Fool N Final – Movie Review

Fool N Final, directed by Ahmed Khan and produced by Firoz Nadiadwala, promises to be a fun package of entertainment, but it fails in its attempt big time. There are a few comic moments, that tickle your funny bone? but unfortunately that?s about it… The movie has an imperfect mixture of everything and leaves you with so many questions lingering in your head. Freeze your brains or lock them back at home as this movie demands its audience to be dumb and senseless.

Fool N Final, revolves around a diamond robbery that initially takes place in India in the silliest way. Rocky (Chunkey Pandey), a man crazy about two things, guns and gambling, pockets it for his London based don-uncle Choksey (Gulshan Grover) who wants to trade it to his Dubai partner, Lalvani (Asrani). Moscow Chikna (Arbaaz Khan), the don of Dubai makes use of petty thieves Raja (Shahid Kapoor), Tina (Ayesha Takia) and Choubey (Paresh Rawal) in stealing the diamond for him, as they owe him some money. The trio?s band is joined by another clown Pattu Pilot (Johny Lever), a Malbari who can drive a car fast. Meanwhile Choksey come?s hunting for the diamond with Gun master G9 (Jackie Shroff) who threatens the band to handover the diamond to him. To add to their trouble enters J.D, who holds illegal boxing matches, and bullies them to thieve the diamond for him.

This is not it; there are two more stories that run parallel. Munna (Sunny Deol), a well built man with a strength that could topple cars and trucks and anything else that came his way, plants Raja, who had a resemblance of the dead son of his brother and sister-in-law (Om Puri and Sharmila Tagore), as their son to get his sister-in-law out from a state of distress. Munna saves Payal (Sameera Reddy) from the clutches of the don J.D and provides her shelter. Payal falls head over heals in love with him. Luckee (Vivek Oberoi) and Bob (Suresh Menon), who own a game parlour in Dubai, had their additional income coming from the illegal boxing matches and they approach sturdy Munna to fight for them.

The fight is on and its time to steal?

Director Ahmed Khan fails in his trail. He tries to convey too much in too little time. He has thrown in shades of every genre of cinema in bad proportions which makes it a disaster. There is nothing called a sensible substance in the movie. In short, the director tries to be a master of all but finally is jack of none.

Shahid Kapoor, the tomboy of the movie, is excellent in his stunts and dance moves. He looks stunning and competent as usual.

Ayesha Takia gets less scope. She has given a good shot to her ?do-little? role.

Sunny Deol?s performance is fine. His character is plain and kind of a repetitive action. He is macho in the last fighting scene.

Sameera Reddy?s presence is equal to her not being there. She just appears in a few scene with just nothing to do. She is just wasted.

Johny Lever and Paresh Rawal duo keeps you stuck to your seat. They make you wish for more of the two. The duo is fantastic.

Vivek Oberoi has very little to perform. He gets a ?C? grade for his performance. .

Jackie Shroff enters only to reach the movie?s climax. His performance is not up to the mark.

Arbaaz Khan?s performance was all right. He has to improve his acting skills.

Sharmila Tagore and Om Puri are good. Chunky Pandey is all right. Zakir Hussain, Gulshan Grover, Asrani are okay and are mere additions to the already huge cast.

Paresh Rawal and Johny Lever?s presence intensifies the movie. Background score is excellent. Choreography for Shahid?s dance is mind blowing. The stunts were too good. Dialogues are witty at places keeping your interest level on.

The movie leaves you with so many questions and the answers are just impossible to be found. The writer should have invested little more time in clearing out the connections between the characters and sorted out the sequence.

On the whole, Fool N Final is clumsily packed and a disappointing entertainer. Opening is expected to be quite good but poor word of mouth could affect its business in the crucial second week. This is a weak product by a strong production (Firoz Nadiadwala). “Box office hit…Don’t even dream of it.” DISASTER

Rating: ★½☆☆☆


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