Now, Ranbir Kapoor talks about intolerance

Ranbir Kapoor has joined the long list of actors who have now spoken about the ‘intolerance’ debate in the country. Ranbir, who awaits the release of ‘Tamasha’, has said that intolerance was always there in the country.

“Intolerance has always been around. Unfair to say things have suddenly turned intolerant.. I do not get the feeling that intolerance has gone up” Ranbir said.

The actor went on to add that the entire issue has been blown out of proportions. Can’t blame him, because at every movie event, the media has made it a point to repeatedly ask actors about their take on the so-called intolerance.

“Intolerance question is being blown out of proportion” Ranbir added.

Meanwhile, actress Raveena Tandon too had strong words to say. Here tweets have gone viral on Twitter.

“Guess all those who did not want PM Modi to become PM, want 2 bring this govt down.. sadly because of politics, they are shaming country.. Fringe elements were always there, one can always say that’s condemnable, action needs to be taken against them, but to spread paranoia? not done”

“Wonder why they didn’t feel fear when bombs ripped the heart of Mumbai.. Or our security was breached #26/11 – gosh! no point same argument”

“Let’s cut the BS - why can’t these people openly say that they weren’t happy since the day Modi became PM.. instead of shaming the whole country.. Really – have the guts to say it openly, instead of dragging the whole country’s image down, I don’t have a problem with any form of protest.. But when it comes to respecting your nation and what it has done for you ?? Before that ask yourself.. What have you done for the nation?” Raveena said.



  • Can’t forget cat fight she and karishma had because of Ajay. Next another affair with Akki. Dumped her too. She is still suffering from those heartbreak that’s why her heart is black.

  • @Romu kaka : Also mention Ranbir gave a 150+ crs much before your queen who is afraid to release his/her movies on non holiday !!!!!! :-p At least Salman had 120 crs Blockbuster what queen has 74 crs Hit which half of Ranbir’s movie !!!!!!!! Lol

  • @Imraan….You see that’s my problem with some of us here. What does ajay prbas crossing legs with pm have to do with this. Why say “if it’s the khan” you are taking us backward again when many of us know this has to do with some outer power moguls sitting in their living room dictating and calling local thugs turned political apointees to carry out their orders. Nothing like religious notes.
    Between, get yr facts right. Ajay was invited to new Delhi courtsey of Bjp leader. Prabas had some chat with PM modi before leaving. Soon as Prabas learnt Ajay was in the same building he decided to wait for Ajay to come out from Bjp leaders office ,greeted Ajay and introduced his parents to Ajay being a very big fan of him. Wished him luck for Drishyam,he and his parents even took pictures with ajay before leaving.
    @Imraan,I never came across Ajay crossing legs
    with mr PM. Neither do I know what they discussed. I follow Every news of Ajay so pls stop spreading any negativity. That incident you talking about is more known to be “Prabas thrilled to see Ajay after meeting with Pm modi.” Check Toi or ghamsham or pinkvilla to see more details on that okay?

    @hritik @,tiger @Anand @xzone(5.33pm)…….
    Well said guys!!

  • @intolerant khans .. Yeah and user name speaks volumes about your thought process .. Rise above hate. & there’s nothing wrong in heading towards the kitchen. The restaurants that we in are functioned by ‘males’. I don’t see anything wrong in my comment, its just your thought process that needs to improve :)

  • Look no one has said anything wrong its how you take it and how media wishes to serve you.. like news chanel wants TRPS so they keep asking actors on tesese issues until they speak something and den mold it such that their TRps hits top.. Few days back when SRK was targated, I saw the full interview and no where he has said that India is intolerant. it was put to us by media and we believed everything they said… and today Aamir, i have not seen the interview as yet but i sure it will be much much different from what is being displayed by the media @ the moment.

  • Ranbir Kapoor is the biggest next gen superstar. Karan Johar, Rajkumar hirani all the biggest names are after him. Your hate can’t stop him. And I’ve lost my respect for Aamir khan!

  • Each morning my prayer is Lord teach me to know my friends my enemies I can take care of. Its never an enemy you have to look out for but friends who are closer to you that have more to gain by discrediting you. Like always it is very easy for haters and media to use the KHANS name because they know it will grab the attention of the readers so they hype it up. Learn to trust your God and not the politicians, only God can heal our nations.

  • @javed:
    Show your anger to Hafiz saeed you paki.

    When did I try to divide Hindu-Muslim??? Show me a single line you brainless. Even I have bashed some srkians like #syed, #hashim etc who tried do so…


  • Now the so called Hindu Religion degrading groups must have to raise their voice against A HINDU Ranbir,now say him Pakistani and go to Pakistan you losers,now you should die with same.well done ranbir kapoor.

    @yuvraj,nobody gives damn about salim sir’ statement though.but salman’s tweet about releasing yakub Menon shows his criminalism and changing tweet after salim sir’s suggestion shows his double standard and shoes how he doesn’t care about this own commitment such a loser is your bhabijaan,ROFL.

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  • befor the release of vishworoopam when kamal hasan talked of leaving the country in 2003 no one questioned him. why? there was no backlash from anupam kher, raveena tondon ram gopal verma..why??

  • Inke bhi parr nikal aaye lage hath!! .. may be he thght he’d get as much attention as aamir does n wld help his movie do better!! Not the smartest thing to do I guess when u r not doin gr8.. different roles as anurag basu says but same crappy monotonous acting, even in ads!! n that is the reason people r getting bored of him!! Salman is anything but boring!! Haha.. what stupidity jus for publicity!!
    Talk of the biggest names n muft mein attention palo, media gets trp, politicians reap it n little knwn or not as gud or long forgotten or average doing bollywood people get their undeserving little or more fame!!

  • @sss : Still stuck in 2012!!!!! If Aamir and Salman didnt exist Queen would have done Avataar with a tail in back and blasted all WW records on Box Office. But who is going to stop these IFs and BUTs and make it a reality ?? You or Queen sRK ?? Lol

    #Charlie ki Marlie !!!!!!!!!!

  • @Romu kaka : Accha double standard hai !!! For Salman give a movie reference of 2014 and for SRK upcoming movie of 2016 !!!!!!!!!!! Lol

    What happened to your Spamming comment that PRDP wont cross Crappy New Year’s 176 crs ??? PRDP will blow HNY today or tomorrow according to BOI !!!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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