No one can do ‘Raees’ like me: Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has said that no other actor in the industry can do a film like ‘Raees’ better than him.

“I have not even done a rehearsal for the film, but I can assure you that no one can do the film like me. It sounds extremely pompous and arrogant, but I am being humble at the same time” SRK said.

For someone who has achieved almost everything that an actor in a film industry can, Khan also compared the first 7-8 years of his career, when he did films like ‘Darr’, ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, to the current stage of his career.

“I would not say that Raees and Fan are diametrically opposite to what I stand for. To me, these are films that I want to work in, but I just got the time only now”

“Today, I have reached a stage in life where I would want to go in the morning on the sets and feel I have put my best foot forward. I was like this in the first seven-eight years of my career” he added.

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  • raees!!!…a film to really look forward to…guys! srk is back with a bang!!!…records n.awards are gonna be won all over by raees!!

  • Little arrogant but i am waiting for Raees…hope it does commercially well too..
    Nawaz against srk would be a treat to watch!

  • He said a lot of stuff in that interview. Why are media using that particular line as a headline?

    Anyways, he’s right – he has his own style which others can’t replicate and he’s done brilliantly with negative roles in the past (Darr, Baazigar, Anjaam, Ram Jaane, Don series).

  • I guess statements like these have in a way shaped the career of Shahrukh Khan. He has always believed that he is the best, whether others agree with him or not. And I think this has given him the confidence to excel in his career and act well in front of the camera.

  • Should be another great performance from SRK as a bad guy. Good to see him doing more character-oriented films like Fan and Raees.

  • congrats @indicine team for making it to the Guinness books for being the media house which has published the most number of articles related to a particular star in a period of 1year :-)

  • Well said SRK. We know this. You are the best in every gern and your acting is just mind blowing. No one can act better than you.examples are chak de, swades, baziger,rnbdj,mnik, amd many more. This will must be srk’s career best acting.

  • LOL Look what a boastful person Srk is. Firstly an overactor, and barely 2-3 good oerformances. Raees is Paheli 2.

  • Discussion among srkians,aamirians,akkians,hrithikians,salmaniacs on content films

    Srkians:We have chak de,swades,veerzaara

    Aamirians: we have 3I,PK,rdb,tzp

    Akkians: we have baby,omg,special26

    Hrithikians: we have znmd,guzaarish,jodha akbar

    Lallu fans: 404 error!! ,we have driver!

  • FAN before DILWALE and RAESS after DILWALE.
    Now SRK have two ‘content driven films’
    We want FAN release on 23 Sep.
    Wow waiting.

  • SRK should forget Farah Khan .
    If he thinks of doing an action-comedy , it has to be with Rohit Shetty . But SRK should only work with Shetty once in 4 yrs .
    He should do films like FAN and RAEES . After all , we love to see the actor in him , not the star .
    SRK should abandon his friend-circle .
    He should realize that with Aditya Chopra , he has ONLY one memorable film (DDLJ) .
    He should realise that Karan Johar has given him ONLY two memorable films (K2H2 and MNIK)
    and what do I say about Farah …
    Instead he should work with young and fresh directors like Maneesh Sharma and Rahul Dholakia , who can challenge him as an actor .
    ALL THE BEST !!!

  • This self proclaimed king has to stop doing all these shits now.Enough is enough man! He is such a show off.Pathetic!Can’t even do something out of his comzfort zone and still he says such things.The same romantic genre everytime.

  • Sharu khan Sir please try to act naturally but we that its impossible for u
    and sir, one more thing plz don’t release raeees next eid

  • Fan: Path breaking film of 2015.
    Dilwale: Entertaing record breaking film of 2015.
    Raees: Records n Awards winning film of 2016.
    The king is comming to rule…

  • Farhan Akhtar rocks! Raees will be great. Really want him to get back to direction!

    DDD trailer releases on 15th April! Let the Farhan show begin! ??

  • @arjun youngistaan fan…that particular star’s articles get the most views and comments (even you’re commenting on it LOL)…there’s no need to be upset

    or are you referring to salman? i see a lot of articles about him even about stuff like him cycling on a bike.

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