‘Not playing 17 year old in FAN’ – Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan has denied media reports that he plays a 17 year old in Yash Raj Films’ upcoming movie FAN. The superstar has also said that his film with Rohit Shetty doesn’t feature†17 stars.

Late last night, he tweeted:

“And the number 17 where has this come from in one press con I did?! 17 stars In Rohit’s film & I am 17 yrs old in Fan… both not true.”

In a press conference from the sets of ‘Sabse Shaana Kaun’, Shahrukh had said “In my next film,†I will be playing 17 years old and Iíll take some help to do it. Perhaps with prosthetics, makeup or VFX”

While Khan didn’t specify the film where he plays a 17 year old, the media probably assumed that the film is FAN since it was delayed indefinitely to complete the VFX work. Watch the video below.



  • Probably then he will be playing 17 year old in Dilwale…and Varun Dhawan will be playing a 9 year old boy right!!

  • He said earlier that he is playing a 17 year old role and later denied ? can any Srk fan justified his statement ?

  • I cant understand the film which is not started yet is set for christmas release nd the film which have partly completed is delayed due to vfx work ,
    so rohit would comqlete his film in 8-9 months but fan vfx will take more than that how ths possible man as we all know rohit use more vfx work than other so how could he finish the film ??
    Plss reply admin.

  • Not many people know that Emraan Hashmi started his Bollywood career as an assistant director. That means, the actor knows the technicalities involved in the filmmaking process. While Emraan is mostly occupied with acting in most of his films, for his upcoming project, Mr X he has also been involved in the editing process.
    Since the film ó he plays a scientist in it ó has a lot of special effects, award-winning British special effects supervisor, Neil Corbould, has been roped in for it. And, apparently, Emraan has been spending a lot of time with Neil.
    “Emraan is showing keen involvement in the special effects and has been working with Neil on the VFX. He has been interested in special effects and animation since his college days,” says a source close to the actor. When asked how he keeps up with the technical know-how despite his busy acting schedule, Emraan says, “I stay updated on the latest developments in special effects and animation as I find the areas interesting. Itís great that I have got a chance to be practically involved with the process in the film.”

  • Playing a 17 year old won’t be believable, either. Him playing a role of a boy in his 20’s in JTHJ was odd, too. Playing a 40 year old in Chennai Express worked well for him.

  • @Yuvraj We bhai Fans Shouldn’t speak about Over Acting People Will laugh at us :/ Please Bhaijan Ki izzat mat utaro yaar :'(
    We love Our Bhaijan na?

  • smart man… he wants ppl to speculate abt his film.. smwhr at sm point he is going aamir khan way.. gud

    nd for rohit shetty film, srk is enough to brk box office records

  • I think yrf said him to not open the secret of 17_years old character in Fan, that’s why he denied now.

    And @yuvraj but you care about all Srk related post to comment. So I think you also watch Srks movie but not accept.

  • Aamir Khan also denied the alien thing in PK in it turned out to be true!!! They do these things so that people take it out of the options

    Interesting fact: All big stars other than Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn had been seen in theif roles in past 2 years!!! Even some junior artists were seen!!!
    Ranveer Singh-Lootera
    Aamir Khan-Dhoom 3
    Salman Khan- Kick
    Sharukh Khan-Happy New Year
    Hrithik Hrohan-Bang Bang
    Ranbir Kapoor-ROY
    How is that for versility in today’s times!!! Thief movies are the most famouse genre in Bollywod which collect the most money!!!

  • @immu- I did not watch any Srk movie after mohabbtein in theater. he is tortured a lot with all his bullshit movies.
    @ bhai Ka pen- you are a Srk fan who weared mask of Salman fan dont worry Salman do atleast good movies unlike ur paadshah.

  • Most insecured actor , he thinks by releasing his rohit shettys film in dec he will be able to break aamirs record , foolish . U need grt content to break pks record & rohits films r all from it. Aamir is way ahead of salman & srk.

  • @bhai ka fan umm rofling reading your comments..you are too good man
    on a serious note it doesnt matter wheather shahrukh will play a 17 year old or a 40 year old.. am going to watch him anyway

  • @Yuvraj – Really? Our Bhaijan do Good Movies? :D ROFL Lmao
    You are typical bhai fan Proud Of you
    One day Bhaijan will win Oscar :D
    BTW yuvraj I hope ur IQ is not single digit like other bhai fans

  • @I am b fan…I think its only Ajay among d biggies of late hu hasn’t featured in a thief role. But
    Akshay in special26 was a conned thief wit mask of CBI if am not mistaken.

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