P.K. Release date leaves Kashyap peeved with Aamir-Hirani

Anurag KashyapThe news of Aamir Khan’s P.K., directed by Rajkumar Hirani set to be released on December 25 2014 has come as a big shock for Anurag Kashyap.

Anurag had booked the date several months in advance for his much talked about film, Bombay Velvet, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. He has been all agog about the film that is his most ambitious venture to date.

Kashyap has been taking meticulous steps in creating the film, which is said to have created a film set of Mumbai in Sri Lanka as it was back in the 1950’s. The news of Hirani’s film being released on the same date as his film has enraged him.

“All it would have taken is a phone call,” says a visibly upset Anurag.”I heard the rumours and called Raju Hirani to tell him that if they were indeed planning a Christmas release to please let me know in advance. At that point, they said there were no such plans,”says Anurag and adds that he was not intimated and had to learn about the release date from the Twitter page of Aamir Khan.

The date is a lucky one for Aamir as his big hits, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3, and Ghajini were all released during the festive season of Christmas.

“It hurts because I respect Raju as a filmmaker and as a person. Apart from being a colleague, he is also a friend,” says Anurag.

The maverick filmmaker also said that both films will be affected being released on the same day and that the release date issue would have to be sorted out soon.



  • This is the problem with Khan trio,they just don’t want to release their film without a holiday…

  • Talaash non holiday:93crs

    Jai ho non holiday:112crs

    and SRK never releases his films without a holiday,so no examples available…

  • Khan’s know there movies have no stories just hype ..thats why they rely on holidays..but we have to see how long they can go!!!

  • If there is clash then only Bombay velvet will be effected because PK will be strong on second and third week also like 3 idiots and Dhoom 3

  • @babaji ka thullu,talaash was semi hit and jai ho was semi hit but my name is khan was hit and rab ne bana di jodi was blockbuster if you don’t know,then ignore

  • @babaji, the khans are not only paid for their roles but they also hold rights for several territories, and hence it is more of a business decision, as on big festival holidays people anyways watch movies, and to cash on it makes business sense.

    though as an audience i like clashes, and it would be great if Anurag releases his movie on xmas too, but since he too now work on business economics he will surely pre or postpone his movie.

    also since Action Jackson too is rescheduled, i wish it releases with HNY in Diwali. It is an action comedy movie and has potential to do good. Since, Oct 2 there are already 2 movies (bang bang and phantom), a third one is too much crowd and Ajay has already shown he cannot be intimidated by big releases and production houses. If Ajay doesn’t, then hopefully Hro should get Bang Bang released in Diwali.

  • Common anurag don’t be a cry baby! Go ahead and release ur film if u believe in ur content. Who knws u may come out as a winner.

  • I dont think anurag should be complaining.. we have two great films looking forward to.. being released in festive season n winter vacations people will definitely go n watch both the films.. people as it is are looking for things to do in holidays n it will great if it releases on the same date.. no better than watching couple of good movies with friends n family.. ranbir n aamir are industry’s best actor.. srk salman hrithik are on the same page acting wise.. though when it comes to stardom srk n salman are the biggest superstars n by far..

  • My name is khan(february 2010)-india -76 cr and worldwide -225 cr. Sabhi ko maaloom hoga ki iss samay india mein har taraf exams hi hote hain. Yaani non holiday ka baap . Kisi ki himmat hai iss february month yaani exam time mein apni film ko release kare aur 200 cr se bhi jyada ka income kare. Hai koi.., hai koi? Main jaanta hoon ki bollYwood mein aisa doosra koi maa ka laal nahi hai. Other example-rab ne bana di jodi(2008)-india income-89 cr. And worldwide- 170 cr. Original SHER and original king , hamaara SRK. baaki to saare DOODH peete bachche hain.

  • Pk and Bombey valvet,both will be quality films.both films have anushka in common.so there shouldn’t be any clash.it’s all because amir and raju. Anurag had already booked christmas before raju.

  • Anyway,i hope prabhu deva knows who hrithik is and doesn’t release action jackson on 2nd oct. Otherwise,result will be like kaho naa pyaar hai vs phir bhi dil hai hindustani.

  • @jc:bang bang will never release in diwali as hro and srk are good friends. Action jackson should release on diwali. Result will be like jthj vs sos. Also,nov 5 is a good day for release.remember ramleela success.

  • @Anupama, LOL, its also Katrina vs Katrina on October 2nd.

    Coming to the point, well I don’t see P.K. being moved away from Christmas now. Fair or not, Bombay Velvet will have to deal with it. If the content of Bombay Velvet is really good, then it will also perform well at the box office.

  • And nipun,knph and pbdhh was never clash pbdhh was released after a week of knph first correct your fact before saying anything and don’t forget mohabbatein v/s mission kashmir lol

  • @akshaya:i know that.PBDHH released before a week of KNPH and then, after a week,mela released. Both mela and pbdhh flopped and knph became bb.i gave that example because i know bang bang will be bigger than action jackson if both clash as stardomwise,hro>>>ajay and kat>>>sonakshi.
    And FYI,mission kashmir opened better and it then lost to mohabatein.but still,managed to be an above average grosser.so mk was also a successful film.

  • but the fact is @babaji ki thullu thinking himself as a genius that’s why he ignored KING’s MNIK.otherwise he is the fan of struggler across 70cr barrier.lol.

    @sky,look how amir ruined anurag’s day as you talked about CE,lol.

    go ahead anurag,you’re a great classic director,you and rockstar will surely overshadowed the perfaketionist,so are you ready to see clash between perfaketionist and rockstar,I hope it’ll be great.some sallu fans wants ajay should release with tsunmai,I mean HNY,my advise to him is after defeated 2 times from JTHJ and CE,he willn’t have that much dare to release again with KING,lol.so a triple clash will happen in 1st/2nd october bang bang vs phantom vs action jaction.it shows clearly amir didn’t make even a hit like KING KHAN with out holiday,lol.

    @nipun,you know very well about mission kashmir thrashed by KING KHAN,but PBDHH and knph are not simultaneous release,anyway you should happy as path breaking movie krrish3 got best ghanta film of the year ward,now got your critics answer.

  • who is the lukkha anurag kashyap?his films are copycat of rgv style of filmmaking…already one kashyap ruined ranbir career with beshram and now bombay velvat both start with ‘B’ only diaster…

  • @Babaji Ka Thullu!SRK released his film “CHAKDE INDIA” on non-holiday way back in/on 10th august only in 400 screens & collected 70 crores with the film being tax-free & also blockbuster.Also RNBDJ on 12th december 2008 which was a blockbuster.MNIK released on 12th february 2010 when it was the time of board exams of 10th & 12th respectively.Still MNIK was a HIT in india & ATBB in overseas.

  • lol bandh who lost abhay deol snd farhan in terms acting in znmd wil fighting with national award winner…

  • I think action Jackson should release on 15 August and singham2 on diwali.then its become really interesting competition between happy new year and singham2.

  • this clash will be good forAudiance and i think they will choose the good movie with good script,so Anurag there is nothing to worry about,maybe your movie will be the winner

  • @immi 3 khan have achieves alot, so it doesn’t what will be future result, @babaji i agree that khans should try to release their film on nonholiday but everyone try to holding on festive slot. But as the trend suggest with clash of Aamir that both films doing well, example-dil vs Ghatak, lagaan vs Gadar, Tzp vs Welcome. Even RAJA hindustani and Ghatak been released in gap of 1 week but both turned out bigger hits in 1996, so i wish both will collect huge plus there is chance of P.k. To release on 19th dec so 25th will be 7th day for the film and its better for both film.

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