PK Trailer Launch Photos

Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra launched the trailer of their upcoming film ‘PK’. †The trailer has already received a great response on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The teaser trailer looks very different from most Hindi films that are churned out every week, which is exactly why PK could be one of the most refreshing films of the year.

We have a few photos from the launch, check them out.

Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan at PK trailer launch

Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan at PK trailer launch

Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan during the PK teaser launch

Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan during the PK teaser launch

Team PK poses during the PK teaser launch

Team PK poses during the PK teaser launch

Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan

Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan



  • I suggest you guys re-watch the trailers of Rajkumar Hirani classics like Munna Bhai films and 3 idiots.
    Their trailers(including the new PK trailer) looked simplistic and didn’t reveal much about the characters and plot of the film, unlike other big film trailers which only highlight the best parts of the movie and disappoint big time when the full movie is watched later,e.g., Ra.One, Don 2, Ek Tha Tiger, Dhoom:3, Bang Bang trailers to name a few.
    Rajkumar Hirani knows these tactics very well.
    He has confidence on his product.
    Box-office records apart, PK will be a classic!

  • Review: Happy New Year
    Whereís the big bang in Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukoneís latest film?
    By Manjusha Radhakrishnan, Senior ReporterPublished: 13:00 October 23, 2014

    Director Farah Khan doesnít do dark films. Her films are festive and celebrate all things Bollywood ó the colour, the feverish dance moves and hyperbolic emotions.
    But she seems to have taken a misstep with Happy New Year ó despite re-uniting with her muse Shah Rukh Khan and her Om Shanti Om discovery Deepika Padukone. We are eternally grateful for the latter, but itís difficult to forgive Farah Khan for not tapping into the collective potential of her ensemble cast (Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah and Jackie Shroff).
    Itís a heist thriller mixed with enough dancing to make your head spin. We are first introduced to the college graduate-but-jobless Chandramohan Sharma, also knows as Charlie, (Khan) who is nursing deep wounds. His father (Anupam Kher), who runs a business creating sturdy lockers, is duped by an evil businessman Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff) and hurtled off to jail for a robbery he didnít commit. ?Charlieís idyllic life is destroyed and he dreams of bringing down Grover. An opportunity presents itself when Grover declares on television that heís the custodian of precious diamonds worth billions of rupees. Itís an invitation that will tempt any robber-hopeful and Charlie jumps on it like a diet-addled girl on biryani. He puts together a team thatís far from suave. This is no Oceanís 11 in terms of suavity or style. But if you will, Reservoir (under)dogs for dummies.
    ĎCharlieís Angelsí, as Shah Rukh Khan calls them, are a bunch of buffoons, who we are told, are exceptional at cracking codes (Irani), hacking (Vivaan Shah) or being a doppelganger of the evil guyís son (slum-dweller Abhishek Bachchan). They are sloppy and are in need of a crash course on competency and team work.

    Forget stealing diamonds, this motley of wannabe crooks donít seem to have the know-how to steal a safety pin from a supermarket. If their IQ comes across as low, then you should watch these guys dance since the modus operandi is to masquerade as a dance team participating in the World Dance Championship in Dubai, the place where the diamonds are parked. After a series of failed dance lessons, they stumble upon bar dancer Mohini, whose dream is to open a dance school for children. Padukone is good and some of HNYís sparkling moments feature her.
    In this splashy drama, every murky deed by the heroes is justified as some cathartic event in their lives since they were wronged in the first place.
    Sometimes, you wish the makers had invested more energy into making the heist more exciting instead of justifying their intent and rolling out conduct certificates. Instead, the camera lovingly grazes Khanís eight-pack abs and is a glorious tribute to Khanís studied histrionics.
    The robbery and its build-up should have been water-tight, but their clowning around takes up a lot of screen time making it a tedious watch. You may find yourself laughing at some of their antics, but HNY proves that nothing spectacular comes out of mixing gang robbery with grinding hips.
    The team, we are told, enjoyed an enviable conflict-free camaraderie during filming, but only a slice of it has translated on screen. Itís got a few silly jokes, but they are too few to transform HNY into an engaging watch.
    Bachchan Jr as the uncouth Nandu and Irani as the ageing Parsi bachelor are endearing in parts, but the simplistic story lets them down. Khan is in familiar territory and has the tendency to ham things along. My favourite scenes are the ones where famous dialogues from his previous blockbusters such as Chak De! India and Om Shanti Om are juxtaposed in this film.
    The scene set in Dubai is spectacular. If Khanís oiled abs are on full display, the scenes against the backdrop of Atlantis, The Palm, the fountains at the Dubai Mall and ice rink among others, are no less gleaming. Watch this if you love Khan and Dubai, and are good with suspending belief for over three hours.

    Stars: 2 out of 5

  • very nice aamir is really intelligent in this activities.
    now I’m waiting for movie.
    agar trailer nahi dheka hota to bhi mai movie jata. itna confidence hai aamir pe….
    I guarantee it movie will definitely entertain us.

  • @babaji thanks for giving review…hny will be flop I already said in many articles and I predicted movie will not cross bang bang lifetime. all srk fans disliking my comments.
    but I knew it movie will be flop. my sixth sense never n ever goes wrong..

  • indeed the teaser is freaking awesome but the thing is that pk is for very specific people there is no romance dance music action only a good story such movie earn/won hearts not money i dont thik it will create records though i hope it does make. i think i am gonna watch at theater not on pc.
    good luck team PK and HNY.

  • Happy New Year is an ultimate
    recipe, which needs to be gulped with
    immense pleasure.
    One thing, which is clear and is quite obvious
    that had it not been the king of
    entertainment Shah Rukh Khan, the movie
    would not have been that easier to standby.
    But itís not that Shah Rukh Khan is all over
    whom Farah Khan entirely depends on. The
    directorís offering carries that essence, which
    quite fulfils our requirement of getting
    entertained with other few reasons.
    Robbery has been an integral plot found
    recently in most of our Khans’ movies. After
    Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3, Salman Khan in
    Kick, not to forget Hrithik Roshan in Bang
    Bang and now itís Shah Rukh Khan in Happy
    New Year.
    Uncomparatively, Happy New Year has
    different situation and different approach to
    make that robbery happen. Charlie (Shah
    Rukh Khan) builds up a team for World dance
    Championship in Dubai.
    We come across Nandu Bhide (Abhishek
    Bachchan), Mohini Joshi (Deepika Padukone),
    Jagmohan Prakash (Sonu Sood), Temhton
    Irani (Boman Irani), Rohan Singh (Vivaan
    Shah) with their unusual qualities.
    They team up together but their unsuccessful
    attempt brings them to a jackpot, which
    needs to be looted and is owned by Charan
    Grover (Jackie Shroff). So, will they be
    successful? That you would have to find it
    out yourself.
    What one could expect from Farah Khan in
    Happy New Year is the element of surprises,
    which keeps popping up every second
    sequence and that helps in sidelining the
    illogical things, however there arenít many
    this time.
    The jokes are cynical and satirical and also
    allow its characters to self mock, a little
    stupid but enough to bring smiles on our
    Watching through this over three hours
    entertainment, we are recalled of Farahís
    signature direction alongside replication of
    few scenes. We wonít reveal it as that would
    soar your taste a bit and allow you to
    discover that by yourself.
    Capitalising over the superhit jodi of Shah
    Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, Farah
    paints epic romance between the two in the
    movie, which is one of the vital features
    youíll love to cherish yet again.
    Despite its three hours long drama, the movie
    rarely bores you with these two romancing
    while Abhishek, Boman, Sonu and Vivaan
    giving an impeccable contribution in fun. The
    action sequences have been worked upon
    and once set it is deemed to give you
    Performances of all creates a massive
    impact . As said before Shah Rukh Khanís
    screen presence is a major relief for us.
    He is the one who could carry off any messy
    script, however, in this movie he gets a good
    support and with it he is once again brilliant.
    Deepika Padukone yet again proves that she
    could fit in any role given and is here to stay
    for long. Abhishek Bachchan in comedy roles
    is getting perfection.
    We have seen him in Bol Bachchan and in
    this too he gives a good performance.
    Boman Irani plays his part well. Sonu Sood
    with a combo of brilliant physic and acting,
    gives a great performance.
    Debutant Vivaan Shah doesnít let himself go
    overshadowed by the likes of big actors
    standing with him. He is good.
    Music by VIshal-Shekhar is brilliant. Songs
    like Lovely, Indiawaale, Mawaa Laage have
    already created massive buzz on the music
    charts and in the movie those alongside
    others are a treat to watch.

  • ATBB and evergreen classic on its way- and I dont mean tomorrow when some Antique Washing Machine Heist is releasing… All eyes on PK the movie even though some of our readers may be more inclined to look at PK transistor praying it falls of like ‘zeeshan’, ‘sahir’ and ‘trini-in-one’ but that aside PKs BO journey this Christmas will be record breaking…!

  • I seriously love the world in Raju Hirani movies.

    From Munna Bhai to Pk his stories are set in a place full of compassionate people where goodness rules the roast.

    Such an inspiring person!

  • @babaji ka thullu: why the hell have you been posting some stupid review of whatever in the PK’s article? It’s better you watch first and then criticise if you want (even though you are gonna make believe every others that you ain’t gonna watch it, but I am sure you will) and spread the negativity as usual! My point to you, just watch it, if you want.. as a neutral fan! Don’t go by others. Thanks!

  • Exclusive 1st revie w of
    Shahrukh khan starrer HAPPY NEW YEAR BY INDIA
    INDIA TV: All time historical blockbuster thts all
    we can say for Happy new year….
    A complite paisa vasul entertainer…
    1st half full of comedy n 2nd half full of suspance
    n action a complite family entertainer….
    So n enjoy the movie with ur family…
    India tv rating: 4/5 Star

  • Congos SRKians.. HNY already getting AVERAGE reviews from certain websites..

    Gulf News 2.5/5
    Masala 2/5
    IndiaTV 2/5
    Filmibeat 2/5

    Too much FUN!!! :D :D :D

  • what the hell! BOI now says that no movies did cross 100cr on opening weekend with Dhoom 3 falling short! what was the collection of D3 on the 1st weekend? it seems BOI is trying hard to make HNY the 1st blwd film to cross 100cr on opening weekend.

  • Happy Diwali to #TeamIndicine and all the visitors (non-visitors, too :P). Hope this festival of light brings happiness in all of our lives! Hope this website grows day by day and becomes leading Bollywood site (if it’s not already). This is by far best website about Bollywood where readers can also interact with it.

    @Indicine, please post this comment before 12:00 am, I’m little late!

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