Ranbir is not like boring Salman, he takes risks: Anurag Basu

Filmmaker Anurag Basu, who has directed films like ‘Barfi’, ‘Life In A Metro’ and ‘Gangster’, has said that he prefers to work with actors like Ranbir Kapoor because he is willing to take risks.

The director went on to add that there are not many actors like Ranbir, who unlike Salman Khan, doesn’t repeat himself by doing the same kind of films.

“I am glad there is an actor like Ranbir who is taking the risk. There are not many actors, who would do it. He is not like Salman who is doing same thing film after film. He is boring. How can you do that?. At least he (Ranbir) is experimenting with his craft, he is pushing the envelope, and he is taking the risks” Basu said.

While Ranbir’s films like ‘Bombay Velvet’, ‘Roy’ and ‘Besharam’ have failed at the box office, Basu said it’s better to get creative satisfaction by doing varied roles.

“It is not paying off but at least he is getting the satisfaction of doing those films. He is playing different characters, they are so different form each other. Very few actors do that”

“In India people blame actors for the failure of a film. But it is not up to them, it is the director. But still people blamed Ranbir.” he added.



  • Rofl…. Biggest joke of the day !!…

    Which risk he is talking abt???…

    Ranbir always hides behind deepika,, imitiaz,, arr to give hits…!..

    All of his hit films have been due to big banner,, big heroines which r bigger star than him…!..

    Although this is media stunt for Tamasha,, tamasha will be a disaster regardless..

  • It’s better to make an entertaining film than experimenting in a snooze fest like Roy, BV, etc.
    And Salman doesn’t give a 100cr disaster like Ranbir.

  • After Besharam,, Roy,, Bombay helmet … ,, tamasha will b exclusively a disaster…!..

    And nothing can save Jagga and Adhm to become big flops…!…

    And Sanjay dutt biopic is sureshot misfit flop… As Hirani cannot make gritty films… N ranbir is not man-ly like sanjay…!…

  • Some Bhai fans are making fun of Shahid for not having a 100cr film…Acting ki baat karo

    Shahid in Haider >>> Whole career of Bhai !

  • [bhai fans]

    “You are innocent bhai.
    Bhai pls reply once bhai.
    Bhai I love you bhai.
    Bhai please run over my family bhai.”

  • Hahahahahahaha!! Nailed it. Well done Basu..

    Even his fans also know this fact that salman is the most crappiest actor of all time which can be guessed by films he has done in this decade so far and will do in upcoming years..

  • very true. well said anurag. Ranbir is far better actor than khans. khans r doing crap movies. don’t know why ranbir is getting so much hate. he is great actor and human. why indians are obsessed with khans. how can movies like kick,hny n dhoom3 cross 200cr? and class movie like omg,baby,holiday,special26 and drishyam struggling to cross 100cr.

  • i agree with Anurag Basu. Talented director should work with people like SRK, Ranbir, even aamir, Akshay etc as they can take risk unlike salman. also salman doesn’t know acting. WORST EVER.

  • Yes that’s way people sleep in Ranbir movies and get full entertainment on Salman movie – and bb, prdp, kick all was different genre movies not same type – people like Anuragbasu just jealous Salman success

  • if i would be a director i would say the same about Salman like Anurag Basu said. only actors like SRK, Ranbir etc can take risk. Salman toh race mein bhi nahi wo bhi remake ke saath khush hai.

  • Agree with Anurag Basu…
    Salman knows his fanbase want to see him in regular over the top masala flicks and him dancing around like a monkey.The day he stops doing them,he’ll be back to Mrs.Khanna days.

    Underperformance of PRDP confirms that too.

  • ??where’s @Deepak Tijori Kaur . Who always bash Shah rukh calling him koyla queen and Ajay.Koyla devgn saying they are non actors????
    Look now even Ranbir is termed a better actor than Salman and you compare him with King Khan and Ajay????? Bhai fansss where are you hiding!

  • @Ved sambuddha ka tamasha fan: You are dissociating yourself from this statement coz you are afraid of bhai fans and want to do chamchagiri of them while staying true to Ranbir too.

    Had Anurag Basu taken Akki’s name,you would have jumped into the conversation like a clown and started writing your rubbish.

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