No SRK – Salman clash during EID 2015

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani has rubbished all rumours of the media-created clash between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan during Eid 2015.

“No Eid Fight in 2015. Mid day (local daily) says someone spoke to some manager blah blah blah. Raees filming begins in July (2014) and will release 2015.” Sidhwani posted on his official Twitter page.

The producer also clarified that, if any film has already announced Eid 2015 as its release date (referring to Kabir Khan’s film with Salman), they would respect the same and pick another date for their film.

SRK Salman Hug

Salman – SRK hugged during festive season of Eid 2013

“..†if some other film has announced EID release before us we will respect that and not fight. As itís our dear media who wants us to fight.†And the good will among our fraternity stands strong ..”

Soon after SRK announced his film, titled Raees, with Eid 2015 as its tentative release date, the media went berserk touting a mega box office clash between the two arch-rivals.

Earlier today, Mid-day had reported that

“a member from the production house called up Salmanís manager to find out if his film is indeed releasing on Eid. The manager answered in the affirmative. Next day, the production house (Excel Entertainment) announced that their film will also be releasing on Eid. Kabir Khan is said to have been a little miffed with this new development as they had announced their release date in November this year.”

The local daily also quoted a source saying

“It is not fair on the part of the production house to enquire about date of Salmanís release and then go ahead and announce their own film. Whatever happened to the goodwill among film-makers? The competition is becoming too cut-throat and nobody seems to be bothered about others. If both the movies release on the same day, it will only harm each otherís market. Why is it becoming such a big ego issue, is beyond comprehension”



  • time and time again srk fans always saying about Don-Jaaneman and srk clashing history with others, but they don’t know once there was clash between KKHH-BMCM and both worked well, srk Ashoka clashed with Sunny’s Indian and we all know India was a successful movie while Ashoka was bombed, clashes of srk with others which i remeber.
    Veer Jaara-Mughle Azam Colour-Aitraaz
    all time srk movie collected well except two case which i mentioned above
    Veer Zaara & JTHJ both are YRF releases and both directed by legend yash Chopra so also considering this factor still srk get huge collection, Mughle Azam & Aitraaz also was plus movies inspite of big clash like Veer Zaara, jthj-sos story we all know so no need to disclose much but considering all facte Ajay SOS given very tough competition to srk.
    BOH jaaneman & saawariya was critically and commercial was flopped because their content wasn’t appreciate,same happend with Ouatimd its content wasn’t appreciated by critics and public both that’s why srk got always lucky with clashes.

    a success in clash will always having some great consideration when both movie doing great business.
    for example:
    Raja Hindustani-Ghatak

    in all above 4 cases all the movie all hits, DIL,Ghayal,Ghatak,TZP was superhits
    Raja Hindustani & Gadar was atbb
    Welcome was blockbuster & Lagaan was hit.
    so that was we can tell epic clash in which we have seen superb entertainment with different kind of zoners. a clash would be like among above listed in which wwe can decide who won.
    Aamir’s Dil & Raja hindustani were highest grosser than Ghayal & ghatak
    while Gadar was highest grosser all time and ahead of Lagaan.
    welcome was more commecial success than TZP but overall TZP hade upper hand
    but in these clashe we can’t say who won because all were successful and made their mark and that’s called a epic clash.

  • Listen and download Jai Ho songs from T-Series. A complete album of diverse songs. My favorite is Naacho Re composed by Devi Sri Prasad! In fact, all songs are rocking!!!

    @Shahenshah, you are just a plain duffer!! There is no such thing in existence. Even if it is, you should find out why the fans of other actors don’t like SRK. Because to them, maybe SRK seems arrogant!! The truth, Aam Aadmi, the major force in deciding fate of a film, don’t care about what you have mentioned. If a film is good, they watch it.

  • i read on d3 post today one srk fans was mocking on Aamir-salman bonding, he said salman fans think if Salman nahi chala to koi nahi Aamir to hai and also Aamir fans thought same in case of Salman, i want to tell them though it is not possible that every Salman fans like Aamir or every Aamir fan love Salman, but one thing i noted on this post throughout this year, till 2012 Aamir & Salman having top 3 domestic & ww grosser in name of 3I,ETT7 dabang2, so the when Salman was not worked well in boxoffice in recent times till his last release at least he had 2 movie among top3 ever, for Aamir he had 3I on top so no problem for Aamir fans for that and Aamir will surely get back that title again both worldwide & domestic fron from CE as well, but best part is both Amair-salman fans are not pretending to be friend here, actually they trust ,loved each other success.

    prime example before ce release K3 trailer released and no doubt it was one of the best well made trailer ever, that time most of the srk fans not predicting that ce would break 3I record than as it will have a clash since 2nd week, so their comments like that Hr is younger brother and friend of srk so srk & hr fans are friend and we will support k3, surprisingly when ce became highest domestic grosser, they got insecure because biggest threat was K3 for them, and they started to bash k3,Hr & Rakesh sir for k3 movies and manipulated collection and best thing is that they even certified K3 is not a good film too, how funny even HR fans knows very well because they are the most who suffered that time from srkians comments, so srk fans Aamir-Salman fans bonding are at least much much better than srk-hr fans bonding who somehow not even comment each against.

  • there was constant comment of srk fans if srk would in D3 than it will collect even more, even some salman fans also think, first of all it might be right if it happen? but those who have seen D3 will agree with my words why Aditya Chopra choose Aamir for d3 instead of yrf favorite SRK, the reason the kind of hardwork, training & acting require for d3 script for Aamirís character, i doubt Srk or salman would agree to do that, be frankly we have never seen srk or salman to work very hard for their physique and other requirement for a particular role, though here Salman have one factor in favour of him and that is his commendable physique and same wise srk has his Anti hero success records in favour of him, but the kind of hardwork & dedication require for d3 role can only done by either Aamir or HR, because they already tested and worked with HR in prequal of dhoom, thatís why yrf choosen Aamir, and there is no doubt how well Aamir excelled in that Role surely a superb performance and thatís y he said that this is his toughest role so far.

    other excuse if ce & k3 has 3 open week,huge screen size etc etc with them than they will be much success, first of all who stop srk & Roshan to select packed release month like August & november, and the biggest answer of If for srkians is that If Salamn would have his release in this eid,2013 than there will be no record breaking or highest grosser ever for srk in form of ce till 2013.
    so believe always in practical thing rather than on assumption.

  • Lol our suleman bhai was spared by our king khan.. Oderwise suleman would hav delievered his first flop in 5 years…
    Our king hav a king size heart..
    According to fans Suleman bhai is a superstar now.. But still katrina dumped him just like aish did a decade ago..
    Poor bhaijan.. Sanjay dutt callin lolzz

  • Srk fans reaction when other actors makes or
    breaks records:
    *Salman Khan ó Mindless, masala craps, remakes.
    If srk steals or copy or remakes from various
    movies it is class n original. Atleast Salman
    officially buying remake rights unlike srk who only
    steals from various movies n call it as original. Srk
    will never do a Dabangg or Tere Naam.
    *Aamir Khan ó Copies hollywood or steals scripts of
    novels, takes entire credit by himself whereas srk
    movies are mostly inspired or copied from various
    movies. Srk will never achieve Aamirís perfection.
    * Hrithik Roshan ó Friend of srk before breaking
    CE records. Manipulated most hatred person for
    srk fans coz he breaks CE collections. Srk can never
    be a multi talented as HR.
    *Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar & Ranbir does not
    even exist for srk fans. Whereas AJ Devgan is
    National award winner, Akshay is action king n a
    simple person. Ranbir is heart throb of youngsters.
    For Dhoom 3 success, now it is only Franchise which
    is getting business according to srk fans. If srk
    have done same then the entire credit goes to srk.
    Blind fangiri, jealous n stupid fellas !!!!!!

  • HAKHK is madury and salman khan film. DDLJ is a srk and kajol film. kajol srk got filmfare madury got filmfare. but salman didn’t get. because being a male he was not lead role in HAKHK.

  • @mosum its HAHK and it was Srk who got ‘Best Actress Award’ for DDLJ and Amrish Puri won ‘Best Actor Award’ for that movie. Real mard was Amrish Sir and later film fare board realised Srk was actually infact a man and just appeared to behave like some crying damsel in distress so they switched the awards around at last minute realising their mistake…! :-P

  • And DDLJ was released with clash and though running for many years no official track of its collections for many yeras.

  • Good research done @Hrithik — Now please do the same for KRRISH 3 s 500 crs collection. …….:-D

  • There is no boundary of stupidity for SRK fans. Just bluff anything just because tongue doesn’t have bones. Salman has not valued any award from the beginning of his career! Listen to or read his early 1900s interviews.
    Speaking in the same illogical tune, SRK was not the lead actor in Kal Ho Naho because he didn’t win the FILMFARE best actor award in the movie, while Preity Zinta won the best actress award for the movie. So, it was Preity’s movie, not SRK’s.

    @hrithik, well said, dude!

  • I really get confused why pple like Salman….his acting ability is getting worse day by day n so is his script choice..I can spare amir wid his acting n dedication…. I rate Ajay way higher than salman a wood

  • I want to ask salman to do some gud movies n upgrade his acting having gud script……I do hope so…but he is too much obsessed wid his masala genre…..may b he doest wanna take risk …

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