Kareena Kapoor talks about Shuddhi and Bombay Samurai

It seems like Kareena Kapoor is not put out by the recent turn of events. After her marriage, the actress has started accepting things as they are.

Karan Johar’s Shuddhi and Bombay Samurai, her film with Farhan Akthar, seem to be put on hold for some reason or other. Since two of her most significant films have been delayed indefinitely, it is certainly surprising to see Mrs. Khan keeping her cool.

Shuddhi was been delayed due to Hrithik Roshan’s personal and health problems. Soon after Hrithik opted out of the film, Kareena too walked out of the project.

But at every event that Kareena attends, she is asked about the film.

“I have left ‘Shuddhi”, I am not part of it anymore. I am not at all disheartened about it. It gives me more time for myself and to holiday… I am married now I am not running a relay marathon now. I don’t know why the press makes such a big deal about it,” said Kareena, adding that the shoot for Bombay Samurai will commence after Singham 2 which is to be shot from March 25.

The actress has purportedly refused projects like Ram-Leela, Queen, Fashion, Chennai Express, and many others which went on to become big hits.

However, Kareena does not have any regrets “I feel honoured and glad to give work to other people. I hope they become stars as I have rejected big films”.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor



  • Lol…she is even not upset about that,means now she is very happy with her married life and don’t want to do much films…
    You had a good career bebo,its time to say bye!

  • With all due respect to Bebo, whom am a fan of, all the films rejected couldn’t have had the same effect as they were with the actresses who actually did them.

    Though I always feel Ram Leela would have been better off with Priyanka, i can’t deny that Dippy’s funny accented role in CE was top notch, while Fashion could not have been better without PC, and Queen, well, Kangana has just proved without all the starry pay cheques and little promotions she has managed to beat all competition to emerge winner and collect more than Bebo’s last outing.

    Bebo will surely get a good role in future, but she should abide time and not keep giving these silly interviews or comments.

  • Just read the last two lines. The fact is that she isn’t very hard working and she doesn’t want to play very challanging roles.

  • refused projects like Ram-Leela, Queen, Fashion, Chennai Express…..i think she is gonna regret that oppurtunity in the future like Juhi chawla who admited that she refused Dil to pagal hai,DLJ and raja hindustani

  • 1. Agent Vinod = Flop.
    2. Heroine = Flop
    3. Satyagraha = Flop
    4. Gori tere pyar mein = Flop
    Only the Almighty Rohit Shetty can save her career.

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