Prince – The Showtime Movie Review

Investing 40 crores plus on a solo Vivek Oberoi starrer is arguably the biggest gamble any producer could dare take. His last two solo films – Kisna (2005) and Home Delivery (2006) – were amongst the biggest disasters ever. But Prince is different, its a slick action thriller with decent music. Action films in the recent past have enjoyed success, mainly at single screens. Can Prince bring in the audience to theaters when the country is caught in the IPL fever?

Prince stars Vivek Oberoi, Nandana Sen, Aruna Shields, Neeru Singh, Sanjay Kapoor and Dalip Tahil.

Vivek Oberoi is Prince, an extraordinary thief who has committed the biggest robbery ever. Unfortunately, before he could come out of it, he wakes up having lost his memory and with a bullet wound on his arm. Prince cannot even recollect his name. Soon he comes to know about who he was working for, the name of his girlfriend – Maya. But problems arise when three girls – all with the same names Maya – claim to be his girlfriend.

There are plenty of people chasing him too, the CBI and criminals. Whom does he trust? How he battles the evil or was he evil himself? Will he be able to save himself if he recovers his lost memory? Watch Prince to find out.

What works for Prince

  • The action sequences are top notch and have been choreographed (Allan Amin) and performed (Vivek Oberoi and others)  very well.
  • Director Kookie Gulati has successfully ensured each scene looks grand, atleast the 40 odd crores don’t seem wasted. The film has an international look to it, the VFX too is top notch.
  • The cinematography is stunning. The locales the film has been shot in (South Africa) are beautifully captured.
  • The first half is a good watch, the action sequences, writing and execution keep you hooked.

What doesn’t work for Prince

  • The performances – especially from the leading ladies – are outright awful. The dialogues are some of the lamest ever. The repeated – Its Showtime – would get you pulling every single hair off your head.
  • The post interval portions – Prince regaining his memory, the real Maya et al.. don’t work. Its the writing that is to be blamed here.
  • The styling and costumes should have been better. And what’s with the overdose of leather? The hero, the ladies and the goons all wear leather throughout the film.


  • Vivek Oberoi tries to do a Hrithik and manages it well. He performs the action sequences well, but lacks the charm that Roshan brought to his role in Dhoom 2. Looks a bit old in a couple of scenes, mainly due to the makeup.
  • Aruna Shields sizzles and displays ample amount of skin. Amongst the girls, she is by far the best.
  • Nandana Sen and Neeru Singh are ineffective.
  • Isaiah is good. The rest are okay.

Overall, Prince has great action sequences, good music and awesome visuals. Its unintentionally funny at times, mainly due to the dialogues.

Rating: ★★½☆☆



  • i hv not watch but most of critics is saying it is unintenstionally funny…and said it is funnier than so called comedy movie

    • Yes, the movie was kind of unintentionally funny. Its a good one time watch. Some of the dialogues are so stupid and cliched they make you laugh.

      But all said and done, if Prince starred someone like Hrithik, Akshay or SRK it would received much higher ratings by the critics.

  • Indicine team:wht do u think,as a public view..will this movie will be success???Wht was the reaction on theatre where u watch this movie???

    Wht abt Jane kaha se aayi hai movie?When will u post ur review..

    If u can,plz interact more with user

  • Hi Indicine Team

    Am back :) I watched the movie today it was not bad.. The action was good and vivek was great after a long time. I liked him in Kurbaan too :)

    I really hope this movie works for his sake atleast. He deserves success after a long time. A solo hit will help his career a lot.

  • ya correct sudeep : if the movie wd have starred SRK , then only this movie wd have got higher ratings becoz the entire media is very biased to AKKI and Sallu

  • One word just bakwas film . It is terrible movie. No story just unnecssary action sequences . Dialouges are just horrible . Vivek’s acting just shamefull u cant imagine . He acted like over the top . Its so much overacting .

    My rating 1.5/5 .

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  • I am going to watch this film, beacuse I like to see how Bollywood are progressing in these types of films. However, what were the producers or the team thinking investing (more like wasting 40 crore) on Vivek Oberoi. Yes, he has talent but he is not reliable and has he ever given a solo hit.

    The day prior to the film I predicted to myself that this film cannot excede 28 crore. Only time will tell.

  • watched Prince superb perfomance by vivek and thr33 very very sexyyyyy actresss lovely chemistry wit real maya :) lovely location excellent visual techo thrilling stunt suspence fantasticcccccccc

  • rajeev masand ka review dekhke indicine apne review dena band karo …i am sure indicine dekhne nhi gya hoga or hritihik srk akki…… maya ka role jo vivek ne kiya hai koi nhi kar sakta tha shootout at lokhanwada me ..

  • yes.. akshay is going to blow the box office on 28th april… we are waiting for this big bashhhhhh…. AKKI is real king.. & now no need to prove it… he has won the no.1 position of strongest star of bollywood even amitabh bachchan & aamir khan are on no.2 position.. ritiq on no.3 & SRK hakloo khan is on no.4 position… so congrats akki’s hates… hahahahahahha akki is on Top… who cares.. wat media or critics says abt akshay.. he is the best

  • its an ok film borrowed heavily from paycheck …the songs are lousy misplaced especially tere liye..vivek looks good aftera
    a long time the three lasses are good too..this film will flop but vivek might shine

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