PK will beat the collections of KICK says Sajid Nadiadwala

Filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala, who directed the year’s biggest blockbuster KICK starring Salman Khan, feels that the last release of 2014 – Aamir Khan’s PK directed by Rajkumar Hirani, will go on to be the biggest grosser of 2014. 

Nadiadwala also said that he is a big fan of Hirani and wants PK to break records.

“PK will definitely out-distance Kick. The collections of PK will be unbelievable. With my decades of my experience in film production I can feel it. I feel no regret or envy in saying PK will bigger than Kick. This is not just a practical but also an emotional response. I’m a big fan of Raju Hirani’s cinema. I want PK to break records.” said Nadiadwala.

The Kick director praised Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year too.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I’m very proud of my rakhi-sister Farah. People keep forgetting I am debutant director. Compared to me Farah and Raju are veterans. And still if Kick is being talked about in the same breath as their films then I’ve a lot to be happy about.” he added.

Sajid Nadiadwala

Sajid Nadiadwala



  • After Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munna Bhai, the third trivia is on none other than 3 idiots!

    For Munna bhai trivia:

    For LRMB trivia:

    So let’s begin!

    1. The meaning of 3 I.D.I.O.T.S and Original choice:

    The title had 2 meanings. One which we all know. Those who follow their hearts and defy conventional method are called “Idiots” But here’s an unknown fact!

    3 idiots was an acronym for “I Do It On my TermS!” Which in itself signified the entire movie.

    Rajkumar Hirani wanted 4 fresh boys for the role. When he realized he needed experienced actors, he approached Vivek Oberoi for the role of Rancho. Vivek Oberoi rejected the role, even before SRK!

    2. Characterization of Virus:

    Do you know, Virus was given a trait of Mahatma Gandhi? Gandhiji as we all know was a very busy man. So busy that he couldn’t afford wasting time on shaving his beard! While researching for Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Hirani learnt that Gandhiji had told his followers to cut his nails or shave his beard when he took a nap, just to save time. Hirani couldn’t translate this idea into screenplay of Munna Bhai.

    While writing 3 idiots, they wanted to make a cartoonish professor, so they took this idea and added the power-nap and opera to it and gave us a whimsically funny Virus in 3 idiots!

    3. Climax of 3 idiots:
    The climax of 3 idiots was actually a scene originally written for Munna Bhai MBBS. Even before Hirani wrote MBBS, he was writing a story about 3 medical students. On a drunken night, they see a young women in pain and they perform her child delivery. But in the later drafts, the protagonist switched from medical student to Munna Bhai and the scene wasn’t utilized.

    While scripting 3 idiots, the makers used this scene where the 3 medical students were substituted with 3 engineering students, which formed the climax of 3 idiots!

    4. How Rancho was born!!

    11 years before 3 idiots was written, Abhijat Joshi had previously worked on a film called Kareeb. On the sets of Kareeb, Renu Saluja (the editor of the movie) introduced Abhijat to a gentleman who had been to a premium institute under a false name! Abhijat found this guy to be bizarre because all his classmates called him with his fake identity. While writing Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Abhijat told this to Raju Hirani, who actually met this guy and spent some time with him.

    And that’s how, Rancho was born!


  • Biggest grosser of 2010: Dabbang (an average to above average movie)
    Biggest grosser of 2011: Bodyguard (a below average movie)
    Biggest grosser of 2012: ETT (an average movie)
    Biggest grosser of 2013: Dhoom 3(an average movie)

    Now I hope Kick doesn’t become the highest grosser of 2014 and gets beaten by PK so that a “GOOD” movie will become this year’s highest grosser!

  • gd to see unity and love among Bollywood directors and superstars.unfortunately some of thrir online fans keep on fighting with each other,speaking rubbish about others film and feel jealous when their rivals film bcms a bigger hit than their fav stars films.hope those stupid fans learn a lesson from these directors and superstars

  • Filmfare best movie awards
    2011: ZNMD
    2012: Barfi
    2013: BMB
    2014: ? ? Any Guess? I feel it will be among PK vs Queen!

  • “His range is truly incredible – from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar to Dil to Rang De Basanti and now PK. So I learnt from him, every single day. You know, just soaked it all up.anushka on AAMIR KHAN

  • PK – the facts

    • Aamir Khan spent four months learning to speak Bhojpuri for his role and got so involved in it that he ended up messing up his lines in Dhoom 3, which he was working on simultaneously.

    • Anushka Sharma, then only a teenager, had sent an audition tape to Raj Kumar Hirani for 3 Idiots, but it never reached him.

    • The wardrobe for the cast was not planned and individually designed. Depending on what caught the crew’s fancy, outfits were mostly bought off the rack or from people wearing them.

    • Aamir Khan plays an unconventional odd ball who is called PK (inebriated) because of his eccentric behaviour.

    • The song Battery Recharge from the film’s soundtrack is already trending on social media.

  • @nipun u forgot 2006 when an avg film dhoom2 became highest grossers ahead of cult hits like lage raho munnabhai and rdb!!!

    oh sorry,it starred hro so d2 sjd only b called a gd film and rest like d3,dabang,ett despite of being similar quality will hv to b remembered as avg!!!

  • For The Last 7 Years, It’s Only Aamir Who is Literally Breaking Old Records & Creating New One’s & #PK is Going To Repeat The Feat Again!

  • @nipun, dabbang an average film??? even i didn’t liked it but you can’t called it average because it’s just your opinion. and dabbang is known as one of the best masala films in recent years!. so atleast mention that it’s your opinion.

  • Oh! Again shit from lol @nipun, Dabangg is average to above average movie. lol. Actually Dabangg better than all Hr movie.
    Even Dabangg 2 better than Manipulation K3.
    Bang bang – worst movie, crap remake movie
    Bo king K3 – below worst movie
    Angrypath – above worst movie
    ZNMD – above average movie
    Kites – worst movie.
    God sake, now you don’t be say bang bang better than holiday.
    Anyway honest Sajid Nandiawala by saying pk good movie.

  • @Nipun: Dabbang is not avg film everyone like the movie even the critics as well Farhan Akhtar, Joya Akhtar, SRK these are some name.

  • @ARJUN KAPOOR FAN: Why have’nt u named 2007?? When a below avg. Om shanti om became the highest grosser! Seriously you have converted into a srk fan…
    Anyways OSO was lucky as TZP clashed with Welcome,otherwise welcome would have been the highest grosser,it was much more enjoyable than oso.

  • whenever one director gives best wishes to another while another movie going to release …its means he knows its flop or underperfom…they know inside of content and likes…this is human nature…to wish good luck blah blah…

    pk sure shot under perfom…Mela on the way…or talaash 2…lol

  • @ nipun:kyoun se planet se aaya hai tu jo dabangg ko average movie keh raha hai..all time blockbuster k liyea do u even know how many ticket has to sell n how many foot has to fall in the theatre that also around in 1900 screen n way back in 2010?? I know ur choice of movie tha ka huwa khan ka pakau dialogues ..get some life bro ..chulbul pandey is a character which will be rememberd for hunderd more coming years..its not like ur Charlie Chaplin in sad year ..!! May be u guys talk abt yuvraj n marigold which was disaster in box office ..yea it was because salman jus play that movie for fren sake to help them a bit to make money ..n every one know that ..bete asli king wohi hota hai jo sab kuch lootakar feer se aasmaan chuyea ..6 blockbuster out of 7 .. whicj is impossible for any actor in indian cinema ..n its not like fake awards that srk can buy ..bete isko stardom kehtà hai jo sirf salman ke paas hai ..dont talk abt the consistency ..if srk ne marigold aur yuvraaz kiya hota toh he would have disappear now .. salman has more all time blockbuster n blockbuster n you guys talking abt hits n fake awards…if u guys have doubt who has more atbb n blockbuster ask to indicine …?? Srk always remain in third position kyoun ki uska naam hi teesra khan hai no1 n no 2 is both salman bhai n sir aamir khan ..

  • @babaji I didn’t name oso bcz it didn’t star nipuns fav actor hrithik in it.I hv nothing against dhoom2 and infact I liked it more than dabangg,ett but to call those films avg and neglect hw dhoom2 didn’t let rdb,lrmb to bcm highest grosser is very wrong

  • @nipun if dabangg is above evrage then what is kites,krrish,agneepath,bang-bang,d2 all hritik movie will be sadak chap

  • @nipun but dabangg was much better than all jadoo movie are u nonsense u call dabangg average movie.are u out of your mind.

  • Dhoom 2 was not a Great film either, but definitely better than all the 5 films I have mentioned ! Ofcourse, it’s my opinion. Here I am not talking about Collection. So no need to tell about its verdict. Lol. And if someone bashes BangBang,k3,Agneepath,ZNMD, I don’t care. I seriously don’t understand How/Why others impose their opinion over me! I found Dabbang average to above average! What’s wrong? It’s just my opinion. I simply cann’t be a dumb to call this film a classic and compare it with legendary movies like Lagaan,CDI,JA etc like many users of indicine do. Lol

  • Worst movie of last 5 years as below;

    Bo king K3
    This year…any guess ??? No doubt definitely Bang Bang.
    Other hands, which movie more manipulation BO this year? Anyone guess please ))

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