Hrithik Roshan with West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee: Photos

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan called on the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee, hours before his performance at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. 

“Today @iHrithik called on me at Nabanna on a courtesy visit. He has come to Kolkata for IPL inauguration. I was happy to meet @iHrithik. We had a nice round of discussions. My best wishes to him and his team.” Mamta tweeted from her official Twitter account.

Check out the photos!

Hrithik Roshan meets Mamata Banerjee

Hrithik Roshan meets Mamata Banerjee

Hrithik Roshan with Mamata Banerjee

Hrithik Roshan with Mamata Banerjee



  • His performance was the only saving grace of IPL opening ceremony last night. Saif Ali Khan was a terrible host, SRK should have been the host.

  • We like the Bang Bang actor’s fans had great expectations of the star’s much hyped debut performance on IPL stage. However, we were disappointed and how!
    Hrithik Roshan took the centre stage at the Indian Premiere League 2015 opening ceremony today. The actor kickstarted his act on stage with his hit song from Kaho Na Pyar Hai and went on to groove to Dhoom machale number. While we have witnessed much better dances by the actor on stage before, this one was a dampener much like all the other performances by Bollywood stars like Anushka Sharma, Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar. It wasn’t just Hrithik’s dance it was his overall act that sucked and here’s why…

    #Tanned too much! We don’t know if it was Mohenja Daro after effect or then his recent adventurous holiday with sons in Maldives. The actor was so tanned that he could have been mistaken for an orange candy. Blame it on the rains that ruined HR’s make-up or then his beauticians who got this tanned look all wrong. If so, then Hrithik needs to sack his make-up artist right now!

    #Hair: The actor looked up in flames, if the tan wasn’t bad enough his hair was a complete mess. That orange colour from his face and hands had gone right up to his hair or vice versa we dunno. But one thing was certain the actor was having a very bad hair day!

    #Too old to be good: The actor has a whole list of great dance numbers including his last film Bang Bang. However, it seems like Roshan Jr decided to give an ode to himself and was in a nostalgic mood so he instead grooved to Ek pal ka jeena and Dhoom 2 songs. Now we wouldn’t be complaining had the performance been kick ass. But alas! it was nothing short of a major FLOP SHOW!

    Did you like us feel cheated after all the hype around the actor’s act at IPL 2015 opening ceremony?

  • People have been bashing the IPL 8 opening ceremony online and here’s why. Read on the full review of the gala event…
    Indian Premier League is all set to begin from tomorrow. The IPL is on its eighth edition this year and it has been growing bigger every year. However, today’s opening ceremony couldn’t replicate that. Yes, you read that right! This IPL 2015 opening ceremony was one big FLOP SHOW.

    The show began with the regular festivities of calling the cricketers on stage and getting them sign the ceremonial bat and disclosing the trophy. Nothing seemed fine from the very beginning. If rain delayed the event Rohit Sharma and Saif Ali Khan were the first to kickstar this bloopers galore! And the Bollywood brigade’s acts on stage only took it further down.

    First up was Shahid Kapoor, who did a dhamakedaar entry with a performance that was meant to be an ode to Mithun Chakraborty’s I am a disco dancer. His tribute to the disco king was great. However, he started fumbling with the dance steps and even before that almost crashed his bike on a podium set up on the mega stage. To be honest, this fumbling performance by Shahid was the best act of this night!

    Then came in Anushka Sharma, who made a good enough entry, but her performances lacked the punch. And just for the record, even if your film PK was the highest grossing film ever you don’t dance on songs like that onstage, not unless you’ve Virat Kohli for company. These are all soft romantic numbers and for an event like IPL one expects a power-packed act, which will get the audience grooving or at least get them to tap their foot.

    Up next was our desi rockstar Farhan Akhtar. He performed along with his band. Trust me, it would have been better had he just lip synced to the popular Rock On songs rather than actually trying to sing them. He did have some rocking songs in his kitty for the audience but sadly his cracking voice and even worse sound systems made us feel that he could just choke midway through this performance.

    Finally it was Hrithik Roshan’s turn, people were expecting him to give a great performance. He did. But he performed to songs from Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Dhoom 2, movies that came over a decade ago. Hrithik did have some great dance numbers in Bang Bang and could have easily performed to them rather than sticking to songs which most of us have gotten used to seeing at every other do. Also, the background dancers were completely out of sync, which only went on to make this strictly average act extremely poor!

    Above all Saif Ali Khan, who hosted the show was big flop. He fumbled like 20 times throughout the ceremony. It seemed that he either didn’t know what he was to do onstage or maybe the production team was murmuring too many details into the Nawab’s ear piece There were moments when the camera would stay on the actor’s face and people were expecting him to say something, but all he did was stand and stare at the roaring Kolkata crowd.

    Over all a really bad show put together for the grandest cricketing event in India. A true FLOP SHOW!

    So Shahid Beats Hrithik again after Bang Bang vs Haider. Everyone still remember Haider and called it Epic Classic but no one want to recall Bang Bang again. Same goes here at this opening ceremony. Shahid’s performance appreciated more then Hrithik.

    To be honest i m not against Hrithik or not a hater but Hrithik should take a Long a break from Bollywood to relax mentally and physically, as separation is not a small thing or issue. He is still in lots of pain. I wish him good luck, specially at personal front.

    Whenever there were talk of dancing Hrithik’s act remained highlight of the event. As he has unmatched Dancing skills. But i m shocked to see the performance & response of Mega Star who is challenging Huge 3 Khans since his beginning. He is the only star after Khans who has worth to rule. Support him morally.

  • hrithik was the only saving grace of yesterday’s disastrous ipl opening ceremony.saif was pathetic.v all badly missed a srk or a priyanka as the host.saif has totally lost in both films and now even anchoring

  • @sahir bcoz jaddo has huge fan following in manipulationpur, in jaddoland, in space… So he has very less fan following in india and this world..
    may be he has huge fan following in grees bcoz some people called him Greek god..

  • @sahir: lol..audience cheers n screams made it clear who was the winner..shahid fumbled two times,was low on energy..
    Hrithik’s act was far better.

  • comparing hrithik with sahid is like comparing Australian cricket team with Bangladesh cricket team

  • @Babaji these are not my review these are reviews on various websites related to Bollywood news. Everyone is saying a flop performance and flop show all the way. Not my fault. I always appreciate Hrithiks dancing skills. But something is wrong n missing from his inner side that shows clearly.

    I wish him good luck always.

  • @ Sahir- its very clear from your comments about Hrithik whats truth but do you nothing was exciting in this inaugural event than Hrithik’s performance , whatever it was………..

  • In my humble opinion , I think instead of Anushka and Shahid as performers and Saif Ali Khan as the host they should’ve called Salman Khan and either Deepika or Katrina as performers and Kapil Sharma as the host of the show . Still , Kapil is nowadays far more popular than Saif Ali Khan . Only Hrithik was at his best . But Shahid Kapoor’s performance was such a boring yawn performance despite of Shahid being a fantastic dancer whereas Salman Khan , despite of being a mediocre dancer still manages to entertain people with his performance be it his dabangg or ready steps , Salman would’ve rocked the show with his performance that contains Entertainment Entertainment and only Entertainment . And please just watch some award shows Salman is far more entertaining and a better stage performer than either Shahid and Hrithik . Whereas Deepika and Katrina would’ve been far more entertaining or better stage performers than Mrs Duck lip Anushka Sharma , who was as boring on the stage as she is in media full of her link ups with Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli . Saif , actually not only Saif but SRK , and Karan Johar are nothing but vulgar and gay show hosts with their idioticity at it’s best but Kapil is far more better , popular and more entertaining host than these 3 Gays in Bollywood present . A Die hard Salman Khan fan

  • @Zain – Kapil can’t speak English in front of whole world, that too, live. Moreover, it wasn’t a comedy show.

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