PK: Ticket prices won’t be hiked for Aamir Khan – Rajkumar Hirani film

Here’s some good news for fans who are waiting for the most-anticipated release of 2014. Reliable sources have informed that the ticket prices of the Aamir Khan – Rajkumar Hirani film won’t be hiked.

The decision to keep the ticket prices normal, thereby getting more people to watch the film, was taken by Aamir Khan. 

“The team feels that the film is universal and everyone should be able to see it,” said Aamir’s spokesperson in a statement released to the media.

With the release of a big film, exhibitors across the country increase ticket prices. However, Aamir Khan was adamant not to effect any change in price.

The ticket price of PK will be lower than KICK and Happy New Year.

Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma - PK

Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma – PK



  • PK – the facts

    • Aamir Khan spent four months learning to speak Bhojpuri for his role and got so involved in it that he ended up messing up his lines in Dhoom 3, which he was working on simultaneously.

    • Anushka Sharma, then only a teenager, had sent an audition tape to Raj Kumar Hirani for 3 Idiots, but it never reached him.

    • The wardrobe for the cast was not planned and individually designed. Depending on what caught the crew’s fancy, outfits were mostly bought off the rack or from people wearing them.

    • Aamir Khan plays an unconventional odd ball who is called PK (inebriated) because of his eccentric behaviour.

    • The song Battery Recharge from the film’s soundtrack is already trending on social media.

  • Sachin Tendulkar came from a special PK screening and said:
    ” PK‪ ‬is a completely out of the box film. It’s a must watch with a strong message. It’s Aamir Khan’s best performance and best film I have ever seen. ‘Film bahot hi superb hai. I have promised to Aamir that I wouldn’t reveal much about the film but it’s Aamir’s best film’ “

  • For The Last 7 Years, It’s Only Aamir Who is Literally Breaking Old Records & Creating New One’s & #PK is Going To Repeat The Feat Again!

  • Lol!! Indicine supporting pk here. Advance is not upto the mark outside Mumbai and Delhi when it started with few shows so maker keeps same price of d3 and HNY. And some places even higher for ex. Pvr director cut Delhi where ticket rate was 1400 rs for d3 and HNY but 1600 for pk. Mr Amir people will not get fooled this time.

  • I will watch PK on 27th,have to wait a bit due to my exams..but ticket prices here not less than KICK,HNY..On the same level..
    Prices have been increased to what we have normally here every week.

  • i had seen the FDFS of Kick in wave multiplex noida sec 18 in having cost of ticket 120 ya for PK the price of that same show is 160. then how u r saying that the price is below kick.

  • ohh really!! or this is just a statement to make everyone fool!!
    i had seen the FDFS of Kick in wave multiplex noida sec 18 in having cost of ticket 120 and for PK the price of that same show is 160. then how u r saying that the price is below kick.its abt 30% higher then kick.

  • @indicine….I have watched kick & hny in the same theater……..& I went there today for pk & price of pk is double then both hny & kickkkk…

  • Ticket rates have hiked from normal..
    Everyone is saying so,even checked on bookmyshow for few cities.
    Rates are on same level or more than KICK.

  • Pk advance booking is nowhere near to dhoom3 lol, d3 break records because of franchisis not amir n pk will prove it

  • True story is pk tickets wont be able to sell due to its documentry kind content in Alien KAAN…response that not good to hike the prices..

    its shows the star power…. he is not SRK/Salman… perfctionist demanding big % of

    might chopra/Hirani selling tamotoes in market….Mela returns..

  • google searched top 10 celebrtiy in india
    1.sunny leon
    2.narendra modi
    9.poonam pandey
    10.virat kohli
    salman rocks but our king shocks because of his 3.2 billion fans
    indicine please a article about this

  • In pvr 3c( lajpat nagar), the price during kick was 175 and now its may seem a bit unbelievable but its the truth.
    In BIG odeon , price has been increased from 380 to 400 .Fun cinema has hiked its prices in delhi as well as kota and lucknow.

  • Advance booking of PK is superb all over.Hyderabad is outstanding along with Delhi.Mumbai,Pune,Kolkata also good and it picked up in Bangalore yesterday.Even small centers are showing good growth.Advance booking is little less compared to Dhoom 3 but more compared to Kick and HNY and is best for this year.

  • Hello Mr.PK Rajkumar Hirani the prices in Bangalore PVR Forum mall has gone to Rs.380 already compared to Rs.350 for Happy New Year and Kick, what do u have to say on that???

  • ha ha through out song and trailer amir has same expression acting like a mental joker.raju hirani also didn’t wrotr special good script so it will sink like talash.but higher screen than HNY,higher ticket price still couldn’t beat HNY’S OPENING DAY RECORD.negativity started against HNY from 2nd day as bjp workers distributed pirated CD of HMY all over the country otherwise it would have smash d3.however I’m happy that if HNY would have break d3,then salmirnwould have say film made record due to multistarrer that I don’t want d3’s record is safe.ONLY KING KHAN will make/break records,this time no dhoom so tingu couldn’t pull audience until and unless it will like 3i which is impossible.don’t know why some dumbs are hyping and comparing this dedh phutiya joker with THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.

  • @sss

    What a foolish fan! You’re a disgrace for srk! He recently said in an interview that after him and now Salman, he’d like to see Aamir topping the Forbes list.

    And here we have dumb fans like Romance R_fan and sss spreading negativity against a Rajkumar Hirani film. Have you seen Munna Bhai MBBS or Lage Raho Munna bhai? He’s a 3 time national award winning director and what are you? A shameless b-grade fan who doesn’t even use his original name!

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