Aishwarya plays lead lady in Sarkar 2

Director Ram Gopal Varma confirms that Aishwarya Rai is very much a part of ‘Sarkar 2’. Contradict to the rumor that Aishwarya is having second thoughts, he says that she agreed to play the role as the character has very strong portrayal.

All the three lead actors, Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya, have already given dates for the film.

“Amitji, Abhishek and Aishwarya have confirmed their dates. There’s no question of Aishwarya having second thoughts. She has heard her role and then consented. She plays a very strong character, far more than the women in the first part of ‘Sarkar’,” Varma said.

“You could say Aishwarya is as much a part of the central drama as the Bachchans. I went to her because I needed a leading lady of her stature. I wouldn’t waste my time and hers offering her a role that anyone else could do,” he added.

Written by Abbas Tyrewala, ‘Sarkar 2’ carries the story of the desi Corleone family forward.

“But you must understand ‘Sarkar 2’ won’t be akin to ‘Godfather 2’ in the sense that it won’t have the son taking over the family business from the father. Amitji will continue to be a powerful force in the drama.”

“I had openly acknowledged my debt to Francis Coppola’s ‘The Godfather’. ‘Sarkar’ wouldn’t have been possible without ‘The Godfather’. But ‘Sarkar 2’ will owe no debt to ‘Godfather 2’.”

Elaborating on the plot, Varma says ‘Sarkar 2’ will go into the politics of rural Maharashtra and into the power corridors of Delhi.

“For your information ‘Sarkar 2’ was conceived with Amitji and Abhishek even when ‘Sarkar’ was being made. Finally, the audience doesn’t care where a film comes from.”

“If ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’ has done well it’s not because it’s a sequel, but because it’s a terrific entertainer. I don’t want audiences to come to see ‘Sarkar 2’ only because they liked the earlier film.”

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