Now, Ranbir Kapoor talks about intolerance

Ranbir Kapoor has joined the long list of actors who have now spoken about the ‘intolerance’ debate in the country. Ranbir, who awaits the release of ‘Tamasha’, has said that intolerance was always there in the country.

“Intolerance has always been around. Unfair to say things have suddenly turned intolerant.. I do not get the feeling that intolerance has gone up” Ranbir said.

The actor went on to add that the entire issue has been blown out of proportions. Can’t blame him, because at every movie event, the media has made it a point to repeatedly ask actors about their take on the so-called intolerance.

“Intolerance question is being blown out of proportion” Ranbir added.

Meanwhile, actress Raveena Tandon too had strong words to say. Here tweets have gone viral on Twitter.

“Guess all those who did not want PM Modi to become PM, want 2 bring this govt down.. sadly because of politics, they are shaming country.. Fringe elements were always there, one can always say that’s condemnable, action needs to be taken against them, but to spread paranoia? not done”

“Wonder why they didn’t feel fear when bombs ripped the heart of Mumbai.. Or our security was breached #26/11 – gosh! no point same argument”

“Let’s cut the BS – why can’t these people openly say that they weren’t happy since the day Modi became PM.. instead of shaming the whole country.. Really – have the guts to say it openly, instead of dragging the whole country’s image down, I don’t have a problem with any form of protest.. But when it comes to respecting your nation and what it has done for you ?? Before that ask yourself.. What have you done for the nation?” Raveena said.



  • Good Ranbir. Raveena has some personal issues with Aamir right from Parampara. Why only the Khans? When other hindu superstars like Ajay D and Prabas can go sit down cross leg with with mr PM Modi nobody knows what they discuss but a single Khan speaks out his mind then there is problem!

  • our PM might not be the reason behind this but some other bjp leaders who are also against narendra modi are the reasion for this

  • pakistan and india have similarity.both country have politician with criminal background narrow thinking and pulling legs of each other.

  • India is tolerant but not our union government and ruling party.

    Union ministers & MPs are comparing Dalits with Dogs, isn’t it intolerance???

    Most of BJP leaders and union ministers are justfying the killing of Kulbargi, Davolkar and Akhlakh. Isn’t it intolerance???

    Most of the BJP leaders, chief ministers even governors are saying that Muslim must leave India and go to Pakistan. Isn’t it intolerance???

    All the scientist, artists, historians, journalists, poets who raise their voice against intolerance are taged desdrohi & pakistani agents. Isn’t it intolerance???

    Most recently they have said SRK is a Deshdrohi & Pakistani agent. Even compared him with terrorist Hafiz saeed. Isn’t it intolerance???

    Yesterday Home ministry published a report saying more than 300 communial clashed happened in last three months. Isn’t it a symbol of intolerance???

  • Whoever raise their voice against intolerance are considered anti nationals and Pakistan’s agent by our ruling government and their supporters.

    My question to them is the great Dalai Lama, reserve bank governer Raghuram rajan, Infosys’ founder Narayanmurthi, veteran Gulzar Saab, Padma vibhushan scientist P.M Bhargav are Pakistani agents??? Have relationship with Hafiz saeed??

    RSS thinkers and BJP leaders like Arun shorie, Ram Jethmalini etc and former supreme court chief justice Katju ji are anti nationals??? Pakistani agent???

  • This flop actress who hasn’t given a single watchable film is ranting against a superstar who has the record of most classic films in bwood, is the most hardworking, dedicated and intelligent ever. A big LOL!

  • I don’t have any idea what is intolerance thing bout but based what I have read so far its totally unbelievable.
    Some morons whome I read their comments here on Indicine are dragging religion whenever any Khan makes a statement. Come on guys, for Gods sake, stop judging other people blindly. Everyone has right to express his/her opinion and we shoukd learn how to respect others’ s opinion.

  • Ranbir stop following Aamir n do something to save your career. You are not a son of Big B either to get Dhoom franchise n chota mota role after career is gone. About Raveena comments, there is a famous saying ‘Pagaal dost se Hushyar Dushman achcha hai’ at least outside enemies are visible but how can you trust insiders who are your enemies ???

  • @Zeeshan.. that says a lot about your level of thinking. Women are only meant to be in the kitchen and they have no right to express their opinion, right loser?

  • Ooohhhh!! Every flopped or fading artist coming up to have their shares of benefits at the expense of the superstar Aamir Khan! That’s not done, guys!!

    Indirectly, By saying that Communal-ism or Intolerant has always been in India, They are directly or indirectly defending the Modi Gov’t. I am not saying his Gov’t good or bad as he needs more time to prove. But you can conclude to the point I’ve said.

    Shame on you publicity hungry people for scapegoating an individual for his one intentional or unintentional mistake!

  • thankfully some sensible statements from bollywood…

    really aamir needs to clarify……still dont wanna believe its really all that bad…….

    congress in the emanwhile is trying to blow it out of proportions ahead of the winter session…..HORRIBLE!

  • Besides, Salman has just escaped that controversy on a close shave during a PRDP promotion. Thanks to Sonam Kapoor, she has saved him from a (sick) reporter forcing him to say something on intolerance and take a stand.
    It was the only time I saw Salman feeling helpless. He murmured ‘thanks Sonam.’

  • none can stop the success of tamasha even salman also cant stop tamasha
    i dont know abt jagga jassos but tamasha will be life line for ranbir sure

  • Strange time in the country.

    People are getting hate for supporting the country and people are getting support for defaming the country.

  • Hey you stupid tiger !!
    what are trying to show by continously posting the same comment every time !!
    better pass off … don’t ever take srk’s name again u piece of filth 😡

  • Well said Ranbir.
    But give some lesson to Chintu Ji as he is still not aware what does “Intolerance” stand for !!! :P

    @Tiger : Stop givin it a colour of Hindu VS Muslim. If you want to condemn, do it for all. There are extremists in both the sides. And such Incidents took place even with Hindus and their families but Media and other political parties didn’t overhype that because in our country, still there is an assumption that Minorities are the biggest vote bank and no political party wants to lose them.

  • @hrithik Ranbir gave biggest non holiday blockbuster yjhd(190cr) but amir n salman gave disaster talash n jai ho respectively. RK have great line up with anurag basu kjo raju hirani ayan mukherji after tamasha future megastar unlike papa boy

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