All set to make a Sequel to DDLJ?

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge direceted by Aditya Chopra is all set for a sequel. ‘Moviemakers – Seriously movies’ is a community in the most famous society of the web world called Orkut. The members of this community have contemplated a virtual version of DDLJ.

There is an open forum on the society where movie buffs from all over the world are adding in their own version of how the movie would continue once Raj (Shahrukh Khan) pulls Simran (Kajol) into the train.

While some say that Kajol is expelled out of the train because she is ticketless, others spice it up by making the train meet an accident and Raj loosing his memory.

Some have wild imagination and huge budget as they bring in thier favorite star and add a twist to the tale.

So pitch into the group to create your own ?DDLJ? part 2?you never know, your story might just be a hit. Wassay, Aditya Chopra?



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