epic movie DEVDAS.That why u srk fans are good fir nothing.u eat and make hole in same plate.

  • Heard somewhere bajirao mastani budget is 150cr, it will become bigger disaster than bomby velvet if it clash with dilwale which unlikely happen.

  • @ sss and aashish thapar, did you forget that Son of Sardar was released with JTHJ and we all know what happened, it gave tough competition to JTHJ even with less number of screens. Also OUTIMD was released one week after chennai express after SRK begged for that with Jeetandra and later back stabbed him, even will less no of screens it got almost 100% opening, so please do not state that no one dares to release his film with SRK. Also in the past sunny deol has released his movies alongwith SRK and has emerged victorious on each occasion and showed SRK his place.

  • @ javed, seriously are you kidding, baby is far ahead in terms of content, HNY is utter shit in front of that, holiday is light years as far as content is concerned, chennai express is garbage in front of it, special 26 is eons ahead, raone is crap in front of it, SRK should be banned from bollywood the same way he is banned from MCA cricket ground for giving useless and crap films

  • So Bombay Velvet has set new benchmark for losses. It is easier to break the boxoffice record of PK than to break the disaster record of BV, writes a popular website. But how Sheheer predicted 20 crore opening after seeing the promos of the film? Feeling sad for person with the id Khankapoor. Even Ranbir’s stardom could not helped the film for the first weekend.Hope he will bounce back with Tamasha. Now even Shahid Kapoor fans & Emraan Hashmi fans started trolling Ranbir fans on twitter.

  • Hello indicine. Pls I am from Santiago Chile of south America. I love Shah Khan. In our homes we have b4 u music channel. Afta watching a song from chak de india I loved Shah rukh and watched the movie online.
    My problem is can u tell me which site I can watch Tu meri bang bang movie online. I love that actor he dances very well as if no bone in his body. Plus he is so handsome. 2nd movie is Saude baazi Aakrosh. I saw d song on b4 u music channel and loved it though I don’t even know wat they are saying but I adore d hero in saude baazi or aakrosh wateva name it is. He looks so cool. I checked online to watch tu meri bang bang and saude baazi aakrosh I couldn’t play it. Pls suggest the movie site I can watch them . Thank you sir

  • @sk,I am thinking you’re a 100% overconfident sallu fan.yeas SLB not given KING KHAN to DEVDAS,It’s due to KING KHAN ,DEVDAS becomes the most Classier movies of SLB and won FILMFARE and becomes official entry into Oscar,that non of other slb film managed to do so.that also you shouldn’t forget.It’s your Slb despite of that help ready to clash with THE KING.so that dialogue suits more to slb rather than KING KHAN.Slb already got slapped hard after clashing with OSO,if this time if he wants to do so,then bring it on.how big legendary movie will be bajirao masatani no one cares about that because it is starring by monkey faced ranveer and PEOPLES will go to watch KING KHAN irrespective of any movie,and THEY will slap the monkey face in such way that ranveer will have to retire overnight.HISTORY is the WITNESS what happened to them whoever tried even to clash with KING KHAN,everyone failed big time.

    some of the epic failure clashed with KING KHAN are amir’s ahat,sallu+akki’s jaaneman,hr’s mission Kashmir,ranbir’s saawariya,ajay’s sos(failed despite being a masala movie)/satyagraha,akki’s ouatimd.SO BRING IT ON kiddo,if you have the dare otherwise simply sat at home.

  • @ shaggy- im frm nashik…. great film is comimg but…..
    i read jst now its postponed…definatly not on crismas …

  • @ Javed you are 100 % true and even Ram Leela is not a super hit it just a hit and Salman khan is in bail he case is not over yet so anyting can happened . Dilwale will be sure ATBB becasue of SRK, Kajol reunion i hope Bajirao will changed his date otherwise it will be another Sawaria

  • Where r all those morons who were comparing Ranbir wit Akshsy and Ajay? Foolish ppl trying to compare a yester kid wit one of Hindi cinema versatile evergreen dedicated and immense talented Hunks for about 3 decades😂😂😁

  • It would be a lose-lose situation to both the movies if clash happens.

    The scale and grandeur of Bajirao will defnitely be higher, and hence they need a big festival period to release to recover the costs and get profits.

    This is the reason that Ranveer is insisting that it will release on Xmas. Also, Bajirao had started early, so it has advantage of getting ready early, and hence the makers have blocked the date.

    Rohit Shetty finishes his movies fast, and this movie too is made on a big budget, though not on the scale of Bajirao, and hence he too wants the festival date.

    Both movies are vying for the dates because of the budget and scale of their respective movies, and it will only be clear in a few months who is better prepared to release it on Xmas.

    If both are ready one has to move as it would be a big risk, until unless the makers are too confident of their content.

    Srk had once requested makers of OUATIMD to release a week later, for a Rohit Shetty film, and result was very bad for OUATIMD makers. This will certainly play in the minds of Sanjay Leela Bhansali who will be at a bigger risk if date changes because of the budget involved.

    Currently it looks like Bajiro is set to release in Xmas, since they have started early, with Dilwale most probably in January.

    I would prefer a clash, which will give options to viewers on holidays, but i guess mostly it will not be the case.

  • first waiting for Raees
    Then Dil Waale
    Then Fan

    All three movies of SRK looking very promising

  • very well said by indicine, hmmmm just very stupid enough to class they film with our king…… good luck my jaan hope dilwalee will rockkkkkkkk this crishmast

  • @sss. u too r good for nothing.hadnt ur srk gave epic flop like phir dil hai hindustani and asoka and after that deddas came and ur dear srk retained his stardom only after devdas.u and visit different website and news channel to get this fact.dont be over smart only be smart.I too like srk and has huge respect for him.But the movie today he is doing has no charm as srk used to had inVEER ZAARA:CHAKDE INDIA;DEVDAS;RNBJ;MY NAME IS KHAN AND MANY MORE.


  • @ javed paki dont talk about akki sir stardom , akki sir also said he dont like to compitition with any actor . About akki sir brother film will collect 150 crore .

  • @baap of all khans,your sunny is a kid in front of KING SRK.in DARR,KING KHAN completely overshadowed your sunny and emerged as a SUPERSTAR overnight.hope you had not forgot that till yet.about sos ,that’s a completely masala film in which sallu also associated with ajay to limit THE FORCE OF BADSHAH.despite of a masala genre movie JTHJ got higher screen and destroyed sos in terms of collection.about ASOKA ,that was an experiment from KING KHAN’S own productions against a masala movie Indian,even now also sunny can agree to clash against sallu but doesn’t has the date to face THE KING.because he knew very well KING SRK is his BAAP who kicked his career in kid age in DARR.

    And about convincing jetendra,thR’s a rumour you all spreader,who cares.if akki and ekta/Jitu has so much.power then they could have challenged CE which was already ran before one week,logically CE should have degraded due to akki’s star power.but THE REALITY,is akki is a kid in front of KING SRK and so as ekta/Jitu is kid in front of ROHIT SIR in making films.so don’t say they requested,THEY SNATCHED THE RELEASE DATE.

    @jc,@bk fan,if salman will go to jail then.prdp will release in 2020.FAN will release in THIS DEEWALI.becaus eKING KHAN is always ready for a clash,may HIS FILM get hardly a SUPER HIT /BLOCKBUSTER verdict after clash,but HIS main AIM to destruct the opposition’s clashed film.just like how jaaneman thrashed in which the dual power of star’s star power diminished just like screwing of sewer rats.

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