I have not signed Super 30: Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan, who was last seen in ‘Kaabil’ earlier this year, has denied reports of signing the much-rumoured ‘Super 30’ which is said to be based on mathematician Anand Kumar.

The actor said, he is still in talks with Kumar and would immediately inform the media once he officially signs the film.

“I think cinema is a fantastic medium to bring out stories that are inspiring and empowering. I am still in discussions for the film on him (Anand Kumar). Itís not official but as soon as it will be, I will let you know” Hrithik said.

A section of the media had earlier reported that Hrithik had signed the film, which the actor himself has now denied.

If it does happen, ‘Super 30’ will be directed by Vikas Bahl of ‘Queen’ fame.

Should Hrithik do the film? Tell us! Read more about Anand Kumar and his journey on Wikipedia

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  • I feel he is doing Super 30 . Anand Kumar has been an inspiration for all the students and I his story needs to be told because it is just amazing . Hrithik has taken a lot of time to announce his next film after Kaabil . Only 2 years are left in this decade and I think Hrithik should at least 3 movies in the next 2 years . Such kind of movies are getting appreciation from audience such as BMB, Dangal, Neerja and Sachin . Love you sir and I all the best for your future projects . God bless . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He is doing super 30 I think
    Just he is not announcing it.
    It’s almost 7 months since his last movie released .
    He admitted that he has become lazy too.
    He is taking too much time.
    Sad to see an Actor of this calibre is wasting his time at a very crucial point

  • Don’t know why he is wasting his talent and stardom ,he is still the 4th biggest crowd puller for me in terms of Opening after Aamir Salman and Srk ,even in commercial movie is no less than Srk ,even beaten Khan’s in his top forms ,but of he will take such long gaps his neutral fans will forget him.. he has a massive fan following in neutrals ,once he was the most loved star in neutral audience before bang bang and Mohenjo Daro.
    Well, whatever movie he will do now should be good ,don’t make a blunder this time Hrithik All the best for your future Super 30 looks confirm now.

  • It’s been 7-8 months since kaabil and he is yet to sign a film! Akshay might have done 4 films in this span.

  • This “Super 30” story looks to be an inspirational one. Regarding Vikas Bahl, he has directed an awesome movie like Queen but he also directed “Shandaar” (which I haven’t watched so can’t comment). Overall it is looking interesting.

    After Kaabil’s release in Jan, Hrithik has taken a long time in signing his next. I am sure not just hrithikians but many neutral fans are eagerly waiting for his next. He is such a cool guy and a superb actor/star.

  • He will suit to any role he is versatile so that’s not a problem just script should be good ,if it’s good he should do it he has surprised people many time by playing characters people though he can’t do it. So he should go for it.

  • 22 films in 18 years. He is a method actor who takes a couple of months to get into the skin of a character. There is a video roshan retake in YouTube which shows he takes 20-30 retakes in difficult scenes. Akki & Salman Khan are spontaneous actor. But Salman Khan does late night meeting & party & wake up in 10am while akki wake up at 5-6 am. So, akki is fast in completing films. And Salman Khan does big budget movies too. Srk said that he took 8 days to shoot a 2:30min scene in fan. Salman don’t have that patience. Salman is different temperament.

  • Hrithik haters beware hrithik is at present resting .he is ready to comeback …..hrithik haters should be thankful to hrithik tat he is doing less movies tat is 1 movie in 2 yrs…. imagine wt would happen if he start giving 2 Blockbusters like krrish and dhoom 2. Lallu aur haklu ko to nani yaad aa jayegi. ……shukr manao haters ki khans bache hue Hain. ….don’t worry 2 ya 3 seal wait kar lo ..phir dekho kya hota hai…..hrithik is about to sign a movie if not super 30 then something else. ..

    • Jaaduboy isn’t getting movies offer, not even for Dadaji/Nanaji roles…But some retards are chanting on Khans… LMAO!

  • Hrithik plz don’t waste too much time ..haters are Barking too much …don’t waste ur immense talent so much. .it is hurting we fans tat his idol is lagging behind these talentless overhyped khans.. plz sign a movie hrithik ..

  • He needs to do it…movies with lower budget are the way to go…its a safe preposition and also it helps in building a mass following…Hrithik off late has been doing terrible movies, mostly for multiplexes and needs to work in a few realistic movies to bring audiences back to watching him n will eventually help build up base for Krish 4

  • Indicine have u ever answered any of my question till date.this shows tat either u have no answer to my question or my questions are spot on and are bitter truth which u don’t want to digest….my comments are clean without any foul language still u moderate and don’t publish them why? . And u publish bhai tards and haklu tards dirty comments without moderating them …clap indicine clap. ..it is high time indicine u should close / end/ scrap ur site now..it has no use. ..we Indians will watch hrithiks movies without u ..why have u started this pathetic site .close it as u have spread fake and foolish news many times..

  • No need to do any films, Hrithik is already aging without doing anything. He has become a homemaker these days, taking care of kids at home

    Ruined prospects of Raees at BO but now not announcing his next? And to think I was his big fan few years back

  • No not at all. He should do some comercially entertaining movies with a pan india reach. Befor Krrish 4 he needs to do one intense romantic thriller or an action movie.

  • Indicine He is doing…but not going to admit until official announcement is made!!He has talked a lot about meeting Anand Kumar or signing Super30 or how good He was in math or How He will resemble like Mr. Kumar…like all that…You could have posted that too!!And ya He should do this cause He can entrall all by his Act and He has proved that again & again!!and This movie will be a low coast safe venture yet can be a big Hit…so definitely He should do This & He will…finger crossed

  • A lot said HR doesn’t look like Akbar at all…rest is History…so dnt underestimate HR…He knows His limitation & strength too…i just hope Vikas Bahl to select some better actress rather than Kat!!

      • @Tiger the chuha what offers? He is much more rich and successful than you can ever dream to be. Talk about yourself chuhe. Have you got any offer even as a spot boy? I am sure you haven’t. ????. By the way Britain is way more successful and rich than you can ever dream to be and I am sure you hardly make any money as you are a jobless poor beggar. Get a life bhikhari.

      • @Tiger the chuha what offers? He is much more rich and successful than you can ever dream to be. Talk about yourself chuhe. Have you got any offer even as a spot boy? I am sure you havenít. ????. By the way hrithik is way more successful and richer than you can ever dream to be and I am sure you hardly make any money as you are a jobless poor beggar. Get a life bhikhari.

      • @Truth hurts ha ha ha. Well said bro. These chu salman fans are nothing but illiterate creatures who are burden on earth just like their 2 rs bhojpuri star. Ignore such jerks. Even salman will become jobless when his craps will start flopping. Fuse light is beginning of end of his career. Let his chuha fans bark.

  • If you feel lazy to sign films, let me sign on your behalf. At least you will have the films in your hands.

    • It’s not that he is lazy or bla bla bla it’s just that he is confused about his own career and selection of scripts and he doesn’t know what kind of film he needs to do to come back on track. Basically he is lost.

  • Hi I m from patna I go in the coching institute in supper 30 for preparation of jee mains but they through me out

  • Hrithik is not suitable and talented enough to do anand biopic……one who has given classic critically acclaimed films like lakshya , guzaarish, koi mil gaya; jodha akbar, kaabil is not kaabil enough to do such biopic…..in my view someone like salman should do such iconic role as he has mastery and talent enough ..examples are maha crap films like ready kick prdp sultan and many more mega craps ..or someone like srk who has recently craps like jhms fan or dilwale…really hrithik is not suitable ….hrithik is talentless both khans have full talent ..haklu and lallu rocks…

  • Yeah the more films Hrithik will do, the more Bribe you can get from SRK to under report his films. We can understand. Ur concern.

  • HR will bounce back…
    But need to release atleast 2movies in an year..
    One with contant driven and other commercial

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