Dhoom 3 India Collections: Official numbers

Dhoom 3 has collected Rs 21.71 crore on its first Monday at the India box office, taking its cumulative total to a record-breaking Rs 129.32 crore including the dubbed versions which released in Tamil and Telugu.

Monday business is the highest for a non-holiday and only behind the first Monday (holiday) collections of Krrish 3.

Looking at the trends on Tuesday, Dhoom 3 is almost certain to finish its run at the highest grosser of all-time.

  • Friday (Day 1) – 36.22 crore
  • Saturday (Day 2) – 33.36 crore
  • Sunday (Day 3) – 38.03 crore
  • Monday (Day 4) – 21.71 crore
  • Total India Collections – 129.32 crore

Verdict – Blockbuster

With 3 open weeks at the box office, how much do you think Dhoom 3 will collect by the end of its glorious run?



  • Biggest franchises of bollywood
    most overrated franchise-dabbang

  • by the end of its run it will declared an “All Time Blockbuster” 4 sure!
    As par BOI, indicine, taran adarsh, komal nehta

  • 2014 top 5 movies-:
    1. Dhoom 3 – 290-315 cr.
    2. Krrish 3 – 245 cr.
    3. Chennai express – 226 cr.
    4. YJHD – 188 cr.
    5. Ram leela – 115 cr.

  • JAI DIXIT and ALI arrive in Chicago…

    BANK: Why do we need Mumbai police for this case? It’s not even their jurisdiction.
    JAI DIXIT: Because the message by the thief is written in Hindi and clearly you guys can’t afford interpreters.
    BANK: Have you guys even dealt with anything like this before?
    JAI DIXIT: Yes… TWICE, in fact!
    BANK: Were you successful at those previous attempts?
    JAI DIXIT: No…the robber ended up jumping off a cliff both times…but I promise that nothing like that will happen this time.

    SAMAR and ALIYA kiss at the train stop.

    SAMAR: Have you ever had a kiss like this before?
    ALIYA: Yea, it was in a different movie…also at a train stop…also with a guy named Samar…also in a movie produced by Yash Raj..K seriously having a Deja Vu moment!


    SAHIR: I’m not SAMAR, I’m SAHIR!! HAHAHA bet you didn’t see that coming?
    JAI DIXIT: No, I didn’t. Awesome trick.
    SAHIR: Thanks, is it cool if I tie you to a roller coaster before I leave?
    JAI DIXIT: Sure! Do your thing… it’s not like I’m a trained cop or anything.

    At the end, SAHIR and SAMAR jump off a bridge.

    BANK (to JAI DIXIT and ALI): Seriously, how much money has your government wasted on you both???

  • Dhoom 3 will definately go past 270 cr and has chances of touching 300 cr…The film does not deserve 300 cr but Aamir does…happy for that.

    But this is a record which can beaten easily next year by film like (Jai Ho – I feel Single Day collection & weekend collections can be broken) , Happy New Year (only chances of highest grosser if film has strong content) , Bang Bang – (Single Day and highest grosser can be broken), Kick (opening day and weekend). I dont think any other movie can go beyond 200 cr next year…unless some miracle happen…

    Its amazing to see the year ending with:
    1) Dhoom 3 ( 280 + cr)
    2) Krish 3 245 cr
    3) CE – 227 cr..

  • Dhoom 3 is just phenominal all across the
    globe…Kodos to Amir,Abhi,Uday & Katrina
    with Vijaykrushna Acharya & YRF Banner…
    And Dhoom Franchisee which is entertaining
    to us from last 10 yrs..
    I am happy for one thing that now Srk fans
    will shut their mouth as only srk is king bla
    bla bla…
    Amir, Salman, Hrithik is as big as Srk in
    India..proved with dhoom 3 & krrish 3 this
    Unfortunately Krrish 3 didn’t enjoyed pure
    success due to some sites underreported it…
    but finally Dhoom 3 broken each & every
    record of Ce worldwide..
    Happy for Bollywood. Business is growing
    fast and technology improved alot.
    eg. Krrish 3 Vfx & technology….Dhoom 3
    Outstanding cinemetagraphy & production
    Classic movies like Lunchbox, bmb,Madras
    Cafe etc become success at box office..Well
    Done Bollywood

  • 200 cr nett all India collection by end of second Friday and by the time second week ends it will be 250-275 cr range for sure…! By the End if its glorious run it will have created the 300 cr club and 350 cr club in India and 600 cr worldwide. Now thats called Brand Aamir and Dhoom franchise…!

  • @aaiiyyaaa Seriously you should write the script for Thakur of Chennais next installment of his super duper successful franchise:- Don Of Chennai part 3…!

    Great skills bro

  • its areal pity to see this film flourish if it is true!!! I don’t believe in the written word cos the film is full of such benumbing incidents a s recreated by aeeyy.. good one…clap clap

    I wonder how aamir agreed to work in this crap ..story without a meaning.. songs out of place and his own stuttering nay muttering act which he had done in the past ..his expressions are the same as in 3 idiots..!! and junior bachchan is trying to act macho by hanging from helicopter but fails in his tough act… the story is unbelievable as to why he would befriend aamir when it doesn’t affect the climax… I should have guessed the climax … ha hah ah but I got a little carried away…people ..it is a request ..do not believe what this site tells you…believe in me your good friend.. the film is bad ..do not waste your money and make these people rich..please..ask everyone to stay away..it is a rotten film

  • Srk fans reaction when other actors makes or breaks records:

    *Salman Khan — Mindless, masala craps, remakes. If srk steals or copy or remakes from various movies it is class n original. Atleast Salman officially buying remake rights unlike srk who only steals from various movies n call it as original. Srk will never do a Dabangg or Tere Naam.

    *Aamir Khan — Copies hollywood or steals scripts of novels, takes entire credit by himself whereas srk movies are mostly inspired or copied from various movies. Srk will never achieve Aamir’s perfection.

    * Hrithik Roshan — Friend of srk before breaking CE records. Manipulated most hatred person for srk fans coz he breaks CE collections. Srk can never be a multi talented as HR.

    *Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar & Ranbir does not even exist for srk fans. Whereas AJ Devgan is National award winner, Akshay is action king n a simple person. Ranbir is heart throb of youngsters.

    For Dhoom 3 success, now it is only Franchise which is getting business according to srk fans. If srk have done same then the entire credit goes to srk. Blind fangiri, jealous n stupid fellas !!!!!!

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