Priyanka signs a three-film deal with UTV

Priyanka Chopra has signed a three-film deal with UTV. Priyanka?s co-stars Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan were offered such multiple film corporate contracts, which later didn?t work out. She is one-of-its-kind for a leading lady in the bollywood film industry and is perhaps the first Bollywood actress to have been considered for a multiple film deal by a corporate company.

UTV claims that this deal would mark a significant move by the company to drive the corporatisation of the movie business.

Priyanka says she is excited about the contract because apart from obviously doing good films under the banner, she will also have the freedom to choose the films. She says, ?There are no binding conditions in the contract. I will have the full freedom to choose scripts, directors and even the technicians.?

When asked how much the contract was worth, she just smiled and said, ?I don?t discuss money.? While the UTV guys also refused to disclose the amount promised to Priyanka, the buzz is that the contract would be worth something around 4 – 5 crores.


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