I will do PK remake only if certain demands are met: Kamal Haasan

Earlier this month, we reported that Kamal Haasan is in talks to remake Rajkumar Hirani’s 2014 classic ‘PK’. However, Haasan has informed the media that only the producers who are interested in remaking the film.

“The producers have only initiated talks. I am in Mauritus on recce for my next film for my own production company. Someone has jumped the gun and has leaked a yet undecided deal” said Haasan, who played the lead in Tamil remake of Hirani’s ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ titled ‘Vasool Raja MBBS’.

The legendary actor went on to say that he might do the film only if certain demands of his are met.

“I might do the film only if certain demands of mine are met. Or else some one definitely will. It is a successful and interesting film. I am sure most actors would be eager to do it” he said.

Meanwhile, Kamal awaits the release of his next film ‘Papanasam’, which is a remake of Malayalam film ‘Drishyam’, which is also being remade in Hindi by Ajay Devgn.

“I think Ajay Devgn and director Nishikant Kamat would make an interesting aesthetic chemistry. I assume that with Mr. Kamat’s presence, the reality and immediacy will be intact. It would be a surprise departure from trodden path for Mr.Devgn. Since I have recently been there and done it, I wish them the very best” he said.



  • kamal acted in the remake of munna bhai mbbs. lage raho was never made in tamil.
    you guys should check facts before posting

  • Kamal is my favourite actor from tamil
    salman and aamir from bolly
    pk should b made in tamil it must b gud lesson for tamilians who r obsessd with stupid religious practices

  • If they remake it, they will have to face lot’s of obstacles. religious part is very strong there.
    Also film will struggle to recreate the charisma…

  • There is no replacement of Amir Khan, you can remake action and masala genre but not these type of movies where acting is the core value.

  • @Superman, do you even know who is Kamal Haasan? He’s one of the greatest actors in the history of Indian cinema. He doesn’t have to act like anybody, he has a class of his own. Furthermore, PK’s core value wasn’t acting, there are other movies in which acting is the core value, but PK’s priority was its content and entertainment value.

  • @rohit PK rested completely on Aamir’s shoulders. Story also played a part but most of the laughs and emotion in the film came from his performance. His mannerisms, innocence and accent drove the film. Without his fantastic performance PK wont be half as good.

  • Kamal Hassan can bring justice to the role of PK. I have seen many of his comedy films and he will fit the role very well.

  • @Rohit,completely agree with you.Kamal sir has league of His own.@superman gonna mad and comparing a valueless movie’s overacfir with Kamal sir,what a shame?

    My recommendation for Kamal sir is not to loose His reputation by involving in that plagiarised anti-HINDU movies.

  • @django: Mind your fucking words! How can you say Tamilians are following stupid religious facts? Aren’t the people in other parts, I don’t know where the hell you are from (seems like Moronabad!) also indulge in stupid religious activities? Don’t utter words as you may feel like speaking.

  • Kamal Hassan rocks! Would love to see him as PK, he rocked big time in Vasool Raja MBBS.


    Agree with you. Rubbish comments by django. Racist moron!

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