I have not signed Super 30: Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan, who was last seen in ‘Kaabil’ earlier this year, has denied reports of signing the much-rumoured ‘Super 30’ which is said to be based on mathematician Anand Kumar.

The actor said, he is still in talks with Kumar and would immediately inform the media once he officially signs the film.

“I think cinema is a fantastic medium to bring out stories that are inspiring and empowering. I am still in discussions for the film on him (Anand Kumar). Its not official but as soon as it will be, I will let you know” Hrithik said.

A section of the media had earlier reported that Hrithik had signed the film, which the actor himself has now denied.

If it does happen, ‘Super 30’ will be directed by Vikas Bahl of ‘Queen’ fame.

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  • Just wanna say every one focusing on srk dat he is over ..but i feel uske phle hrithik is over or will b over ..coz srk has d zeal ..d want to deliver ….ds guy i dunno …it sounds harsh i know but seriously tkin so much time to sign films which arent superhero films which require dat vfx team get enuff time to deliver….surely u cn do more mvz..

  • Aamir takes 2 years for a movie but he never sits idle but you Hrithik you just take 2 years off for nothing… Amir did Dangal ( a biopic) so now you too want to do a bipic… What is this man ??? sitting idle will get you nowhere… out of sight is out of mind… Remember ‘Kumar Gaurav’…

  • jadoo boy doesnt have a release bcoz takla roshan doesnt have the krish story yet.makes 1 film in 2yrs n he is not amir khan.he should do atleast 1film a yr but we all know he is lazy n depends on his father.jadoo boy should do only krish series n use the popular calculator they have

  • I just don’t understand why a talented, good looking and once the biggest superstar of Bollywood I.e. 2000,2003-2006 is wasting his time and not signing any film. I know he gave 2 flops back to back recently but nothing is lost and nothing is too late. Even a flop actor like Akshay kumar made it and gives hits with the help of strong content oriented low budget films then why not Hrithik can? Hrirhik has bigger stardom and fan following than akshay kumar so he can easily be back on top if he starts signing good films with message.

  • Maddy@ two back to back flop films? Wt r u trying to say…..mohenjodaro is flop but kaabil is hit dude ….even considering 94 crores it is still a semi hit or successful film….don’t spread false propaganda …

    • First of all without reading my comment stop arguing baseless. I am also HR admirer and supporter. Kaabil verdict was debated and controversial. According to many trade sites it was above average and not a clean hit. So that’s why I said he gave 2 back to back underperformers. My main point is just that he should not waste time and sign more films with content.

  • Muddy @ u r unable to read ur own comment.? You have clearly said in ur comment two back to back flops of hrithik and not underperformer ..read it carefully bro.

  • Hrithik takes a huge break and does a film like mohenjodaro , pfftt !! I wouldn’t mind if he did an amazing movie !! Last movie I enjoyed of his was znmd , since then he is been doing trash .

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