People are not interested in my films, it’s time to retire: Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, who delivered the industry’s biggest grosser Dhoom 3 in December last year, says his audience is not interested in his films after ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

“I have certain responsibility as an actor and post ‘Satyamev Jayate’ people don’t see me as an actor (laughs).. When I was shooting in Rajasthan for ‘PK’, the reporters there didn’t ask me a single question about the film, they all were interested in ‘Satyamev Jayate’.”

“I think people are not interested in my film and it’s time for me to retire. ‘Achha ho gaya ‘Dhoom 3’ ne bacha liya, it did well,” said the actor.

The third season of Satyamev Jayate will begin in September this year.

“It has been an encouraging journey so far. I am so happy with the response. This season we will deal with some new topics,”

Some photos from the press event below. Have a look!

Aamir Khan at the launch of Satyamev Jayate 3Aamir Khan at the launch of Satyamev Jayate 3

Aamir Khan at Satyamev Jayate 3 launchAamir Khan at Satyamev Jayate 3 launch

Aamir KhanAamir Khan

Aamir Khan launches a new season of Satyamev JayateAamir Khan launches a new season of Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan launches Satyamev Jayate Season 3Aamir Khan launches Satyamev Jayate Season 3



  • Ek number ka nautanki! He is saying this to generate publicity for Pk. He can go to any length. Disgusting person.

  • i used to say it but nor indicine or aamir fans like navin,bulli n sid original never believed me… aamir himself thinks his career is over and huge brand dhoom,yrf and katrina saved him this time but now he wants to retire so pk should be released free as it will balance the big amount audience paid while watching dhoom 3

  • but even smj is a flop as it’s avg trp is 2.5 same as zor ka jhatka which aired on small channel ndtv imagine while smj aired on biggest channel star plus

  • Aamir should not talk about retirement from films coz many people also are not interested for our kings films but our king never talks about retirement

  • Honestly salman is a bigger star and better actor than aamir. Even aamir knows that. He cant compete with Dabaang Khan

  • no yr….dont do this ever…i like ur movies very much…people likes ur movies very much even haters too…for me u r the best actor till now of this decade…

  • Oh wait? No way Aamir, 3 idiots, Rang de Basanti, Taare zameen par, Laagan, Dil chahta hai, Sarfarosh… Your list of classics is damn too high! Hope you continue making good movies.

  • Yeh toh wahi hai Transistor wala PK.Aamir just said this jokingly.His movies r always in 1 of the most awaited movies and he always gets big opening which means people r very much interested in his movies like now millions r waiting for release of PK worldwide.

  • now this is known as PUBLICITY STUNT
    I LUV U AAMIR BUT I HATE UR only 2 regular fans on indicine… Rest r all joint salamir fans

  • Good Joke, Aamir! Only you and Salman can do self-deprecating jokes. Meanwhile, the Chota Don Teesra Khan likes to make fun of others and their careers. He also pays Ravi Pujari to use his name for publicity stunts.
    We are waiting for PK, Satyamev Jayate, BB8.

  • Dhoom-3 saved Aamir..At least,He agreed..
    Reporters are fools..they even don’t know that what type of question asking to the actors..
    Don’t listen to them..People always love Aamir..When you make masterpiece,Everyone shocks..

  • i’m a srk fan and being a srk fan you all can guess that howmuch i hate Aamir….but i hate Aamir ,it doesn’t mean that i ignore his hardwork and his contribution to bollywood….he is great and one of the best actor of bollywood….

  • Aamir seems to be preparing for the role of a wrestler for his next…seems to have bulked up..
    @indicine…Is there any confirmed news reg. Aamirs next after PK..?

  • as an actor I have confidence in my audience. Just leaving two people, who have filed the case, rest of them know me well.@aamir_khan

  • Satyamev Jayate has definitely been a gane changer for Indian television . Satyamev Jayate is a fabulous show it has changed the mindset of people and it has also shown the harsh reality about some topics . The popularity of Aamir has increased by leaps and bounds after he has done SMJ . What i like about him is that when he does the show he is not Aamir the actor but Aamir as a responsible and social person . I just love the way Aamir has handled his stardom because he has stood up for social causes and issues . I am just waiting eagerly for the 3rd season of SMJ and i am just thinking what will be topics this time . # Aamir Khan . # SMJ . # Satyajit Bhatkal – Director of SMJ . # Respect .

  • SRKian schedule for next few days.”Promote” HNY everywhere,stuff IMDb,troll, spam,abuse PK team, bash SRK’s rivals, predict 900 cr.

  • even Juhi & Devya Bharati called Aamir Khan as Chocolate Boy in QSQT while when they saw SRGAY they said that SRGAY looks like Bear animal.

  • Aamir said this in funny way,Aamir won’t be retire from films.May be as an actor his journey is not so long now due to his age.But he will contribute towards cinema with other role, as a producer or director. and of course with SMJ.Eagerly waiting for P.K. certainly the best commercial film of the year.I believe so.Proud to be An Aamir fan.

    His journey as an actor was full of dramatical but as a producer he is best.
    Peepli Live
    Dhobi GHat
    Delhi Belly
    Talaash and
    Now P.k.
    what a variety in story,Zoner,and a film as a whole.All films are well received by critics and target audiences.

    Will watch SMJ from Next Sunday on star.

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