No SRK – Salman clash during EID 2015

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani has rubbished all rumours of the media-created clash between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan during Eid 2015.

“No Eid Fight in 2015. Mid day (local daily) says someone spoke to some manager blah blah blah. Raees filming begins in July (2014) and will release 2015.” Sidhwani posted on his official Twitter page.

The producer also clarified that, if any film has already announced Eid 2015 as its release date (referring to Kabir Khan’s film with Salman), they would respect the same and pick another date for their film.

SRK Salman Hug

Salman – SRK hugged during festive season of Eid 2013

“.. if some other film has announced EID release before us we will respect that and not fight. As it’s our dear media who wants us to fight. And the good will among our fraternity stands strong ..”

Soon after SRK announced his film, titled Raees, with Eid 2015 as its tentative release date, the media went berserk touting a mega box office clash between the two arch-rivals.

Earlier today, Mid-day had reported that

“a member from the production house called up Salman’s manager to find out if his film is indeed releasing on Eid. The manager answered in the affirmative. Next day, the production house (Excel Entertainment) announced that their film will also be releasing on Eid. Kabir Khan is said to have been a little miffed with this new development as they had announced their release date in November this year.”

The local daily also quoted a source saying

“It is not fair on the part of the production house to enquire about date of Salman’s release and then go ahead and announce their own film. Whatever happened to the goodwill among film-makers? The competition is becoming too cut-throat and nobody seems to be bothered about others. If both the movies release on the same day, it will only harm each other’s market. Why is it becoming such a big ego issue, is beyond comprehension”



  • Now unfortunately SRK wont get Eid release.
    Now lets hope his future movies can cross Ready’s lifetime in India lol

  • Its not true. SRK had booked EID slot first. But when Salman also came looking for the same date SRK quickly backed off in fear.

  • so finally the clash won’t be happen…….this is a good news for salman as well as srk fans otherwise they will try to abuse sk and srk……….hope both movies will cross 250-300 cr. mark in india…….

  • @iam the waste in universe please remember don vs janeman and why he is not releasing because they are shooting from July and srk don,t want khan war saalman is nothing understand his movies collect will due to no competition other wise you should remember body guard vs ypd salman is so small actor that even ypd effect on body guards collection and mnik(off beat) which was released in worst date with so much disadvantages but still collect 73 crores in 2010 where talaash(off beat) collect 90crores in 2012 with more screens what about cdi(2007)(off beat) collect 70crores in 400 screens where talaash collect 90 crores with way way more screens and hype and what about rab ni banadi jodi and what about don2 it was susspense movie and it was effected by bad word of mouth but still collect 108 crores

  • Those fools who are saying that SRK won’t cross ready’s lifetime as it’s not releasing in Eid now…Are you intending to say…Salman’s recent movies did well just because of Eid??
    C’mon yaar…back yourselves with some logic…even that i know it’s too much to ask from a salman fan!!
    Btw as far as the clash is concerned…Well everyone knows what happened Don And Jaaneman clashed…Even Akshay kumar and Salman combined couldn’t compete with SRK!! So basically good news for Salman fans…this news just saved Salman from giving a flop!

  • @Dhaval: 10 years back salman and today’s salman is huge difference my dear it is not only srk any other actor dare to release his movie today with salman??? answer is big NOOO

  • As expected, at this phase of their career, they will never clash their films. It would hugely affect the business of both the films.

  • The tactician, srk, would never take up a face to face fight with any stars like Hro, Aamir or Salman in future.

    the above was a mistake by their production team, and srk was quick to fix it.

    srk doesn’t want to challenge, as he knows that his market is fading faster.

    he was almost wounded with the direct fight taken up with Devgn even though he had all the positives stacked up in his side – JTHJ was comparatively billed as better and huge to Devgn’s SOS, but even with all the positives on his side, he struggled.

    Hence, next time with Akshay, instead of direct fighting, he went to Jeetu, coaxed him, and the result was gobbling up of all profits of first week and also not returning screens as promised after a week to OUATIMA team.

    I wonder if he again played the same tactics with Hro, who is releasing Bang Bang before Diwali? He definitely used the friendship card with him and got away with solo Diwali release.

    Hro could have surely used the Diwali holidays to his advantage, but the master of tactics again won.

  • @Aki : But u already know the reason why Ritesh sidhwani..the proudcer of Raees wouldn’t release it on Eid now…and he as a producer has the right to call and confirm the release date…
    Whereas SRK has never feared any clash and has always defeated his contamparies in it!!
    He is called KING KHAN for a reason!

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    When contacted, Dholakia confirmed the proceedings and added, “We are already done with
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    When asked why he selected this particular issue to address, Dholakia said, “It is a question
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    it looks like a very good scripted movie iam very excited about this movie because some months ago farhan says that it,s the best script he have heard since last 4 years

  • SRK is single
    Amir fans against him
    Salman fans against him
    Akshay fans against him
    Hrithik fans against him
    Ajay fans against him
    But still rule over the film industry
    That’s star power KING KHAN is real king

  • SRK VS SALMAN we fans created this and media publishes it. Salman has won many battles in his life. If being SRK fan u describe SRK being better then Salman, there should be some problem with you. Salman never asked SRK’s help for anything, its SRK who was struggling in the industry and Salman gave him his best support to come up. Today SRK is big name but please don’t forget Salman’s help. He is not only helped SRK there are lot many examples. In entertainment field if u ask 2 people whom I admire I would say 1) Sachin Tendulkar and u should know why. 2) Salman Because the way he is, bad days of his life he has left behind and he come so far. So people love him he will make sure u smile in his entertainment skills. Keep rocking Salman.

  • Star power of Salman is more then Shahrukh, way back 20 years ago Shahrukh biggest hit DDL didn’t cross Salman’s biggest hit HAHK collections. Both the films DDL & HAHK are all time hits of Both heroes and Bollywood.

    Can any SRK fan answer why DDL which released 1year after HAHK didnt cross HAHK collections?

  • raees is set at times when alchol was prohibited in india due to mixing of poison in alchol but even after prohibition srk smuggles from a small alcholic free state
    my excitment for raess>my excitment for don3>hny>fan>dhoom4>baji rao mastani

  • Thakur of Chennai is only big in Chennai whereas our pyaare bhai jaan is the Sher Khan of whole of India…! Good idea of Excel to tell buddha king to back off as they know that Tigers roar will flatten them come EID 2015…!

    As always Thakur will revert back to his Diwali slot and continue to wreck everyones Diwali like he did in 2011 and 2012 when he released his homage to Freddy Kruger- that farcical Raavan Becomes Ra.onewannabe and Jab Tak Hai Mojo…! Bhai roxXxXxxXx

  • @why still matthiawala and not lungiwala Lol too funny dude- looks like you need to lay of the home made laddoos and get a hold of reality or try grabing on tight to your lungi as clearly the recent twister hitting India- Dhoom has affected your rationale…!

  • Salman and Aamir are the ruling duo of bollywood.
    Lets hope SRK-Saif work hard and reach anywhere close to above legends.

  • First of all, I’d like to say it is a good news for all concerned parties: SRK, Salman and their respective fans etc. Or else, it will eat up each other’s business no matter what.

    @someSRK fans who are never ready to accept the reality and behave arrogant!

    Time has Changed. Don vs Jaaneman boxoffice clash was in 2006. SRK took advantage of Salman’s decline both on his personal life and on professional life. Salman in now the numero uno star in India. In early 1990s, SRK could have never imagined of clashing with Govinda. What about today?

    In 1998, Amitabh-Govinda Starrer Bade Miyan Chote clashed with SRK-Salman starer KKHH. Despite that, it managed to become a Super Hit. Do you think it is possible today?

    Do you forget how, despite YRF’s huge marketing network, Yash Chopra’s (combination of his favorite SRK, A.R. Rahman, Gulzar, Katrina and Anushka) JTJH could not outdo the business of Ajay-Sanju Starer Comedy film like SOS. SRK’s boxoffice draw in India has waned since 2005 though he still remains unrivaled in overseas.

    Stop living in the past and talk of the present!!

    @yy maithaiwala, what are trying to say? Do you understand what you write? Write clear sentences!

  • this is what i won’t like about Indian Film Industry, we know SRK,Salman & Aamir’s movie right now doing great busineess in holiday or even on non-holiday, but still they are always trying to book holiday season, Salman last 5 releases except Ready all come on festive season,Srk las 5 releases except MNIK all came on holiday season and Aamir’s last 5 releases, except Talaash all were on holiday season (Dhobi ghat not count as it was offbeat film). though D3 released 5 days before cristmas but still his first week having a festive holiday. We all know when its come to commercial cinema they all beating their own records and festival is the best season to release movie and to collect great money, but all of 3 them should think that they won’t release any film on holiday, if you want a holiday that could release movie like Salman releasing Jai Ho, Aamir having P.k. that kind of season, but these major holiday will left to the star who have to grown up so that the competion ang growth of business for all actor can increas, what we have seen now Akshay & ajay will clash, we all know both Akshay & Ajay stardon is less that these Khan and also their movies collection by clashing with each other they also giving some dent to thier movie, but with so much racing to book to festive slot in industry force them to do so, so sad.

  • @Shahensha nobody has time to hate others its a stupid thinking of u… but one thing i must tell u there is no stars in the bollyd who has dare to clash with Aamir & sallu bt with sharukh’s mvi mostly stars have dare to clash with him like akshy ajay ranbir even himesh also tht mvis r oso, don, ra.1, jthj, & almost c.e too

  • @Shahensha nobody has time to hate others its a stupid thinking of u… but one thing i must tell u there is no stars in the bollyd who has dare to clash with Aamir & sallu bt with sharukh’s mvi mostly stars have dare to clash with him like akshy ajay ranbir even himesh also tht mvis r oso, don, ra.1, jthj, & almost c.e too.

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