QnA: Fan Release Date, will any film clash with Dilwale?

Time for yet another ‘Question and Answer’ session. In the last 7 days, we have received a record 3000+ questions related to Shahrukh Khan’s Fan. Most were about release dates and others were about VFX.

We answer 5 questions from our readers, do read. You can also ask your questions using the form at the bottom of the article. 

Q. “Sir, Is Fan going to release this year? As YRF has delayed Fan release date due to heavy VFX work, what kind of VFX we can expect? It’s a double role but we’re not quite sure of the genre of the film!” another reader ‘Sibaram Sabar from Odisha’ asks “What could be the reason to push the release date again & again of SRK starrer FAN?

A. FAN was indefinitely postponed, Yash Raj Films doesn’t have a release date yet. It was previously announced for release on August 14th. All other release dates of ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ etc was pure speculation. As for the VFX, Shahrukh Khan is most probably playing a much younger character in the film. The younger look will be achieved with visual effects. In fact, in one interview, SRK himself said that he’s playing a 17 year old in FAN. Later denied it. There have been quite a few slip-ups, but YRF are very secretive and rightly so. FAN will be very different, a film that will pleasantly surprise the audience and SRK fans. Too many leaks will spoil the fun.


Q. SRK produced Happy New Year and it earned over Rs 350 crores worldwide. Does SRK take most of that home? How is collection of movies divided and be profitable for everyone? Who is everyone? – Indu

A. Shahrukh Khan produced ‘Happy New Year’ and Yash Raj Films distributed it. We don’t really have any idea about their mutual contract, they are close friends after all, so it was all in-house. But we will try to keep it simple and explain so that you can better understand how it works. The figure of Rs 350 crore is the worldwide gross. From this amount, the entertainment taxes and exhibitor share (money that the theatres get for screening the film) will be deducted. So after deducting everything, the share what SRK / Yash Raj Films get from the film is around Rs 146 crore (theatrical business only). This does not include satellite rights, music rights, home video, shooting subsidies etc.

Q. Will any film clash with Diwale? Is it a wise decision to clash against a Shahrukh Khan film? – Sunitha

A. Currently, Bajirao Mastani is also scheduled to release on the same date as ‘Dilwale’. Recently, in an interview, Ranveer Singh re-confirmed the same. Is it a wise decision? Well, we all know what happened when ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Saawariya’ clashed. It’s not just about Shahrukh’s presence, but the genre of the two films too. Generally, people tend to like commercial entertainers with a huge star cast, action and good music. Also, budget-wise, the risk factor is too high. And no, you don’t clash with a commercial Shahrukh Khan film. He doesn’t like it, especially when it’s his own production!

Q. What will be the opening day collections of Bajrangi Bhaijaan? Your predictions were almost 95% correct. What will be the first weekend, first week and life time collection prediction of Bajrangi Bhaijaan? – Joseph

A. Our predictions are updated everyday. Our final predictions for the opening day i.e #IndicineFBO are updated a day before release. We first post predictions after the trailer is released, then we update it depending on how well the music is received. Having said that, Bajrangi Bhaijaan should easily take the biggest opening of the year. If the trailer is good, it could even be 30 crore plus during Pre-Eid.

Q. Isn’t it too early to brand Bombay Velvet as flop? I mean it did started with low occupancy but how can a film be marked as flop just within two days of its release? – Sanket Vyas (Question was asked 3 days ago).

A. Be rest assured that we are very careful before giving the lowest verdicts (i.e flop or disaster) to films. Only when it has absolutely no chance of recovering costs, do we call a film a failure. Like we said in one of our daily box office reports, Bombay Velvet was a disaster on Friday morning itself. The film had to open at around 50-60% and grow from there. Instead the occupancy was around the same level as films like Shamitabh. Also, the reports from theatres was negative.

Q. I am a Siddharth Malhotra fan and I usually see that when it come to Brothers, you and everybody call it Akshay Kumar’s Brothers. Agreed that Akshay is a superstar, but still Siddharth also can give 15 cr+ opening and 100 crore movie, then why is he not considered as a main lead? Please answer Indicine – Vicky

A. The film belongs to everyone – Director Karan Malhotra, Producer Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandes and all others who are creatively involved in the project. So Brothers is Sidharth’s too. But when it comes to the 15 crore opening of Ek Villain, it wasn’t only because of his presence. Ek Villain took a fantastic opening because of chartbuster music, Mohit Suri (just after Aashiqui 2), trailer worked big time and the fresh pairing of Sidharth and Shraddha. Sid is a promising star, but has a long way before he can even guarantee a 10 crore opening on his own. His previous release ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ opened at 4 crore.

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  • Bajrangi bhaijaan will.be the biggest opener of 2015 by leaps and bounds..the weekend will definitely cross 100 crore and even has chances of breaking Happy New Year record too..
    As for Fan,I seriously hope it releases this year or at least in the first quarter of 2016

  • It will be a suicide to clash with a film like Dilwale..the last time a Shahrukh khan-Rohit Shetty entertainer rekeased, it maintained so well that for the next 3 weeks no film managed to become a clean hit..the combined collections of films released in August 2013 was less than the lifetime total of Chennai express..so it is not a wise decision to release it anywhere close to a Shahrukh Khan-Rohit Shetty entertainer let alone clashing with it..

  • Look like ranveer Singh very confident on his next film bajirao mastani…
    I’m from Maharashtra so I know that craze of this movie. it’s totally maharashtrian movie…
    100 cr confirm…
    huge starcast
    can’t wait
    I will watch this movie just bcoz of story not bcoz of ranveer…

  • sidd is not a star yet..he is nowhere near akshay n i think will not be ever.akshay has his stardom which is unmatchable. doing 4 films a year n managing to open 20+(weekend) each time is an achievement in itself.
    shahrukhs fan n raees will be masterpieces In Sha Allah

  • @indicine u r very overconfident on clash of bajirao mastani and dilwale…
    we all know sawariya was rk first film..
    released with limited screen…
    But here bajirao mastani has huge star cast… Specially deepika…
    she is crowd puller…
    Slb is very confident on this movie…

  • Dilwale is going to be solo release like pk, no one dare to clash with a film directed by raju hirani or rohit shetty.

  • I agree with Indicine. Sid still needs to prove himself at the box office because Ritesh Deshmukh was also a part of Ek Villain. A lot of people liked Ritesh’s performance as well. So Sid needs to star in a solo film and prove his star power….. Meanwhile Akshay got 9 crore from Baby (class film) and 13 crore from Gabbar is back (Mass film)..……. It looks like he has regained the faith of his fans after doing good movies lately which will help his next film Brothers to open well at the box office.

  • Billu Fan is unnecessarily being postponed n its budget is being hiked with too much vfx for no good reason….

    They could release the film tomorrow if they just got Andy Serkis to play Queens duplicate younger humshakal…! ;)

  • Fan will not release these summer ,sad news for srk fans ,till then watch ur home table fan and it will be much more better than watching srk crap film also .
    Crap film thats why he is afraid of releasing and doing lots of vfx to correct it but the crap will remain crap indeed .

  • The amount of VFX work needed to work on just Queens chehra is equivalent to another 10 Avatar movies being made and we all know what a perfectionist James Cameron is so thats a very very very very extremely long time…..

  • Fan will not release these summer ,sad news for srk fans ,till then watch ur home table fan and it will be much more better than watching srk crap film also .
    Crap film thats why he is afraid of releasing and doing lots of vfx to correct it but the crap will remain crap indeed .

  • Bring it on.any film want to clash with DILWAALE ,can clash with out any objection.but I knew 100% confident no one has the guts to do that after CE.

    @shaggy,no one cares from here you belongs whether Maharashtra/gujarat.,you’re a typical KING KHAN’S haters.we know how many people will like monkey faced ranveer and DP whose star power with out KING KHAN is clearly visible from time to time infront of haters.so what maharashtrian thinks that’s other matter,what yiu think that’s matter 1st you want KING KHAN’S film shouldn’t put your star into trouble.and that will create any diefference because HISTORY WILL AGAIN REPEATED BY KING SRK-ROHIT SIR.do 3/4/5/8 films clash with DILWAALE,but DILWAALE will be the WINNER and will become at least BACK TO BACK 3 200CRS MOVIE OF KING KHAN.THE 1ST ACTOR IN THE HISTORYOF INDIAN CINEMA AND WILL BE ADDED AS THE 12TH BACK TO BACK HIT TO THE “STREAK OF HITS” OF THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.

  • @ shaggy u are right i am also from maharashtra bajirao will open big on box office in maharashtra . Bajirao is brahmin peshve .

  • @bk fan.bajrangi bhaijaan trailer is not tomorrow.i had heard that trailer realease date has been pushed by a week thai is 29 may

  • the budget of bajirao mastani is nearly 200cr ,so I don’t think they will clash it against dilwale,don’t worry haters dilwale will get a free run at the box office so don’t shout

  • ##dear indicine ?
    trailer release date(tomorrow)?

    my prediction
    biggest blockbuster

  • Bajirao Mastani being ready in time is almost impossible as u can see in recent photos (Piku’s success bash) Ranveer’s arm is still injured so he cannot shoot for his films.. BM will not release before June 2016 and i bet FAN will release before it!

  • Fan is goin to 2 b another bombay vlvet
    the feel is the same

    mastani can giv stiff challenge to diliwale its not sawaariya with new comers

  • Akki must concentrate on multistarrers like bros its gud for his career
    BB pre-eid release so hard to create new weeknd records

  • I hope FAN releases this,october 22nd is a perfect date,still 5 months to go..lots of time to complete the VFX work..#Waiting

  • All these young actors have capability of achieving 7-8crs first day with decent music and trailer on their own..Anything above that,u have to include other factors like a top heroine,chartbuster music,exceptional trailer etc.!!

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