P.K. Release date leaves Kashyap peeved with Aamir-Hirani

Anurag KashyapThe news of Aamir Khan’s P.K., directed by Rajkumar Hirani set to be released on December 25 2014 has come as a big shock for Anurag Kashyap.

Anurag had booked the date several months in advance for his much talked about film, Bombay Velvet, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. He has been all agog about the film that is his most ambitious venture to date.

Kashyap has been taking meticulous steps in creating the film, which is said to have created a film set of Mumbai in Sri Lanka as it was back in the 1950’s. The news of Hirani’s film being released on the same date as his film has enraged him.

“All it would have taken is a phone call,” says a visibly upset Anurag.”I heard the rumours and called Raju Hirani to tell him that if they were indeed planning a Christmas release to please let me know in advance. At that point, they said there were no such plans,”says Anurag and adds that he was not intimated and had to learn about the release date from the Twitter page of Aamir Khan.

The date is a lucky one for Aamir as his big hits, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3, and Ghajini were all released during the festive season of Christmas.

“It hurts because I respect Raju as a filmmaker and as a person. Apart from being a colleague, he is also a friend,” says Anurag.

The maverick filmmaker also said that both films will be affected being released on the same day and that the release date issue would have to be sorted out soon.



  • @Samar : Lets see what your sher did to Ashutosh Gowariker :

    * Lagaan : Hit
    * Swades : Flop
    * Jodhaa Akber : Semi Hit

    Now you know who is a kid !!!!!!

  • Let our global star clash with the best actor ajay in Diwali. Results will be like SOS vs JTHJ despite the fact that YRF captured many screens unfairly and illegally.

  • I feel that PK will have to prepone by 1week.You should not forget that WELCOME BACK is also releasing on christmas.A sequel to 2007 blockbuster which competed with classic tzp
    Don’t underestimate WELCOME BACK

  • @sss we all know what happaned when jthj vs sos and everyone knows who was the winner…jthj was big budget with ambitious project while sos was medium project but sos was the reall winner of that clash..by the way we are not like akki and ekta kapoor who postponed outm2…the reason postponed action jackson on 6th july is they another month to finish shooting of the movie and i think Aj will clash Hpny or bg bg

  • @chupbaysalla:your name shows that u’re a guy with dumb mind. Who told u that hr lost in znmd? ?hr played the role of a workaholic and money loving guy.his character wasn’t like farhan or abhay. And remember crap himmatwala and satyagraha?
    Krrish3(244 crores)>>>himmatwala satyagraha bol bachchan lol. .remember agneepath vs teez?

  • Lol, there were some srkians roaming that mnik collected 200cr worldwide on non holiday and also at the time when student exams running, in which world 12th feb got Exam season, bhai humare time me to mostly exam mar me hote h, i don’t know where 3.7 billions fan belong too,JA released in feb 2008 collected 58cr being a period drama,while Srk-kjo-Kajol trio failed to sustain in second week despite of king khan was left free within 2hr by officials.@sss i told you to take Complain Lagaan,Rdb,Famaa all were non holiday release but were clean hits unlike Srk bas yrf/dharma ke saath hit deta tha beetd jamane me. Poor man wasn’t have guts to release on non-holiday so came to clash with ouatim than visited to Balaji and said Akshay can get success later but i required a big hit as i am not able to collect 120cr by releasing my movie on festive season, non holiday me to lanka lag jayegi, @sss what is the collection of paheli,swades non holiday release in india/overseas and tell which position these 2 stands there.

  • Its about time aamir or salman khan movie clashed with another movie. I’d like to see how this affects their business bc both aamir and salman have been enjoying solo release with several open weeks following their release. SRK has already proved time and again that he can handle a clash and emerge a winner. I’d like to see Ranbir vs. Aamir clash this christmas bc a christmas release usually means 3-4 open weeks so its not a bad decision to release two movies on christmas

  • @Ajey’s Fan and @Gunday Hai Hum Are u all for real????? SOS budget was 80crore which is much more than JTHJ (50 crore) and still JTHJ grossed more: JTHJ (102/120)>>SOS(88/105)…………………………also SOS was in popular masala genre at that time with Ajay/Sona who were giving back to back hits and Salman involvement……………………therefore dont write lies! The clear winner was JTHJ!

  • Non-festive hits of SRK-
    2)Darr-Super Hit.
    3)Karan Arjun-Blockbuster.
    5)Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham-Blockbuster.
    7)Chalte Chalte-Hit.
    8)Kal Ho Naa Ho-Hit.
    9)Main Hoon Na-Hit.
    10)Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna-Hit.
    11)Chak De India-Blockbuster.
    12)Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-Blockbuster.
    13)My Name Is Khan-Hit.
    SRK Has 13 Non-holiday clean hits While Aamir Has total 10 clean hits in his whole career..so,SRK haters like sky,hrithik…etc.. Don’t say anything if you don’t know….tum sab haters aise hi brainless ho i know… King rocks,haters shocks…

  • It’s OK 2 films release on the same day.. It will just eat into each other’s business.. Let it be aside.. But when Anurag Kashyap called and asked Raju Hirani about the rumors doing around that PK is releasing on Christmas, why did Raju Hirani lied to him? Why did he tell that they have not decided anything like that and suddenly 2 days later Aamir tweeted about a Christmas release? Anurag still respects Raju Hirani a lot… May be Aamir has some angst against him coz he cudn’t be a part of Bombay Velvet (Being the first choice for the movie). But what Raju Hirani did here was wrong.. I’m not talking aobut releasing on the same day.. But I’m talking about Raju Hirani acting double faced

  • Why can’t these people think that it would be nice for the audience to watch two great movies at the same time this Christmas rather than thinking more about the box office prospects..

  • Anurag is an enigma- some call hima genius, others a maverick and a small but sizeable ‘minority’ say hes reckless n a flop director if one takes into account commercial revenues. I agree with the latter viewpoint, the man is a flop director believing his own self created hype, get a new date for your crappy family sequel of Besharam rejigged as Bombay Velvet. You can book the next 6 Christmas slots, next 7 Diwali slots and next 8 Eid slots but even if Sunny Leone or Shreyas Talpade decide on releasing their films on that date then you better move aside as theres more entertainment in their crapgiri movies than your nonsensical ‘everyone scream just for the hell of it’ so called classy acting movies.

    PK all the way- bombal velvet can go for a vacation this Christmas.

  • @triniman A simple masala film SOS with Ajay+Sonakshi set in India cost Rs 80 crore while JTHJ shot much in overseas with SRK+Katrina+Anushka+A R Rehman cost Rs 50 crore lol
    This shows Ajay is far more valuable and bigger than SRK

  • @Jackson, No u moron, this shows that the makers of JTHJ know proper financial management unlike those of SOS! Ajay bigger than SRK???? Wow u are really deluded, plz come back to reality, ur star Ajay just had the worse yr last yr with Disaster Himmawala and flop multistarrer with Big B and Kareena but he is bigger than King Khan who has far more hits/superhits/BB/ATBB and had an ATBB last yr in CE! Yet u have the audacity to make that statement! Wow just wow

  • Aamir is insecure and cannot give hits without holidays. Onlysome Christmas hits made him a star otherwise he was just an actor

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